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Return To Civilization – Walkthrough (misterskipperdoo/2005)

By Leon | February 7, 2010

Return To Civilization Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

The Temple:

After getting the EGGPLANT EMERALD, reach inside the gaping mouth of the statue next to the entrance to find a JEWELED FLAMINGO (T1). Walk south to walk to the clearing. The team has left without you so you must find your own way home. Pick up the metal ROD from the floor. Use the campfire to die  (GS1). Use the metal rod on the campfire to find a RUBY MEDAILLON (T2). Walk left back to the clearing, then left again to the spring.

Talk to the arteest to get some inspiration in how to return home. A hot air balloon! Walk north to the mine and walk into the mine to die (GS2).  Use the metal rod from your inventory to get the LANTERN from the ledge of the door. Walk into the mine and follow the path to the lower right where you’ll find a generator. Open the generator and reach inside to get the ALTERNATOR. Inside the generator are now only huge magnets. Use the metal rod with the magnets to magnetize the rod.  Walk to the upper left to exit the mine.Talk to the annoying man to find out he’s looking for dangerous things.

Return to the spring on the south. Use the magnetized rod on the lake to fish for metal objects. Out comes a six-pack of BEER. Walk south to leave the jungle and have a look at the map. Select the crocodile crossing.

Crocodile Crossing:

On the left is an impressive tree. It’s a man eating tree so use the tree to die (GS3). Walk south to the ruins to find a floating question box. It’s too high to reach it. On the right is a stone with a crown on it. Use the crown to die (GS4) and use the stone to push it to the left under the question box.Then use the question box again to get a MUSHROOM out.

Walk north to the man eating tree and north again to see the map. Select the outpost from here.

The Outpost:

Use the garbage can left of the outpost to find a bottle of PILLS. Use the garbage can again to find a COIN (T3). Knock the loose bamboo on the outside of the hut and the merchant will be distracted. Walk into the hut and take the CAMERA from the right of the counter. Use the camera on the whistle on the left wall to make a PICTURE. Eat the mushroom to die (GS5).

The Temple:

Walk to the spring on the left and give the picture to Monique so he can sculpt it and you need to come back later. Walk to the south to exit the jungle and see the map. Select the crocodile crossing again.

Crocodile Crossing:

Walk to the right to see the mysterious cave and take a PICTURE of the outside of the cave. Walk into the cave to die (GS6). Walk left and north to return to the map and select the village on it.

The Village:

Use one of the houses to rob them. The natives will take you. Talk to them during dinner and you’ll end up in the pot. Talk to the natives again and you’ll die (GS7). Rob the houses again, talk to the natives again during dinner and once in the pot again, put the mushroom in the pot. Talk to the natives again and they’ll have a great time. They’ll even thank you with a MASK. Use Bob’s skull on the stick to find a GOBLET inside (T4).  Eat the pills to die (GS8).

The Temple:

Walk to the left to visit Monique again. He’ll give you the WHISTLE. Give the mask to him and he’ll give you a BUCKET in return. Walk north to the mine entrance and give the picture of the spider engraving to the annoying man. He’ll leave immediately. Pick up the useful equipment so you have the BUTTERFLY NET and the SHOVEL. Use the net on the butterfly to die (GS9).

Walk south and to the right to the clearing. X marks the spot so use the shovel with the spot to create a hole. Reach in the hole, which isn’t allowed and take the GAME MANUAL. Walk left to the spring and south to the map. Select the crocodile crossing on it.

Crocodile Crossing:

Walk to the right to the cave entrance and put the six pack of beer in the cave. Walk further to the right to the crossing and try to cross the river to die (GS10). Use the whistle on yourself to line up the crocodiles and cross the river. Walk to the right to follow the sandy trail. In the middle is some odd looking sand. Just before it on the left is some recently disturbed sand. Use the shovel on it to dig up a FARR DIAMOND (T5) . Try to cross the odd looking sand and die (GS11). Use the pills on the quicksand to harden it and then cross it.

Walk further to the right to reach the beach and pick up the SEAWEED. Also take the PROPELLER from the engine. Return to the north, follow the sand path to the left and cross the river to the left again. In the opening of the cave a spider has been busy. Use the butterfly net on the web to stick it to the net. Walk further to the left and south to visit the ruins once more.

In your inventory tie the seaweed to the coin and insert the roped coin into the slot of the heavy stone. Out comes a GOLDEN BUTTERKNIFE (T6) and you’ll get your coin back as well.  Go north twice to return to the map. Visit the lost temple again.

The Temple:

Walk north to go to the mine and catch the BUTTERFLY with the webbed butterfly net. Walk south to the spring and south again to the map and then go to the outpost in the center.

The Outpost:

Enter the hut and give your manual to the merchant, Dinh. Time to win the insulting match. You win the match (can’t lose) and tradition says you get something useless. Dinh gives you a bottle of WINE. Give him the net with the butterfly and he’ll give you a COMPASS. Leave the shop and walk south to the map. Select the volcano on it.

The Volcano:

The automaton warns you: no grave digging. So pick up the ROSE and use the rose on yourself to find a RUBY LEECH in the petals (T7). Use your shovels on one of the graves and you’ll die (GS12). Put the rose on the Zak McKracken grave on the far right and use the bucket on yourself as helmet. While in the dark, use the shovel on the stoney thing with thorny thing in front and dig up a PARACHUTE.

Walk north to follow the path to the volcano. Touch the volcano to die a final time (GS13). Walk north to the volcano again and use the parachute on the volcano. It will fill as a hot air balloon.  Once up in the air, use the propeller in your inventory with the alternator to make an engine. Use the bottle of wine with the combination to fuel it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


Location: Temple Entrance
Click the HAND on the gaping mouth of the idol by the door. Inside
is a jeweled flamingo.

Location: Outside Outpost
Click the HAND on the garbage can TWICE to get the coin.

Location: Campsite
Click the metal ROD on the hot coals and it pulls out a medallion.

Location: Gravyard
Get the rose, then click the rose on OSWALD.

Location: Quicksand Path
Dig the recently-disturbed sand with the shovel to get the FARR

Location: Hippie Village
Click the HAND on the skull in the village to get the goblet. This
only works AFTER the cannabals have turned to hippies.

Location: Ruins
This one's a little tricky. Get the seaweed on the beach, then tie
the seaweed to the coin. Put the coin in the slot in the ruins and you
can keep the coin and the knife.


Location: Campsite
Click HAND on the hot coals.

Location: Mine
Walk into the mine (make sure you don't have the lantern!)

Location: Mine
Try catching the butterfly with a regular, unmodified net.

Location: Anywhere
Use the bottle of pills on Oswald to terminally block his colon.

Location: Anywhere
Use the mushroom on Oswald and melt his liver.

Location: Gravyard
Try digging any one of the graves with a shovel (without the bucket
on your head.)

Location: Volcano
Click HAND on the lava to jump in.

Location: Man-Eating Tree
Click on the large tree on the left with HAND and get eaten.

Location: Spider Cave
Walk into the spider cave and die.

Location: Crocodile Crossing
Try crossing the river without having blown the whistle first.

Location: Quicksand path
Try crossing the quicksand trench without dropping the pills in first.

Location: Village
Click HAND on one of the huts, get through the cutscene, then TALK to
either of the cannabals.

Location: Ruins
Click HAND on the crown to take it. Bizarre death ensues.

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