You must save your friend the frog.

Click the rope on the well to rise the bucket. Take the BUCKET. Click on the bucket in your inventory to get out a CROWBAR. Take the blue TUBE from under the car. Also take the ANTENNA of the car. Go inside and take the box of MATCHES lying on the red wall box on the left. Use the crowbar on the red box to open it and take the yellow KEY.

Click on the drain to get full view. Use the antenna to take out a gray KEY. Use the gray key on the wheel clamp to undo it. Use the filler cap on the car to open it. Use the yellow key to undo the lock of the filler cap. Walk to the left. Take the BELLOW and attach the tube onto it. Return to the right. Use the tube on the filler cap to get some fuel into it. Walk back to the left to get the AXE from behind the red chest.

Walk to the right and then walk outside on the left. Use the axe on the WOOD to chop a log off. Walk back inside and walk to the left. Use the wood on the fireplace. Use the tube with fuel on the wood in the fire place. Now use the matches on the wood to get a fire started. Look at the red chest standing next to the fireplace. You need a code.

Go to the right. Look at the number plate. It says : 4A8 – YB. Go out side to find A8 next to the well which means A = 8. Also on the wall outside it says : B9 which means B = 9. Go inside and walk to the left where it says : Y6 on the box. Which means Y = 6. The code now says: 488-69 which equals 419. Look at the red box and set the dials to 0419.

Take the FROZEN FROG. Put the bucket on the fireplace. Place the frozen frog in the bucket so he defrosts. Walk to the right and click on the door of the car to leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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