The agents are here to enter the room.

Push the chair in front of the door to block the door and take the PLIERS from the shelf. Use the pliers on the window on the left to loosen the handle and open the window. On the ledge outside, jump in the skip below and when you’re able to get up again, climb through the small window of the boiler room. Then wait for the men to leave.

Use the pile of coal in the lower right corner to take a piece of COAL. Use the voltage generator to have a closer look. It’s useful if you can make it to deliver 220v. To do that, you need to plug in the cables in the right order. Use the colors from left to right: red, yellow, blue and green. Now that it is the correct voltage, you take the GENERATOR with you. Push the crate in the middle of the room to right where it’s under the window. Then use the window to climb out.

The gate on the right is locked with a chain. Search the container on the left to find copper PLATES. Hold the plates with the pliers and add them to the voltage generator to create a cutting machine. Use the machine on the chain to cut it. Use the gate to go into the streets.

Walk north towards the bodyguard on the right and talk to him. After the conversation, walk further north and when you’ve reached the palm tree, walk north again (although it’s the street on the right). Walking towards the benches in the back you’ll have another dream. Walk up the stairs on the left and knock on the door to learn that you should be looking for someone.

Walk south to return to the palm tree and go to the left. Walk further until you reach the Dortyol Buffet. Walk to the right to find the Ottoman Museum and talk to the guard in front of the building. Walk south to leave the man and walk all the way south until you reach the palm tree again. Then to the right and enter the Sultan cafe on the left. Talk to the barkeeper and learn more about the two agents, the unbeatable and the oracle.

Ask him to use the ladder but you can only do that if you bring him some fuel. Use the exit south to leave the cafe and talk to the guard on the other side. Ask about the agents to find out they left. Walk to the south until you reach your own apartment again. Walk over to the pool on the lower right to see there’s a bottle in it. Take the BOTTLE from the pool and walk north. Use the window to the boiler room and fill the bottle with DIESEL OIL from the barrel on the left.

Use the window again to climb out and use the gate to return to the streets. Walk north and enter the cafe on the left. Give the bottle with oil to the barkeeper and now you can use the ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the roof and climb the balcony on the right to enter the house. Pick up the mobile PHONE from the couch to answer it. You need to meet this person in the garden.

Walk to the left and use the computer. Select the printer and print a specialist’s ID. Leave the computer and take the ID CARD from the printer under the desk. Walk to the right and use the balcony door to get out. Use the hatch to climb down back to the cafe. Use the exit south to leave the cafe and walk south until you reach your house. Walk to the pool on the right and find the right person in the gazebo on the right.

You’ll end up with the oracle who wants an artifact if you want the cookie.Use the door on the right to leave and walk to south. At the square with the tree turn  and walk to the museum on the far right, opposite the cafe. Show the ID card to the guard and use the doors to enter the museum.

Inside keep to the left and see three portraits on the wall. Look at the one on the right to see it’s different. Touch itv and it will be scrambled. You need to make this puzzle. Number the pieces on the right from 1 to 16 from left to right from top to bottom. Then put:

1 to B1 rotate twice
2 to D1 rotate three times
3 to A3 rotate twice
4 to C1 rotate twice
5 to C2 rotate three times
6 to D2 rotate three times
7 to B2 rotate three times
8 to A1 rotate twice
9 to B3 rotate twice
10 to D3 rotate twice
11 to A2 rotate three times
12 to C3 rotate twice
13 to C4 rotate once
14 to B4 rotate once
15 to A4 rotate once
16 to D4 rotate once

The portrait will slide and reveal a secret compartment. Take the ARTIFACT from the space behind the portrait and walk south twice to leave the museum. Walk south down the stairs and left into the street. Walk south to the square with the palm tree and north to the oracle. Go up the stairs and use the door to enter the house.Give the artifact to the oracle and you can take a COOKIE from the jar. Leave the house and go south to the square.

Walk to the right and  enter the restaurant on the right. Walk to the right and give the cookie to France sitting at the table. You can now go to L.A.

Open the gate left of the building. Use the shovel on the grill of the ventilation shaft and then climb into the shaft. Use the wardrobe in the middle and take the suit out to change into that outfit. Use the door on the right to join the other agents and they’ll tell you about Mr. France. Talk more to the two agents to try to get the location of the shoes but they won’t tell you. Use the stairs in the back to go to the corridor on the first floor. You’ll see seven doors.  You need to enter them sequentially to reach your goal.

Door 1:

Use the instructions next to the raft to see what you need to do. Use the raft to see the sheep, wolf and weed. Start with the sheep. Select the bank on the other side and use the sheep to put it on the bank. Then select the bank on the right to go back. Select the weed, sail to the left and pick up the sheep to swap it with the weed and return to the bank on the right.

Select the wolf to swap it with the sheep and select the bank on the left. Drop off the wolf and sail back to the bank on the right. Pick up the sheep and return to the bank on the left. Then drop it off and go to the bank on the right. Pick up the GLASS SPHERE and use the door to return to the hall.

Door 2:

Pull the right handles to get to the blue diamond: lever 4, lever 7, lever 1, lever 8, lever 6, lever 9, lever 2, lever 4, lever 1, lever 8, lever 6. Pick up the BLUE DIAMOND and pull lever 9 and lever 2. Use the door on the right to return to the hall.

Door 3:

You need to raise and lower the steps by pulling levers. Pull them in order: 1, 5, 3, 2, 4 and 1. Walk to the left and pick up the RED DIAMOND. Return to the door and use it to reach the hall again.

Door 4:

Before using door 4, use the glass sphere on yourself. Since you’re you’re about to reach Mars, you need to breathe. Push the large rock at the bottom of the screen to discover a BLACK DIAMOND. Take it and put the diamond in the green liquid pool to make it a green diamond.  Put the piece of coal from your inventory in the liquid as well to create green coal. Use the door to return to the hall.

Door 5:

This door leads to the moon so before entering you need to wear the glass sphere again. Use the door and once on the moon, take the GOLDEN SHOES. Use the door to return to the hall.

Door 6:

Push the large trunk so it falls over. Pick up the LARGE BONE followed by the SMALL BONE lying left of the trunk. Use the small bone on the trunk first, followed by the large bone. Walk further to the left and pick up the YELLOW DIAMOND. Now quickly run back to the right past the trunk so the dinosaur trips over. You have to click at the right spot the first time, clicking several times will slow you down. Use the door to return to the hall.

Put the colored diamonds in the corresponding holes around door 7 to unlock it. Then you can open it.

Door 7:

Once inside the room you’ll meet the architect and his son. As soon as Superman and Neo have left and the architect is coming after you, use all four sources of light in the room to make them light up. When they’re lit all four, the architect is defeated. Then Neo and Superman will return. As soon as you get the chance to face superman, use the green piece of coal on him, pretending it’s kryptonite.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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