You must find the cure for this awfull disease.

Walk to the right and talk to the sherrif. He’ll tell you about Max missing. Walk north to leave the jail and walk south to enter town center. Enter the postoffice on the corner and take the ID CARD from the table. Leave the postoffice again and enter the building next to the right. Enter room 31 to visit Davy but he’s not home: he went to the hospital.Talk to the man on the bed to learn about the gym.

Leave the room and go down the stairs back to the streets.Walk all the way to the right and on the cemetary walk to the left. Talk to the ghost to learn more about the virus, the gym and the coach.  Walk south to leave the graves and go to the right. Walk further to the right past the church and go north into Reality Hills. Follow the path north next to the tree and and further north inside the house walk all the way to the right to meet Max in the basement. So that’s where he went.

Max will tell you what he found out and explain about the lubricant and the shapeshifting monkey. Now it’s up to you to find it. Walk north to leave the cave and walk left to leave the house. Walk south and to the right to get to Harvesters. Use the door to enter and talk to the shopkeeper. He’ll tell you about the stuff Dr. Ess and the coach bought. He’ll let you have the PICK AXE so pick it up from the counter.


Leave the shop and walk to the left to reach the gym. Walk inside and talk to the coach. He’ll deny everything. On the floor is a piece of CHALK. Pick it up and leave the gym again. Walk to the right, back to Harvesters and go south to the entrance of Reality Hills. Walk further to the left, past the church to the graveyard. Enter the cemetary and walk to the left.  Use the pickaxe on the right most grave to find the BONES. Take them from the grave and walk to the south to leave the cemetary.

Walk to the right twice and at the entrance of Reality Hills walk to the south. Walk to the left twice, past The Pit to reach Reality Park. Greyson is waiting for someone. Talk to him to find out he has to transport some substance for his boss. Give the chalk to him and he’ll give you a CAN WITH OIL. Walk to the right and look at the door in the middle. It has an electronic lock.

Use the keycard on the door to enter the lab of Dr. Dee Vee Ess. So there’s his ‘medicine’. Max told you how to inverse the process. In your inventory use the bones on the oil can to start the chemical reaction. Use the mixture with the brewing pot of the doctor to save Reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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