After you’ve woken up, take the NOTE from the floor and look at it in your inventory.

It’s a note from the lady. Use the door to leave the room and since there’s a dog blocking your path, use the stairs to reach the level below. Use the door on the left to enter the library. Look around and especially at the carpet. There’s something underneath. Pull the carpet away to find a trapdoor and use the trapdoor to open it.

Go through the trapdoor to the cellar. Find a man trying to kill himself. Talk to the man and try to stop him but no matter what you say, he’s determined. Talk about the ladyship and the medallion. After the man hung himself, go up the stairs on the right to return to the library. Then you realize he mentioned a skeleton.

Walk further to the right and the front door bell will ring. Open the door and some kids play trick or treat. When you choose trick, they’ll throw a BROOM at you. If you play treat, you’ll have to give them some candy. Take the JACK-O-LANTERN from the table and go back to the library on the left. Use the trapdoor to go to the basement and find the skeleton the hanging man was talking about.


Give the jack-o-lantern to the skeleton and he’ll give you a BONE. Walk to the library on the right and to the entrance hall on the right. Climb the stairs and use the bone on the stairs to let the dog fetch it and clear your path. If you chose treat earlier, walk to the right to enter the bedroom of the ladyship. On the bed are some SWEETS. Take them and leave the room on the left. Go down the stairs, give the sweets to the kids outside and receive the BROOM anyway. Return upstairs and use the door.

Find Hildegrund on the roof and talk to her. When she asks you to merry her, say yes. She’ll ask for a broom to fly away. You can offer a jet but she prefers the broom. Since you have one with you, you both leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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