You’re in need of money and need to find a job.

Act 1:

Standing at the wharf, look at the sign on the right. Take the FISHING GEAR and use the crates to find a SAFECRACKING SET. Use the door to go inside and talk to the man with the spear in the corner. You have to go through tests again. He wants you to win the biggest prize first before you can proceed.

Take a complimentary CANDLE from the basket next to the door and above it is a BLOWGUN with tranquilizer darts. Use the candle from your inventory on the burning candle to light your own. Use the door under the sword to enter the games room.

Look at the roulette machine in the lower left of the room. On the front of the machine is a frame and when you look at it you can read the warning about the magnet. On the side of the machine is the access port but it’s locked and you can’t hack into it while the dealer behind the desk is looking. Use the blowgun with darts on the dealer and he’ll take a nap. Use the safecracking set on the panel on the side of the machine to open it and take a look inside.

The magnet is attached with some green wax. Use your candle on the wax to loosen the magnet and then you can take the MAGNET from the machine. Talk to the dealer behind the desk again to wake him up. Talk again  and he’ll tell you how to win the ultimate prize if you guess under which cup the ball will be.

You’ll lose at first but the second time, use the magnet with the man to find the little ball and win the FIGURINE. Once outside, give the cheesy figurine to Ig in the corner and he’ll let you see the boss after you’ve given him your blowgun. Inside the office of the boss, you’ll receive the details of your mission.

Act 2:

Outside the office, talk to the old pirate in the corner.  Learn about the parrot, his retirement and the new boss. Take another complementary CANDLE from the coffee pot and leave the building on the left. On the dock walk to the left and enter the door on the right, the butchers.

Talk to the butcher to find out he doesn’t want to be a butcher anymore and if you want sausages, you need to make them yourself. The recipe is on the table. Take the RECIPE and in your inventory look at it to learn the ingredients. Leave the butcher shop and enter the door left of it to visit the funeral service. Talk to the undertaker and learn about his hobby. He’ll tell you about the rings, the soda and the dolphin at the end of the pier.

On the counter is a bottle of EMBALMING FLUID. Take the bottle and look at the coffins. Using the coffin on the right finds you a piece of WIRE you take with you. Use the door on the left and outside walk to the right twice to see the map of town. Visit the museum on the right.

The door to the museum is locked tight so use the red button on the left of the door to get the guard out. Talk to him and learn about the ancient pig. Ask for a souvenir and carefully watch the colour combination on the security panel. Once the guard has brought the souvenir and returned inside the house, use the wire on his little door to tie it shut. Use the yellow security panel to enter the right colours: red, red, blue, yellow, green and blue. You can now get the giant PIG from the museum.

Walk to the right to return to the map and visit the fish mart in the north part of town. Walk inside and look what’s for sale behind the counter and use the bottles of NYQUIL to get one for free… sort of. Take a six pack of cola and the shopkeeper wants to make a deal. Talk to the two-headed man behind the counter and ask what he wants for the soda.

You have to beat the man in dagger throwing and need to throw in numerical order: throw the 1 first, followed by the two and three. You can’t see the up- and down movement but you will know when you’ve thrown the knife. From the start position:20 times left, approx. 30 times up and throw.   Then 20 times left, approx. 20 times up and throw. 35 times right and approx. 40 times down and throw. This should win you the SODA.

Walk to the left to leave the shop and go to the right to see the map again. Travel to the Wharf District in the south of town. Use the door of the guild to visit the old man with the parrot and give him the Nyquil. As soon as he falls asleep you can take the PARROT from his shoulder.

Leave the office on the left and on the dock walk to the left. Use the door on the right to enter the butcher and use some ingredients for the sausage: put the pig in the machine, add the parrot, the embalming liquid and the six pack of soda. You’ll keep the plastic RINGS from the soda. Leave the butchers on the left and walk to the right. Then go south to the end of the pier.   There’s a large fish. Throw the plastic rings at the dolphin to kill it and use the rope with hook from your inventory to catch the DOLPHIN.

Walk to the right, then left and use the door on the right to enter the butcher again. Put the dolphin into the machine and out comes the SAUSAGE. Leave the butcher on the left and walk to the right twice to see the map. Select the General’s Estate on the upper right.  The guard outside is not the friendliest type.

Talk to the guard and tell him you need in real bad. After a while the subject of ‘bribe’ comes up and he only wants a sausage. Give him the sausage and he’ll die. Now you can take the SAUSAGE, the KEYS and his GUN from him. Once inside you have to shoot some blokes but that shouldn’t be too hard.

You’ll reach the hand in a fountain next to a wall with masks. Trying to take the hand you’ll discover a locking mechanism. Use the masks on the wall to see a close up and take both HORNS from the mask on the right. Put the horns back in the eye sockets of mask on the upper left. Take the NOSE from the mask on the lower left and put it back as nose in the mask on the upper left. A lot of noise and the hand seems to be moving. Not only that..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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