Pixel 1:

Look at the turquoise pot on the mantlepiece. Behind the left corner of the lid.

Pixel 2:

Look at the picture on the wall to the right of the mantlepiece. On the upper right is a roman II.

Pixel 3:

Look at the plant on the small table on the left. Behind the orange branches on the left.

Pixel 4:

Look at the legs of the small table on the left. The fourth bar from the right on the right set of bars.


Pixel 5:

Look at the yellow shade of the lamp on the ceiling. There are light grey dots on it. Click these.

Pixel 6:

Look at the blue shade of the lamp on the table in front of the window. There’s a 6 on it but that’s not the one. On the chair on the left, under the (viewers) left arm is a little corner of the correct one… eeehhh six.

Pixel 7:

Look at the top row of yellow dots in front of the window. In the right corner of the upper left window pane is a light green stripe.

Pixel 8:

Look at the grey base of the lamp on the round table in front of the yellow dots. On the green shade is a light grey square.

Pixel 9:

Look at the books under the table in the front.

Pixel 10:

Look at the seat of the chair on the far right. The pixel is on the red tapestry.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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