You need to go to work but can’t find your keys.

Use the door on the right and go through. Use the cabinet next to the fridge and find a BOOK inside about your inner strength. Give the book to your brother Roger on the right and he’ll tell you about the INNER STRENGTH. Walk all the way to the left and in your own room use the drawer from the desk. It’s jammed. Use the inner strength on the drawer and then look at it. There was a BOOK, a PEN and some PAPER inside. The book is about finding keys.

Use the book on yourself to read where to find keys. Start under the sofa. Walk to the right and try to use the sofa cushions. They are glued. Use the frdige to find some ANTI SUPER GLUE. Use the anti glue on the sofa to find your keys not there. Use the book about keys on yourself again to realise you maybe swallowed them. Use the cabinet under the sink to find some PINS. Use the door to the north on the left side, next to your room to enter the bathroom.

Use the window. It’s locked. Use the pins to open the window and you’ll ask the person downstairs for a PANCAKE. Use the pancake on the toilet to realise you didn’t swallow the keys. Use the book again to see you can make your own key. Use the sink to get the SOAP. Walk to the left to leave the bathroom and use the soap on the door on the far right.

Use the moulded KEY with the microwave and you’re almost ready to go. Only your suit.

[NOTE: If you want to see the special screen after the game you need the blue cup. This is completely irrelevant to the game so you can skip it.]

In your inventory use the pen with the paper to make a DRAWING. Use the drawing with the painting above the sofa and you’ll get a PLAYING CARD. Walk to the left to enter your room again and use the playing card on the cat clock. You’ll now receive the BLUE CUP.

Use the drawer of the wardrobe on the left and you suddenly remember where the key was.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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