The evil twin of Dark Fool is here to take over the world. You must stop him.

Since you missed the news, you’re not aware of the situation and want something to eat.  But Tim is blocking the entrance to the kitchen. Walk south to your own room and watch the ghosts possess the room. Pick up the CYMBALS and the PANPIPES. Go south to return to the living room and use the cymbals on Tim to wake him up.

Talk to Clare and ask her what she’s doing. She tries to make pancakes but ran out of soda. Offer her to get some from Cole’s. Use the fridge on the left and take the BEAR TRAP out. Walk south to leave the kitchen and in the living room pick up and empty BOTTLE. Use the coffee table to pick up some of the left ABSINTHE. Put the absinthe in the empty bottle and pick up another BOTTLE. From the desk on the left you can pick up an ENVELOPE and a PEN. Walk north to leave the house and see a map.

At Coles, talk to Helen and learn about the evacuation. Ask for the soda but they ran out of it. Ask for ANTACID and that’s something they do have before returning home. Give the antacid to Tim and walk to the left into the kitchen. Talk to Clare and tell her about the soda. Ask where Casey and Stu went to learn their new location. Maybe you should go there.


Pick up the VEGEMITE from the worktop and walk to the right into the living room. Go south to enter your own room and talk to the ghosts to find out what’s bothering them. You need to remove the hex from their graves. Ask them  where they are buried to find the graves. Walk south to leave your room and in the living room go north and see the map.

Go to Cole’s and look at the notice board. There’s a memo about removing the hex from a grave. Leave Cole’s and on the map go to Hayes Paddock. Enter the tent and walk to the right to find Lucy. Talk to her and she can help you but only if you can bring her remains of a dead one, a waterfowl and some yeast. Walk left again to leave the tent and walk to the right. On the map select the cemetary. Spooky place.

Put the bear trap on the path and walk back to the right. On the map go to Mad Casey’s Lab. Use the door to enter but it’s locked. Leave on the south and on the map return to the cemetary. This time Stu is trapped. But you’ll find a KEY on him. On the map go back to Mad Casey’s Lab and use the key on the door to enter.

Talk to Casey and ask for help. You can look around and take whatever you need. Look at the machine on the right and Casey will tell you all about it. She’ll also tell about the moulded bread to lure Stu into the machine to test it. Actually she’ll need a good parma so you can take the moulded BREAD. Take the SHOVEL from the bench and leave the lab. Walk south and on the map go back to the cemetary. Pick up the BEAR TRAP and use the shovel on the graves of Sophie, Johnny and Trent to find some BONES. Walk to the right to leave the cemetery and select Hayes Paddock.

Walk to the left to enter the quarry. Use the pan pipe to lure duck from it’s hiding place. Put the moulded bread in the bear trap and use the bear trap on the duck to catch the DUCK. Walk to the right and go into the tent. Walk to the right and give the Vegemite, the bones and the duck to Lucy. After her spell, walk to the left to leave the tent.

Go to the right to return to the map and go to your own house. Walk south to go to your room and the ghosts will leave. They leave a ghostly light behind. Use the empty bottle to catch the LIGHT. Walk south to leave your room and go north to leave the house. On the map goto Cole’s.

Talk to Helen and ask her for the Parmesan. She doesn’t have it but refers you to the Whitehorse Inn. Give the pencil to Helen and she’ll give you a NOTE with the address. Leave the shop and on the map go to the Inn. Talk to Gene and ask him the Parmesan. He won’t make it.

Offer him a drink and keep doing that until he’s drunk. If he even then refuses to make you the Parmesan, give him the bottle filled with  absinthe, ask again for the meal and you can have the PARMESAN. Search the drunken man to get his DISTRESS BEACON. Look at it and it seems broken. Leave the inn and on the map select Mad Casey’s Lab.

Show the beacon to Casey and ask her to repair it. She doesn’t have the time so gives you a SCREWDRIVER to repair it yourself. Use the screwdriver with the beacon to discover the fuse is gone. Give the chicken parma to Casey and she’ll put it in the machine. Stu doesn’t want to and when Tim enters, he’ll have the chicken and has to face the consequences. Use the envelope on the parma to scoop TIM out of it. Look at the note with the address of the Inn to see another imprint on top. Use the pencil on the note and scratch all over it until you can read the message that was written before. So Helen was in on it. Use the pencil with the envelope to write the address of Dark Fool on it and it’s ready to go on a journey.

Playing as Tim:

Take the loose THREAD from the table cloth and go to the left. The documents are held together with a STAPLE so take it out. Then walk further to the left. Use the staple to pry the fruit loop from the table. Use the staple with the thread to create a grappling hook and throw it at the edge of the bowl to climb in. Walk to the other side of the bowl and then you’re swallowed.

Use the antacid on Dark Fools stomach acid. Walk to the left and climb up the hole to see through the eyes of Dark Fool what he’s up to.

Playing as Duzz:

As Tim should be out by now, try to find him. Leave the house and on the map select Hayes Paddock. Walk to the left and find Tim coming out of the sewer. He’ll tell you about the plans and the volcano. To prevent the evil you have to get into the building first.

Walk into the tunnel and walk to the south, the to the north to exit and reach one big door. To the right is a panel. Use the screwdriver on the panel to remove it and then Helen will stop you from going any further. You need to get out of this situation. Talk to Helen to distract her and when she’s not looking, use the bottom part of the panel to take the FUSE out. Talk again for distraction and in your inventory put the fuse in the beacon to call for backup.

Talk to the posse and ask where you can get the AK-47. You’ll get it straight away. Talk more and ask for help opening the door and you’ll get the OPEN-O-MATIC. Use the tool on the panel next to the door and walk towards the panel. Push the ‘Scan’ button on the remote and as soon as the frequency is found, push the ‘Open’ button. The door opens and you can walk inside.

Again you’re facing Helen and this time you must shoot your way through. She seems invincible but there is a way through: shoot the pipe, just left of the cable the hook is on. As soon as steam comes out, the hook will move to the left. Shoot the box on the left and when a cannonball falls out, the bucket shoots up and attaches to the hook. Shoot the pipe to the right of the box to move the bucket back to the right and then shoot at the red button behind the cable to let the electricity flow. Helen will be electrocuted and you can go to Dark Fool’s headquarter.

Use the AK-47 on Dark Fool’s evil twin. He’ll fall down and clings onto the edge. But then he can’t hold any longer. Push the button on the console to cancel the evil plan. You did it! But just as you thought it was all over… a roboty resurrection of Dark Fool enters the room. It needs to be stopped.

Use the Open-O-Matic on the robot. But make sure you’re not too close otherwise you’ll drop the remote. Push the scan button and walk around the robot. Again, not too close otherwise you’ll drop the remote and you’ll have to start all over. As soon as the scanning is complete, push the ‘Open’ button on the remote and the robot will stop for a while. Quickly use the robot to change channels and Dark Fool’s evil twin is history.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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