You want to listen to the radio.

Use the radio on the shelf to find the bateries are gone. Walk to the south to leave the room and outside walk to the right to reach a large tree. Use what looks like dirt on the left of the tree to find your BATTERY and.. Polina. She lets you borrow the battery if you bring her the magic seed.

Walk to the south and left into the house and use the battery with the radio, just in time to hear an announcement of your favorite rockband performing tonight. You want to be there. Walk to the south to go outside and your money will be nicked by a pelican.

Walk to the right to follow the pelican and talk to Polina. Ask her about the pelican and she’ll tell you about the magic seed and the dead bird. Walk south and use the dead bird in the garden to talk to its ghost. You can have the magic seed if you play a little game with the bird. But first you have to beat the highscore on the arcade machine.

Take the LETTER from the mailbox and read it. It’s from Satan taking your money. Walk left into the house and pick up the POWER CORD from the floor. [NOTE: You won’t see a name indication but you can take the cord]. Use the cord with the socket on the left to power up the arcade machine. Use the arcade machine to play and try to reach a highscore.

[NOTE: Although it seems impossible to reach that highscore due to the quirky way of navigating the bunny, here’s how to make it possible: press ‘S’ to start the game. Pick up the bomb on your right and climb the ladder on the left. Use the ladder on the left again and take the second bomb. Climb further to the top and go all the way to the right. When you can’t move further, save your game, just in case. While standing in the corner, you should be able to drop a bomb just above the ladder. Time this so the bomb is there when the alien arrives. You can keep repeating this until you have a highscore. — Thanks to ProgZMax.]

When you’ve reached the highscore, there will be a little thingie sticking out of  the coin slot. Pick up the LINT. In the cupboard, just above the radio is a CUP. Take it and walk south to leave the house. Give the lint to the dead bird. Use the bird to talk to it and he’ll give you another game to play. You’ll see 8 pictures and need to put them in the correct order.

Number the pictures from 1 to 8 from left to right from top to bottom. Use them in order: is 8, 6, 1, 5, 3, 2, 4 and 7. The bird will give you the MAGIC SEED. Take a TOADSTOOL from next to the bird. Walk to the right and give the magic seed to Polina. She’ll split it into 6 seeds: a YELLOW SEED, a BROWN SEED,  an ORANGE SEED, a RED SEED, a SMALL SEED and a BLUE SEED. You need to combine 2 to create a new one that can grow to the top of the tree and Polina can get to the pelican.

First put the small seed in the dirt on the right of the tree. Put the brown seed in the dirt on the left side of the tree. [NOTE: When you use the left side of the tree first it might be possible not to be able to use the right side and you have to restore a previous game or start again.] A new tree will grow and Polina needs some stuff to furtilize the plant.

Pick up some COMPOST from the heap and give it to Polina.  Give her the toadstool and  the water. [Note: It can be difficult to give something to Polina due to the size of the plant. Use the item you want to give at the same level as Polina, left of the plant. Move to the left until the description ‘plant’ disappears. Wait for Polina to arrive at the same location and then give it to her.] She’ll get your MONEY back. Nothing can go wrong now.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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