Apparently you’re late at work.

Use the door in the back to follow Phil to his stock check. On the right there’s a door to another room and when you go there you’ll find the bum. Talk to him and ask him who he is this time. It’s the health and safety inspector. Look at the crack in the wall and the inspector will make it bigger. Look at the hole again to discover something there but the hole isn’t big enough for you to fit through.

Use the door on the right to return to Phil and talk to him. Ask him about the hole in the wall and the inspector but he isn’t much help. Use the door on the left to return to the front of the shop. Customers! Talk to Joyce at the counter. She’s here to get your rent but you manage to send her off without it for now.

Talk to the man at the shelves to learn it’s Max, the detective. Ask him about breaking through walls and he suggests a hammer. Use the door to go back to Phil and talk to him again. Ask him about hammers and he’ll give you a HAMMER. Use the door on the right to return to the room with the hole and use the hammer on the hole to make the hole bigger. Then use the hole again to step through.


On the right there’s another hole in the wall and when you step through, you’ll find David staring at several screens. Talk to him to learn about his plans but you don’t join him. Walk south to leave the room and use the hole in front of you to return to the bum.  Use the door on the right to return to Phil, still counting, and talk to him again. Tell him about David and the room in the back and Phil will send you home and make it a case for Llamaman.

Use the door on the left to get to the front of the shop, then walk south to get to the streets of Reality. You need to find out more. Talk to Max standing there and he suggests you’d look up David’s plans on the IMDb. That means you need a computer. Walk to the left and north into the street that leads to jail. You’ll find the sheriff’s office here and outside in the window is a TOY ROBOT. Pick it up and walk to the right to return to the main street. Walk left and enter Scid’s.

Talk to George and ask him about the computer. Not much chance you can use it. Put the toy robot on the counter to the far right and George will be distracted by it so you’ll take the COMPUTER. In your inventory, interact with the computer and use it to search the IMDb page of David. You’ll learn about his current project. Shut down the laptop and you’ll go to Phil’s house to tell him of David’s plans.

Phil can’t find his suit so is unable to team up with you. Suggest locations to search by clicking on the house: the loft, the garage on the left, the basement (the pavement in front of the house) and the neighbors to the right. It’s always the last place you search. Nevertheless, the suit is found so talk to Phil again. Learn about his history as Llamaman, his history with David and his suggestions what to do next. You’ll return to the monitor room, searching for a secret entrance to David’s hideout.

By selecting the monitors in the right order, you’ll activate it: top left, middle bottom, top right, lower right, top middle and lower left. KITT will enter and you’ll be shot dead. But fear not, there’s a plan to resurrect you.

In front of the gates, back to the living, try the gate to find it locked. Walk to the right and find the gates of heaven. Also locked. Walk right again to find the gates of hell. Locked as well. Talk to the devil in front and learn of a way to get back to life. Walk to the right to the gates of the living to find Death waiting. Talk to him and learn that he wants to take you back to the living but needs to be solid first. No clue how to do that.

Use the computer on the floor and you’ll see that the programmers were working on some collision code. Solid material needs collision so you’ll complete the code and copy it to a MEMORY STICK. Walk to the right and find the devil’s girlfriend. Talk to her and suggest that in order to get back together, she’d write a poem. You’ll get a copy of the POEM. It solidifies any relationship.

Take a LEAF of the plant hanging next to the gate and walk to the right. Use the grindstone to turn the leaf into a THICKENING POWDER. Walk further to the right to find Death again. Use the powder on him to make him slightly thicker. Use the memory stick on him to activate his collision detection and use to poem on him to really bond. Now you can return to the land of the living, just in time …

… to learn that David tries to take over the power that you seem to have. The conduit and the bomb are doing it’s work and David is getting more and more power but you have still the most: use the switch on the base of the conduit to shut the machine down.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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