You have to stop the mad scientist from creating permanent daylight.

Use the door on the left to enter the building of the  ‘LAW’. Well, building. Pick up the SAW next the the boards on the right and use the door again to return to the street. Walk south to see the map and go to the highway on the right. Talk to the hitchhiker and ask his chainsaw. You can’t have it but he finds it a bit too expensive.

Give him the saw you picked up earlier and you’ll get the CHAINSAW. Walk north to go to the map and travel to the tree on the left. Talk to the bird but he isn’t much help. Use the chainsaw on the tree to cut it down and a battery appeared to be in the nest. Pick up the BATTERY and walk to the right, back to the map.

Return to town in the middle and use the door of the hotel. In the lobby search the plant on the desk to find a KEY in the soil. Go up the stairs and use the key on the door in the middle. Take the HAIRDRYER from the desk and leave the room again. Walk to the right to go downstairs and leave the hotel.

In your inventory put the battery in the hairdryer and use the heat source on the right side of the fountain until you find some COINS. Use the door of the hotel again to go back inside. There’s something under the carpet but the receptionist won’t let you take it. Give her the key and while she’s distracted finding the right owner, feel under the carpet to get the bottle of WHISKEY. Use your coins on the arcade machine on the left and win a PINK BUNNY.

Use the doors to leave the hotel and walk to the right.  Enter the green GeneLabs building and talk to the scientist. Ask about the circuits but you can’t have them unless you can distract the scientist. Give him the pink bunny and he’ll be distracted. Take the CIRCUIT from the table and leave the lab. Walk to the left and enter the alley between the Law building and the hotel.

Talk to the drunk. He’s thirsty. Ask about the screwdriver but you can’t have it. Give him the whiskey and you still can’t have the screwdriver. Notice the plant? Leave the alley and enter the hotel. Go up the stairs and talk to the door on the left to tell the password the drunk gave you earlier. You can enter. Push the plant from the window and use the door to leave the room. Walk to the right, down the stairs and out of the hotel. Walk left into the alley again and pick up the SCREWDRIVER.

Leave the alley and walk south to see the map. Visit Evil Ed’s ltd. Open the mailbox and look at the letter inside. His order will be delayed. Walk south to return to the map and travel to the road on the right. Use the screwdriver on the mailbox to open it and crawl inside. You’ll be delivered to the post office.

At the bottom of the screen is a table with order forms. Look at them to find that one of them is from Evil Ed. Take the ORDER FORM and talk to the man behind the counter to get kicked out. Walk south to see the map again and return to Evil Ed’s ltd. Use the door to knock and the evil man himself opens. Tell him your from the post office. After showing the order form and the circuit is going to get a pen.

Follow the evil Ed inside and watch his attempted suicide. Now all you need to do is stop the machine that will make permanent daylight. Pull the plug from the socket next to the machine and the world is saved.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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