Walk to the right to discover your way is blocked by a creepy guy.

Walk to the left and pick up the CROWBAR. Use the crowbar on the left side of the window of Top Drawer. Use the hole you created to find a set of NEEDLES. Pick up a piece of the GLASS. Use the crowbar again on the right side of the same window and use that hole to get a broken CROSSBOW.

The internet cafe has a bigger shutter in front of the window but the center bottom of it has a lock. Use the needles on the lock to pick it and use the crowbar on the shutter to lift it  a bit. Use the small gap to get a RJ45 CABLE out. Walk back to the Top Drawer shop on the left and use the cable to get the box from the top window down. There are now nails all over the floor.

Pick up a NAIL and walk to the bike on the right. Use the piece of glass on the tire to slash a piece of the inner TUBE. Use the tube on the crossbow and add the nail. Use the weapon on the blood dripping guy to make your way through.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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