To the right of the blue door is a poster on the wall. Read it and you’ll learn about the job vacancy. For more info goto Lil’ Jimmy in Serpents Head Taverne. Take the FLYER with you.

Enter the taverne through the blue door you’re standing by. Walk inside all the way to the right and in front of the door go south to the back room. Meet Lil’ Jim… Talk to him and ask him about the job. It doesn’t matter what kind of job it is. He’ll tell you to go to the alley next to the hairdresser across the street and Danny will open the gate.

Walk north to the door and exit the taverne. Cross the street (walk south) and turn left. Next to the hairdresser is an alley you can enter. The blue door is already open. Walk towards the end and… receive a blow on the head.

You’ll wake up in a dark damp cell. In the lower right of the cell are two burlap sacks. Pick them up and move them to the bunk to put them under the sheets. Now it looks like you’re still in your bed. Move to the lower left side of the cell and stand against the wall where it’s dark. Wait for the attacker to enter the cell and while he’s talking, sneak out the door. Close the door behind you so the attacker is locked in now.

Open the door of the cell on the left and enter the cell. What a mess. You can see something shining under the pile in the middle. Take the silver thing out and discover it’s a LIGHTER. Take a closer look at the lighter. It has the Jack of Spades on the side and is empty. Oh well…. it’s a nice lighter. Leave the cell again and leave the alley to the north. You’re inside the barbershop now, in the back. Open the fridge and discover the organs for transplant. Take the KIDNEY with you. Maybe you had to be killed for the organs?

Walk to the south to the front of the barber shop. Open the door and walk out, to the street again. Walk to the left and look at the yellow door. It has the Jack of Spades on it. Hey, the same as the lighter. Open the door and enter the bar. Look at the posters on the wall.  Walk to the right until you see the sad looking lady behind the bar.

Talk to the lady. Tell her about the lighter and she’ll give you the letter her brother left behind. It must have something to do with the lock on his door. Tell her you’ll investigate. Walk further to the right and discover another door. It’s locked. Next to it is a big painting. Go back to the girl and ask her about the door and some more about her brother. Ask her if he’s missing a kidney. Aks her about the combination of the lock and she’ll give a few hints.

Leave the bar and cross the street. Go right at the police car. Keep walking to the right until you see a porch between a red and yellow door. Go through there. Walk to the right, you’re at the back of the block of houses now, and next to the third door is a keypad. That must be the lock the girl mentioned. Take a close look at the keypad and the letter will be shown next to it. Read the letter.

The verse tell you all the numbers. The girl behind the bar said there were five numbers, none doubles. The numbers are in verses 2 till 6:

2: The first (1), the fifth (5), the twelfth (*), in the middle = 7

3: I have two II’s to see = 2

4: The mask that made it’s way to it’s own home: 2 (the only key put back in the right place) Add to the second traveler: 4 (the 4th position also ‘traveled’, but the wrong key was put back) = 6

5: Not the zero, the 9 would make the 6 symetrical. = 9

6: I hide between untouched by you but not me.  * and # are untouched buttons (you only need to enter digits), between = 0

Enter 72690 and the Go button and the gate will open. Enter the back yard and go through the back door into the house. Since the hallway is barricaded, go through the door on the right. Enter the dark bedroom.

Next to the door is the lightswitch. Use it to see more. Look around. Under the window is a EXTENSION CORD. Look at the light and the strange second bulb. Next to the lightswitch is a cable hanging down that just can’t reach the socket. Use the extension cord on the socket and you’ll put the cable in the extension cord automatically. The black light bulb is now also burning. Hit the lightswitch to turn the normal light off.

Wow! Look at that! On the left wall is written: Is this what you’re looking for, pointing to an X. Hit the lightswitch again so you can see where you’re going and touch the wallpaper where the X was. There’s a hole behind it with something in it. Take it out. It’s a METAL BOX with the records the girl was talking about.

Leave the room on the right, the hallway and the garden on the south. Walk to the left and under the porch back to the street again. Keep walking to the left until you’re at the police car and cross the street there. Enter the bar again and inside walk to the right to the girl behind the bar. Give her the metal box. She’ll ask you to follow her to the door that was closed before. The one that leads to the roof. So she said…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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