While Ethel is searching for fertile ground, you should get a bowl, eggs and milk. Open the front door of the house and enter. Close the door behind you. Huh? Where did that door go to? Oh well, something for later. On the table is a note. Pick up the NOTE and read it.

It’s from the estate agent. There should be milk in the basement, eggs in the shed. Let’s check it out. Use the door next to the stairs and enter the basement. Use the ladder to go down. There’s the milk. You automatically pick up the MILK, to drop it a moment later. Darn. Pray to the spillt milk and there’s your bottle again, ready to be taken. Carefull this time!

Use the ladder again to go upstairs and walk back to the kitchen. On the cabinet on the right is a box with PLASTIC BAGS. Take one. Open the drawer and look in it. Pick up the drawer to get the MARKER and KNIFE out. Walk over to the table and a window will appear. But it’s closed and won’t open. Pray to the wind and you can open it. Now you’re outside again.

In front of the house, the fence is still not finished. Take the SHOVEL that’s being used and take the WOOD, and take another piece of WOOD. Walk over to the shed and try to open the door. Something is blocking it but will move over. You can try again to open the door. Enter the shed.


Wow! That’s dark. Luckilly there’s, unlike in the basement, a lightswitch on the doorpost. Use the switch to create some light and meet Trixie. She’s a bit big for such a shed. Against the back wall is a DIY RAKE SET. Pick it up and open it in your inventory. It will result in NAILS, a MANUAL and an INCOMPLETE RAKE. The tines and the hammer are missing.

Talk to Trixie. Since the game isn’t complete yet (but that’s the meaning of the game) you only see some words but you’ll understand the meaning. Ask Trixie who she is, what she’s doing there and if you can have the egg. You can but she wants water in return. You can take the ladder if you can find a way to pry Trixie out of her position. Use the shovel as a shoe horn with the LADDER to get it off the wall.

Open Ethel’s purse and you create a mini portal. Go through to opening to find some shelves with goods on them. One of them is a FISH BOWL. Take the fish bowl and use the ladder on the shelves. Since the bowl is too high to just take it, you need to climb the ladder. Once up the ladder you can pick up the BOWL. Go down again and take the ladder with you. Leave the room through the exit and back in the shed close the entrance of the purse.

You might want to turn the light back on again. So Trixie wants water… We now have a bowl with water, only there’s a fish in it. Use the fishbowl with the bag to get the fish out. Then use the fishbowl with Trixie to give her the water. The you’ll receive the EGG.

Leave the shed and go to Ethel. Give her the egg, the bowl and the milk and she’ll make something for breakfast tomorrow.

An angel will appear. He’ll give you a special BOOK and some paper you need to take to Administration. Ethel will put it on the kitchen table. Enter the house again and walk to the table. Pick up the paper from it. Hey! They were blown away. One to the livingroom and the others outside the window… which was closed! Walk to the left to the living room.

Look at the baby carriage and find inside: a small xylophone. Pick up the carriage to take the XYLOPHONE and MALLET out. Below the carriage is a PENCIL. Take it too. Look at the primordial soup in the middle of the room. There’s your piece of paper! But if you want to take it, it’s too deep. Who’s good in water? But the goldfish can’t pick it up. Can it? Pray to the bag with goldfish and it will get arms and legs! Use the bag with Tiktaalik on the primordial soup and guide the fish to the paper. Beware of the white monster otherwise you have to let the fish have another go. Pick up the PAPER.

What did that angels say about calling God? There’s a phone here but it’s not connected. Since some things are still in a creational fase, use the marker on the socket to draw a cord. Now you can use the phone. Call God and ask him to fix the house. He’ll visit you later today. Make sure there’s someone home.

Leave the living room and walk to the front door. It’s not there anymore. But there is a bell. At least a part of it. We can fix it though. Look at the knife in your inventory. It’s a bit dull. Pray to the knife and it will become a sharp one. Use the sharp knife with the mallet to create a hole in the handle. Then use the mallet on the bell to function as a clapper.

Go to the table again and pray to the window and open it. Outside the house you can just see a piece of paper blowing away. Go to the front door and enter. You find a note on the door, saying that they wanted to deliver something but you didn’t answer. They’ll be back again. Leave the house again and go to the shed.

Turn on the light and notice the paper on the ear of Trixie. It’s too far to get it off and your rake isn’t complete. Use the pencil on the incomplete rake to function as a tine. Now use your rake on the PAPER to get if off Trixie. Leave the shed and exit on the right of the screen to enter the desert.

Near the big sign is another paper but it’s guarded by a golem and he won’t let you take the paper. Talk to the golem but all he does is growl. Walk further to the right to the administration office. Behind the counter is golem #3. Talk to him and ask him his name, what a golem is and what you can do about the golem in the desert. He only understands sign language. Ask the golem to learn you a few phrases and make sure you get them all!

Now that you know enough of the language, leave the office and return to the desert. Talk to the golem again and you now have to create a new sentence. Start with You’ve got. Then Something rotten followed by In your and end with face. The golem will be scared and sign you to take it off. Helpfull as you are, you take it off and the golem will turn into a sand statue. Pick up the PAPER and leave the screen on the south. Go back home and go inside.

Use the triangular book on the door to keep it from slamming shut and thus disappearing. As soon as you walk into the house the doorbell rings but this time you can answer. Talk to the delivery boy and he’ll give you the final PAPER. Leave the house and walk to the right to the desert. From there to the south to the registration office. (It doesn’t matter which way you go, the first time you leave the desert it’s the house, the second time it’s the office etc).

Use the papers with golem and leave him again. Go back home to meet… God.

You should get a book from the cupboard upstairs. But the stairs haven’t been repaired yet. Use a board on the stairs and use nails to fix it. Do that twice so you can go upstairs.

Try to get through the maze. Just walking back and forth a bit until the right walls open shouldn’t be too hard. There isn’t really a pattern in the movement of the walls. Take the BOOK from the cupboard. Walk back to the stairs (you can do that in a straight line when you’ve got the book) and go outside again. Give the book to God..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. I found this game very ambitious and quite well drawn but the movement was choppy and mixed up.
    The plot, such as it was, was all over the place and there was far too much random acts required to make the game enjoyable.
    If the ‘plot’ had been better thought out and the wife given something to do other than walking around looking for a garden plot the game would be greatly improved.
    Also I found there were too many different commands.
    A simpler 4 command coin type interface would be much better.

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