You’re in a cave but have no idea why.

On the wall on the left is a BUG. Pick it up and walk south to enter a tunnel. Walk to the right and in the next hall exit the cave through the opening in the north. Talk to the elephant sitting on a .. stone. He has a slight problem that you maybe can solve.

Walk to the right to see a bridge. To the right is a trash cans. It contains a can of COKE,  a smelly CHEESE and a rotten STAKE. Use the trashcan again to see there’s nothing left. Walk north across the bridge. [Note: It’s a bit tricky to get to the other side. Just try a few times to get the right location.] On the other side next to the bridge you can take a STONE.

Talk to Jean, the coffee importer and when you ask for some coffee he can only give you some BEANS. Walk further to the right and meet Kandelf. Ask about the place and the creature and when you keep asking about the evil ones, he’ll tell you about the spell. So you need to bring a living  creature from this country, a plant from a foreign country and some fertilizer.

Continue to the right and take the flower from the wall. Looking closer at it, it appears to be a CUP. Go back to the left and cross the bridge again.  In your inventory, use the coke with the cup. Put the cheese in the cup and put the steak in the cup. Use the stone with the cup to turn in into a smoothie. Walk to the right and talk to the elephant. [Note: if you use the inventory items at the location of the elephant, the game will crash.]

Ask him to be a guineapig and  you’ll give him the cup with liquid. In return you get some elephant DROPPING. Leave on the right and walk north across the bridge. Return to Kandelf on the right. In your inventory, use the beans with the dropping and then put the ant in the dropping as well. Talk to Kandelf and tell him you have all ingredients…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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