Your house:

Look around. There’s so much to explore. Go through the door on the left. It leads to your bedroom. Look under the pillow. The tooth fairy left you something. You take the COINS with you. Leave the house and explore outside.

The shops:

Follow the path to the village. Use the path around the tree and the cornfield to the brick house. Don’t go south at the tree. You’ll find a swamp there with an alligator that we can’t pass. Once in town there are a lot of shops. Let’s see what we can learn here.

On the lower left is the taxpayers pub. A pub is always a good place to meet people and get information. They are closed. Then the pink door right above it. It’s the bakery. Talk to Josh behind the counter. You don’t like him much. Ask for ingredients to make a cake and he’ll give you YEAST, SALT and SUGAR. Leave the bakery and go one door above it, the butchers. Talk to Krystof. Your order isn’t there yet. When you ask him about the dog he denies it. Leave the butcher for now. Follow the path to the left.

The door straight ahead is of Magilda, fortuneteller. Go in and talk to Magilda. Ask her about Babayaga and … we can’t wait for that. Leave the room and go through the door on the right. It’s the dentist. Talk to him. You won’t get very far because he has a very bad breath. We must take care of that first. Leave the dentist and go throught the opening in between the doors. You’re back at the centre. The purple door in the centre below is the nursery but it’s closed. Use the door on the right of it, the candy shop.

Talk to the lady behind the counter. Her cotton candy machine is broken and if you can repair it, she’ll have something for you in return. Look at all the sweets. She has green strong mint gums. Buy a few GUMS for three coppers. Give the sugar to the lady and you’ll get the ACID. Leave the shop and go to the shop above it, the beauty shop. Talk to the lady there. Ask about Babayaga. She can tell you more about how the get to the one who nows how to get there but first she want’s her dog back. So the butcher did have…

Now that we have strong gums we can go back to the dentist. Give him the gums. In return you can pick a tool. Take the SPOON. Talk to the dentist some more and ask him about Babayaga but he doen’t know anything. Leave the dentist again and return to the candy shop. Don’t go in but go to the bars on the left of it that leads to the sewer. Use the acid on the spoon and the spoon on the bars. That way the bars will melt and you can get in. Enter the sewer.

The sewer:

On the right is a hole in the wall where light shines through. Climb through the hole and look around in the classroom. Look at the text on the blackboard. Someone didn’t behave. Under the blackboard on the left is a RULER. Pick it up and leave the classroom again, the way you came in. Climb past the melted bars back into the street again. Leave the village again and walk back to your own house. On the way there, you pass the grain field. Take some GRAIN with you.

Your house:

Use the grain and yeast in the big strange container. A DRINK will eventually be brewed that you take with you. Leave the house and go back to the village, to the butcher.

The shops:

Give the drink to the butcher. Wow. Strong stuff. Now that he passed out, go through the door on the right to the cellar. Downstairs you will find the dog from the beautysalon. Take the DOG and pick the KNIVES to the right of the saw. Then leave the cellar and the butcher. Let’s bring the dog back. Go to the beauty salon and give the dog to Madame Maude. As a thank you you get a COUPON for a make over. Leave the shops and walk back to the grain field. From there go south to the swamp.

The swamp:

The aligator is not friendly. But use the ruler to keep his mouth shut …ehhh open, and you can walk past him without harm. Talk to the dragon flies. Alma won’t see you because she’s busy organising a ball… just for men. So we have to disguise. Who in town had manly clothes? Only one I can think of: the butcher. Go back to the shops.

The shops:

Enter the bakery and take the CLOTHES from the baker. Back to the swamp and let’s see if we can fool the dragon flies.

The swamp:

At the spot where the aligator was, are some lichen on the tree on the right. Use the knife to get them off. While you’re here: chew the gum you bought in the candy shop. Since you don’t like fresh air, you spit it out again. Use the chewed gum on the lichen. Use those together on the clothes of the butcher and you’ve got yourself a disguise. Use the disguise on yourself and walk to the dragon flies. You can go further! They thought you were a man! Walk all the way to the right.

Hmm… Alma recognised you. You’re not allowed to go through the hole unless you can find her a man that’s more handsome than any on the party. Shouldn’t be too hard… although. Where do we find a man? Wait a minute! How about the one we don’t like? Let’s go back to the shops.

The shops:

Go to the first door on the left: the bakery. You immediately ask Josh out on a date. He’ll follow you anywhere. Leave the bakery and go to the beauty parlor. Ask a makeover for Josh. It takes a while but then you have Josh back again. You’ll end up at the party.

The party:

Walk in and Alma will come out. Show your handsome. She’s very pleased and will leave with Josh. You are allowed to go through the hole. Walk to the right and find your hole to the other side of the world. To meet Babayaga, you have to jump into the hole….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

4 Replies to “Principles Of Evil – Walkthrough (Divot Design/2005)

  1. When I tried to give the drink to the butcher, my character said ‘I don’t see why that’s necessary… ‘, so the drink still wasn’t given. What do I have to do?

  2. their is a fortuneteller and a dentist. when you get to the butchers dood don’t walk in but walk to the left just keep walking then their will be Big doo infront of you and a small one to the right with a little sign w/a tooth on it.

  3. Um, there’s no dentist or fortuneteller. The thing next to the Butcher shop is nothing but the beauty salon and a gate. There’s another place that looks like it could lead elsewhere, but it won’t let you. Help?

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