You’re in the airplane.

Look at the symbol in your inventory. It’s not a symbol but a rope and hook. Talk to the man on the bench, Frank. Tell him you did look at the wardrobe on the left. In order to get the key, you have to answer three questions. Confirm that you want that.

Tell him that Harrison Ford was a carpenter, Attack of the clones had the soundtrack title and that Chewbacca is 300 years old. You get the KEY.

Walk to the wardrobe on the left and look at it. It will show a close up of the lock. Use the key on the lock and the wardrobe will open. Inside you’ll find the PARACHUTE. Exit the closet on the lower right corner and then use the open door on the plane to jump out.


Once in the air use the parachute on yourself to land on an island. Talk to the cheesehead and find out that you and Vera are cursed. There’s a way to undo the curse but that should be spicy. Pick up the STONE you’re standing next to and pick up the GLASS that was behind it. Walk to the right to reach the map of the island.

Go to the vulcano and take the AXE on the edge. Walk back to the left and on the map go to the beach. Use the axe on the palm tree left of Phitus to get a PLANK. Walk to the right to reach the map and select the precipice in the south on it.

Walk towards the south and use the plank on the landslide to be able to cross the gorge. Walk all the way to the south and look at the unidentified vegetal. Use the plant to take the roots and now you have some RAIZ VALERIANA. Use the stone on the hole in the wall to make the hole bigger. After some hammering there;s a stream of water. Use the glass on the stream to take the WATER.

Walk into the cave on the right and take the SAUCEPAN from the shelves. Near the left leg is a SEED on the ground. Next to the bed is a NOTE. Take it and look at it in your inventory. The square stone on the wall holds a recipe for sleeping pills. So we need to make those.Take a look at the square to read the recipe.

Walk to the north to leave the cave and follow the path to the north to leave the cliff. At the vulcano go left to get to the map. On the map go to the jungle.Use the seed on the wet sand and put the glass of water on it to let it grow. Take the ROSE PASSION. On the right of the rose is a yellow FLOWER. Take this one too and put the yellow flower, the red flower and the raiz valeriana in the saucepan.

Walk to the right to go to the map and select the vulcano. Use the saucepan on the vulcano’s top to heat it. After a while there’s a sleeping potion in your saucepan. Walk down the vulcano and return to the beach on the map. Give the sleeping potion to Phitus and he’ll be really asleep. Take the ROD from the sand. Walk to the right and on the map select the volcano again.

Use the rod on the volcano’s top to cast a spell. Better leave before the volcano explodes. The people in the jungle leave too. When you see the map, go to the jungle. Enter the hut at the top and try to take the anti curses book from the shelves. Then you get caught. No matter what your excuse is, you’re tied to a pole.

Look at the rope on your left. It’s got a flamable substance. Use the half filled glass on your own rope to wet it and the glass will break. Use the broken glass on your own rope again to cut it. One hand is free. Use the two small stones on the flamable rope to light it. You’re free again. Talk to the chief and you can go.

Take the KNIFE that’s half burried in the wet sand, left of the pole and right of the hut. Walk to the right and you’re back at the first three huts again. Enter to the top one again and take the ANTI-CURSES BOOK with you. On the shelves on the left is some FLAVORING to take as well.

Leave the hut and walk to the right to the map. Select the cheese on it. Use the knife on Vera’s head to get a piece of CHEESE. Use the flavoring on the cheese and use the flavoured cheese on yourself to eat it.

At first you don’t want to but when you try long enough you’ll eat it and end up in Vera’s mind. Tristal will tell you and talk to you. Ask him everything and learn about the important 2. Then you can play Tristan’s riddle solver.

Answer three questions: in the first riddle the sun was still on. In the second riddle it wasn’t raining and in the third riddle the person took the basket with the apple in it. Walk to the left and look at the most left picture. There’s a little piece of paper behind the frame. Use the strange bird from your inventory to get the PAPER. Look in your inventory to read the paper. It’s blank. Talk to Stefano behind the bar and ask about the paper. He’ll tell you about the liquid to reveal the hidden text.

He’d like to give you a bottle but he’s stuck behind the counter. Use the kaginawa (rope and hook) on the bottles with red stripe behind Stefano to get the BOTTLE. Take a look at the paper again to see it in close up and then use the bottle on the blank paper. Some writing will appear. Read the text to find the numbers that are written there: tres, cinco, cuatro.

Talk to Stefano again and ask to use the telephone. Dial 3, 5 and 4. A hatch in the floor will open and you can walk down the stairs to enter the lab.

Talk to Dr. Blasa. He can show your situation outside the dream. He can also get you out of the dream but needs sleeping potion and flavoring with it. How lucky you are having these already. Give the saucepan with sleeping potion to Dr. Blasa. Then give him the flavoring.

You’re not done yet. You need to answer several questions to receive the solution to the dream. Answer him:

  1. Donald Duck
  2. Ron Ashman
  3. Malvarose
  4. Infinite ways

There’s your POTION. Pick it up and use it on yourself to escape the dream.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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