Since you’ve worked it all out, you need to get a seat in the restaurant.

So you need to get Ms. Meek out of there. Walk north into the restaurant and talk to the lady in green sitting alone. It’s Ms. Meek and she’d like to have a reason to leave. So give her one. There’s an empty table on the upper left, left of the couple sitting there. On the table is a SPOON. Take it. Now you need to get some honey, but the bear is in the way. Walk to the left to find the bar and a piano.

Next to the piano is a LAYED moodsetter. Use the mood-setter to set the temperature to 40 or lower. Walk to the south to return to the restaurant and the bear went into hybernation mode. Use the spoon on the HONEY and walk to the right to visit the entrance again. There are still the nasty flies.

Use the spoon with the flowerpot on the right. Since it’s attracting flies already it’s easy to get the FLY on the spoon. Walk north and give the spoon with fly to Ms. Meek. She now has a reason to leave. Now Azura arrives. Since Ms. Meek has left, you can be seated. But the music is annoying Azura and that’s something you don’t want. On the tabel where Ms. Meek was sitting is a paper with her AUTOGRAPH. Pick it up and take a ROSE from the vase. Also take the FLY out of the soup. Walk to the left and find a pianoplayer instead of the moodsetter.


Talk to the pianoplayer and he can compose something if he finds himself again. Walk to the north and go to the right into the mens room. Look at the cubicle at the bottom and read the graffiti. You also notice the plumbing here. Walk north into the hallway and to the left to leave the toilets. Walk south to leave the bar and return to the restaurant. Go over to the couple at the table. Since he was talking about plumbing all the time, talk to the man and tell him about the toilet.  He won’t help you. Only if you have something of great value.

Give him the autograph and he’ll be in the toilet in no-time. Walk left and north into the the mens toilets on the right. The man is working but you can take the SCREWDRIVER from his back pocket. Use the screwdriver on the lower left corner of the MIRROR to take a piece off. Walk north and left to leave the toilets again. Give the mirror to the pianoplayer and he has found himself again. He can now compose for you but needs an abject that represents the romantic feeling.

Give the rose to the piano player and you’ll have a romantic song. Now you need to speak to the chef. On the bar is a MATCHBOOK. Take it. Walk to the south and go north in the restaurant. In the corridor walk to the left to enter the kitchen. There’s no chef. Leave the kitchen on the north and walk to the left, back to the bar. Talk to the man behind the bar and ask about the cook. He’ll tell you about Chad Blue.

Walk to the south and north into the kitchen again. There’s a mouse just returning to his hole again. Look at the painting and the signature. CB again. Look at the mousehole underneath. On the welcome mat you can find the biggest clue. Use the matches on the painting above the mousehole to lure the mouse out of it’s hole. Talk to the mouse to find out more about the cook. Seems like you were carrying him all the time.

Look at the fly in your inventory he’s fallen asleep. Leave the kitchen on the north and walk to the left back to the bar. Talk to the bartender and ask how to wake up a fly. You must let him smell something he likes. Use the mood setter on the piano and set the scent to Dung. This will wake up the chef. Talk about the surprise and the chef will tell you he’ll drop it in. But then the ring is gone.

Walk north and to the right into the bathroom and use the sink near the corner of the mirror you took off. In the sink you’ll find your RING again. Walk north and left to leave the toilets and walk south to enter the restaurant. Walk north and left to enter the kitchen. On the left is the fly preparing dinner. Talk to the fly and the proposal will take place. But at the moment supreme the Ice Queen will enter and spoil almost all. You need to get rid of her. Walk to the left and use the mood maker on the piano.

Set the temperature to very high, 95 or over, and walk south back to the restaurant. The Ice Queen is melting. At least the guards are gone but the Ice Queen is a tough one. Use the matches on the Ice Queen to speed the process. Once there’s only water you can finish your proposal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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