You’re send back to the past to desalinize the toilets before they flood in the future.

Talk to the bum on the bench and introduce yourself. He’s not the friendly type. Ask about his attitude and he’ll tell you about his inventions. Ask him about the bacterializer and the ingredients for that. You need to get three items.

Walk to the trashcan left and search it. Some useful stuff. But you can only carry one thing at a time. Pick up the SHEARS and take then to the flowerbed on the left. Cut a FLOWER with the shears. Walk to the scientist and tell him you’ve got an ingredient. He’ll take the smelling flowers.

Walk to the trashcan on the left again and this time take the DEODORANT. Walk to the toilets on the right and although it smells terrible, because of the deodorant, you’re able to get some BANDAGES out. Give them to the scientist and walk over to the trashcan on the left.


Search the trashcan and take the ODD LIQUID out. Walk to the toilets on the right and dispose of the liquid so you hold the ODD BOTTLE. Give the bottle to the scientist and he’ll make you a BACTERIALIZER. Use the stuff on both sides of the toilets, both men and women.  Walk back to the path near the bench and talk to HQ…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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