Bernard isn’t in his room and you wanted to go to the beach with him.

Open the left top drawer of the desk and look at it to take the HAMMER out. Take the PILLOW from the bed and open the door. Leave the room to enter the hall. Open the door on the left and enter Britney’s room. Look at the bed and find Bernard’s HATCH OPENER under the sheets. Open the dresser on the right and look at the drawers to find a PLASTER.

Leave the room and go down the stairs.  Open the door on the left and walk through into the library.  Open the door on the left again and go into the dining room. Open the door on the left once more to reach the kitchen. On the worktop is a bowl with CURRY POWDER. Take it and open the drawer under the microwave. Look inside to take the RUBBER GLOVES with you.

Leave the kitchen on the right and walk through the dining room to the right. In the library walk to the right again and in the hallway go right once more into the lounge.  Leave on the right and in the hall open the grey door on the left and step outside. Now you can see the cause of the earthquake. The meteorite is too hot to handle so look at the rubber gloves in your inventory. One of them has a hole in it. Use the plaster with the gloves to patch the hole and pick up the MEREORITE.

Enter the house again and go north into the lounge. Leave on the left and climb the stairs. Enter the second door from the left to find the bathroom and put the meteorite in the toilet to cool off. After the conversation, the meteorite officer steps in and wants your help to catch all the other members of the family. Look at the bathtub and take the PLUNGER from there.

Leave the room and use the hatch opener on the hatch above the stairs. Go through the opening to the attic and find the Green Tentacle. Talk to him to learn about his fear and when you ask him for a coffee he’ll give you a hot cup of COFFEE. Against the shelves is a CROWBAR to take and then go downstairs again.

Use the stairs to go to ground level and walk to the left into the library. Left twice again to find the kitchen. In the sink is the water meteorite. It’s pretty stuck so use the plunger on it to take the BLUE METEORITE with you. The fridge door is now frozen shut so use the crowbar on the fridge to open the door. You can’t take the white meteorite because it’s frozen as well but when you use the hot coffee on the meteorite you can take the WHITE METEORITE with you.

Leave the kitchen on the right and walk through the dining room to the library. On the far right is a panel at the bottom. Look at the panel and use the hammer on the panel to open it. You’ll find a bottle with SLEEPING PILLS and the GREY METEORITE. Go through the door to the hallway to the right to the lounge. Then right again to the entrance hall where you’ll  hear Bernard call for help. Talk to him and he’ll slide you a LOLLY under the door.

Above the coat hooks is an axe but it’s too high to reach. Use the meteorite officer from your inventory on the AXE to grab it. Go through the door on the left to go outside and walk to the right to reach the garage. Give your bath towel to the meteorite officer and open the door of the garage. Since you smell fire in there, the officer will take over and enter the garage. He has to put out the fire with the towel. Use the towel on the flames but be quick otherwise the flames start again. But with some effort he can put out the flames and bring you the RED METEORITE.

Enter the house on the left again and go to the lounge. Walk left to the hall and open the  second door from the left to enter the storage room. On top of the shelves is a box and there’s something inside. Trying to take the box reveals the need for another approach. Use the lollipop with the box the get your hand wet and still not find the taste. Use the lollipop with the curry powder to spice it up and give it to the box again.

But the toddler is still noisy so use the pillow with the box to silence it. It takes a whole night but eventually you’ll get the BABY METEORITE. Leave the storage room and go up the stairs. Open the door north next to the ladder to enter Bernard’s parents room and find the green one in bed. Use the axe on the vegetation to cut your way through to the GREEN METEORITE. Now that you have them all, the officer asks you to contact the meteorite police station.

Walk into Bernard’s room on the right and use the computer.  This will call the meteorite police and take care of things.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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