You need to keep the shop running.

Talk to Freddi on the screen what he’s looking for. He wants to see some proof first of what you have to offer. Then Bill-E arrives and has to inspect the shop. You need to deliver him five documents:

– Shop documents
– Souls death certificate
– Advertising leaflets
– Invoice of current sale
– Death certificate of current soul

Walk to the left and take the BOTTLE and the COMIC from the shelf. On the pipe on top is an advertising leaflet but you can’t reach it. Walk back to the right and show the comic the Freddy on the screen. Ask him if he wants the Wolverine soul and he’ll give you the RESERVATION. Next to monitor 2 at the bottom is a LIGHTER. Take it and walk to the right and on the desk next to the octopus soul are the SHOP DOCUMENTS on the desk. Pick them up and look at them to see that they are not complete. Use the door on the right to open it and walk outside. Just above the barb wire you can find a CARROT in the ground. Take it out and walk further to the left. Just after the wooden fence you’ll find the Flint soul.

Talk to him and ask if he’s seen the key and when he says he hasn’t, he’ll ask if you like riddles. Confirm and he’ll help you if you solve three riddles:

1: How many liers are there: 4
2: What does the other guardian reply is I ask him which is the right door?
3: You are going to kill me slowly.

You then tell the soul about the papers and he’ll give you a STAMP. Use the stamp with the shop documents to complete them. Talk to the Bender soul lying at the bottom of the screen and ask for the key. You’ll only understand the word ‘tomb’. Use the bottle on yourself to make it a ‘ghost’ and give the empty one to the Bender soul. Talk again and this time you get a few more words, but not all.

Walk to the Wolverine soul next to the shed. Ask for the key and tell him he’s wanted. He wants to see some proof first. Give the reservation to him and he’ll jump into your inventory. Pick up the HAND that was on the ground and walk into the shed. On the shelf is a pair of PLIERS and against the wall is a SHOVEL. Take them with you.

Use the claw in your inventory on the lock on the big box to pick the lock and use the lid to open the box. Take the CERTIFICATE and the MAP out of the  box. Look at the map in your inventory. It’s of the cemetary. You can see some traces of ink but none 0f the symbols that Bender soul told you. Use the lighter with the map to make the symbols visible. Now look again. On the right side is a tomb with a cross on it and that’s the only tomb that has all the symbols around it. Look at that tomb on the map to realise that it’s the tomb to dig.

Leave the map and leave the shed. On the cemetary walk to the right to the tomb with the cross on it. Use the shovel on the grave to dig and find a KEY. Walk to the right and use the pliers on the barb wire to cut a piece of WIRE from it. Walk further to the right to enter the shop again.

The big machine next to the desk is a soul merge machine. Use the Wolverine soul on the blender-like container in the corner and talk to Freddie on monitor 1 to ask him to enter the machine. He’ll come down and step into the chamber. Use the monitor attached to the chamber to realise the machine is broken. Use the little panel at the front of the machine to discover the wire behind it is broken. Use the wire from your iventory on the panel to reconnect the wires.

Use the monitor again and this time Freddie will be merged with his new soul. He’ll sign and pay the INVOICE. Use the key on the closet you’re standing next to and take the CERTIFICATE out. Walk to the left and try to talk to the Horse soul. It won’t respond. Give the carrot to the horse and it will jump away, knocking the ADVERTISING LEAFLET off.

You now have all documents so walk to the right and give Bill-E the wolverine death certificate, the invoice, Souls death certificate, the advertising leaflet and the shop documents. Bill-E is satisfied and will leave the shop. Then Tod will return and explain all. But if you’re happy with that?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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