You’re in a room with crates and about to be detected.

Walk to the upper left and hide behind the pile of crates. An assassin robot will enter and start looking. When the robot is driving north to look behind the crates, walk towards the doors on the right and go through. Once there, push the red button next to the door to close them and trap the robot.

Walk to the right to find another robot on patrol. Walk directly behind it when it moves to the right so it doesn’t spot you when it turns. In the next room you’ll find another one.  You have to reach the upper balcony where the robot is so walk towards the elevator in the middle. Wait for the robot to move to the left and when he passes the support beam to the right of the elevator, quickly use the elevator doors, go up and walk to the right, just before getting shot.

In the next room two robots on patrol. Wait for the second one to pass after entering (the gap between the two robot will be slightly bigger) and keep walking behind it as you did before until you reach the other side. Use the elevator on the right to go to the upper deck.


Walk south and to the right, just wait for any robots to pass or just ‘tail’ them.  When the robot disappears to the left, walk to the right and walk through the opening north. Use the door of the cupboard to open it and take the EXPLOSIVES and DETONATOR out. Walk back to the left twice and use the explosives on the two large tanks. Go further to the left and while the yellow robot in the hallway is not looking use the door to reach the bridge.

To eliminate the red robot, use the fuse panel next to the door and slide all three sliders on the panel to the top value. The robot will be destroyed. Use the blue control panel at the far right to gain control over the helm and realize the only way to prevent a bigger catastrophe is to blow up the ship. Use the control panel on the left next to the door to see ‘company’ on the screen. You need to shoot them before they shoot you.

After having show them all or enough to make them retreat, use the panel on the left of the broken robot to see a map of level 5 and the location of the robots. Use the security button on the lower left to shut it down. leave the panel and leave the room on the left. In the corridor walk to the right but be careful for robots. Walk to the disposal chute on the right and drop an explosive in it.

Walk south and north and use another explosive on the big pipe against the wall. Walk further to the left, continue north and put another explosive on the large container in the middle of the corridor. Walk further to the right and when you’re at the big drums again walk to the left.In the corridor with the yellow robot walk to the right and at the disposal chute walk south again.

Walk to the left into the small corridor and use the panel on the left to open the door. Now you can make it to the core room. Use the grey box on the left to get a GUN out. Walk to the right twice and use an explosive on the big reactor in the middle. Walk to the right twice and keep as north as possible when entering the last room to end up behind the wall. This way the red robot won’t notice you.

Walk to the right behind the wall and when the robot walks to the left, climb the stairs on the lower right.  Quickly take your gun and shoot the cannon before it shoots you. Then walk further  to the right to safety. Standing in front of the large door walk south. In the sickbay make sure you walk to the right but don’t step on the plates on the floor otherwise you’ll still be shot by the red robot.

Talk to the green robot and when asked for your name, tell him that you’re a patrol robot. You’ll get the pass code but beware: it’s random so note it. Walk back to the left, careful between the rubble and north to the huge door. Use the console on the left of the door and you’re asked for a pass code. Enter the one the robot gave you and you can leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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