You woke up from a nightmare. But are you awake?

Look at Vader, your helmet figure. It starts to talk. Talk to the helmet and aks if he can get you out of here. But the helmet is not very keen on helping. So threaten him to put a Jar Jar statue next to him and he’ll help you with one word: clean.

Look at the poster on the wall on the right. Use the poster to see that it’s made from chalk.  To the right of the window is soap on a rope. Try to take it and find that the table is blocking your path. Try to use the table and find it’s very heavy. Talk to the table and you wish it would disappear. That helps a lot. Take the SOAP from the wall. The soap is dry. And there’s no water in the room.

Use the hand on yourself to SPIT in it. In your inventory use the spit on the soap to make it wet. Use the wet soap on the poster on the wall to reveal the portal. Use the portal to wake up… in the same dream.


Use the drawer from your desk to find your favorite BOOT. Use the lightswitch next to the door and you’ll hear a sound coming from the direction of the TV. Use the boot on the mask and you’ll kick it against the poster. The portal is revealed again. Use the portal again to wake up. This time for real?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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