After falling through the earth, exit through the opening on the right.

Climb the hill and walk to the right. Enter the little house and meet the old lady and her husband. Talk to the lady and eventually she wants you to get the prescription at the pharmacy. Leave the house and go to the right. Walk to the house on top of the hill and talk to Dr. Kozlov and partner and learn about their hobby’s. Leave them for now. Walk down the hill and talk to the bison on the right. Walk further south and enter the cave. Oops.Talk to the bears and promise to bring back some honey. Then you’re allowed to go again. Walk to the left. Go to the house of the blacksmith and enter. You meet this incredibly handsome man. Talk to him … if you can. He’s not the friendly type. Leave him for now and follow the path to the south.

There’s a lady working in her garden. Talk to the lady and learn all about grass. She’s missing one: Bison Grass. Leave her and walk to the south. There’s a stream but you can’t cross it. Walk back to the lady and then to the left. You’re at the house again. Go up the hill and enter the house. It’s the pharmacy.

Talk to the pharmacist. Give him the prescription and you’ll get the PILLS in return. Look at the cauldron. It the communal cauldron. Look at the ads and recepies around it. Leave the pharmacy and walk to the right. Just outside, you’ll take a few pills to keep for yourself. Walk to the house of the old couple and enter. Give them the bottle and .. you’re kicked out of the house.

Walk to the right and go to the house on the hill to visit Dr. Kozlov again. Put the pills in his drink and he’ll be busy for the evening. Walk all the way to the right and look at the room. There’s a heavy table standing on a hatch. You can’t open it because the table is too heavy. Over the right side of the table is hanging a heavey pot. Take the pot down. That moved the table. Now the hatch is locked with a very special lock. You need to put three pictures of the same species between the lines. A bit harder than it looks. You can use the cheat sheet to see which animal belongs to which group.

The solution: the combinations, going from outer to inner ring, are: snail, nudibranch & clam or starfish, urchin & cucumber or hydra, jellyfish & anemone. When entered correctly the hatch can be opened and you’ll meet a snail. He is guarding the entrance. How to get rid of snails? Everyone knows they dissolve with salt, so use the salt on the snail and he’s out of the way. Walk further and enter the world of mushrooms. Take a bit of the blue one in the middle and then follow the path to the left.

Talk to the bison outside. He’s guarding the Bison Grass. You can’t take a bit. But if you help the bison with his walking problem he might think about it. We need someone to make bison shoes. Walk back to the mushrooms. Follow the path to the left over the bridge. In the next screen take the mushroom-stairs up back into the house. Leave the house and walk to the south. Past the cave and enter the house of the blacksmith. Ask a pair of special made bison shoes but he won’t help you. Then do it yourself. With a bit of help you’ve got yourself a nice pair of BISON-SHOES. Walk over to the fire and take a piece of FIRE with you. Then leave the house and walk back to the house on the hill.

Once you entered the house, walk to the right into the next room. Go down the hatch and follow the path to the bison. Give him his new footwear. You are now allowed to take a piece of BISON GRASS. Leave again to the right, through the mushroom cave, up the mushroom steps back into the house. Then leave the house and walk to the south, past the bizon, the bear cave and the blacksmith to the house of Svetlana. Give her the Bison Grass. She hurries into her house but leaves the SCISSORS behind. Pick them up.

Follow the path to the left, past the pharmacy to the right to the house of the old couple. To the right of the house is a hen house. Look at the fox, he wants to get in. Maybe we should help a little. Use the scissors on the wired window above the door. The fox will get in and chase the chickens out. You can take the EGG that was left behind. Also take some of the dry HAY. Leave the hen house and walk back to the south. At the pharmacy go south again, back to Svetlana. To the right of her house is a garden with small buildings in it. Go over to the one with the face on it. It’s a bee hive. To get the honey out you must smoke them out. Put the hay in front of the hive and use the fire to light it. Then take the cover from the hive to get the HONEYCOMB out. Lift the top again and take another HONEYCOMB out. [Note: you’ll only see one honeycomb in your inventory, you actually have two!]

Leave the garden and Svetlana’s house and walk to the right, past the blacksmith to the bear cave. Enter it and give the honey to the bears. The bears will leave and now you can search the pile of rotting garbage. You take the crystal SALMON. Leave the house and walk to the left, then past the blacksmith to the house of Svetlana. Turn south here to the river. Put the salmon in the river and it will freeze the water so you can walk on it. Go to the other side of the river.

Walk all the way to the left until you reach a strange house. It’s on a chicken foot. The door is too high. Maybe it will come down if it needs to incubate an egg. Put the egg on the nest and watch what happens:  nothing. The egg is too small. Now how do we get it bigger? There was something at the pharmacy: the recipe! Pick up the egg and walk all the way to the left back to the river. Cross it and go to Svetlana’s house. From here go to the left to the pharmacy. Enter in and go to the cauldron. Read the recipe on the right again: honeycomb, blue mushrooms and salt. Got it. Put all ingredients in the cauldron and there’s your enlargement mix. Finally put the egg in the caudron and it will be big! Leave the pharmacy.

Back to Babayaga’s house: south twice, cross the river and all the way to the left. Put the large egg under the chicken foot and watch again. You can finally meet your idol…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

13 Replies to “Principles Of Evil II: Misery Loves Company – Walkthrough (Divot Design/2007)

  1. If you want to get those mushrooms you’ll have to read the receipt first. It’s right to the cauldron at the pharmacy among some others. 🙂

  2. Hey guys I need to make the egg bigger but when I go into the room to get the blue mushroom it just saying that I have no reason to. I don’t know what to do. I’m sure I’m clicking on the right one but I have tried all of them. Please help!! thanks 🙂

  3. For some reason my game was different.when Rogi asked the blacksmith to help her with the shoe he asked what do i get for returni clicked a kiss.then he helped me.after that the shoe wasnt in my inventory.the made out and made love obove the my game different?help me.

  4. @Rachel- Go to the page with the Bison, and there is a cave, go into the cave and you will end up on top of a cliff, enter the house

  5. I don’t get what you mean by “Dr. Kozlov and partner.” I’ve walked pretty much everywhere in the pharmacy, but I can’t find another room or anything. I know it’s sometimes hard to get it to register certain places, but for some reason I only get the main room of the pharmacy and that only has one person in it.
    Help please?

  6. I gave the old lady the buffelo grass and she ran off but the screen is so dark I canot find the Sissores ? Brightmess is all the way up. Sugestions ?
    Thanks BOB

  7. Is there any way to make Yakov (the blacksmith) fall in love with Rogi? And what is the box with the trojan face on it for (the one in the pharmacy)?

  8. I don’t undestand the solution for very special lock. The combination with logic operators is ununderstandable for me. I can’t unlock the lock. Can anybody explain me what the logic operators mean?

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