TALK KNIGHT will tell you your quest: You have three tasks to complete: stink like a peasant, look like a peasant and burn like a peasant. So here we go.

Smell like a peasant:

Walk to the south to the Inn. There’s a note on the door. READ NOTE. Walk to the left and find the Inn keeper in his boat. TALK MAN and find out that his bait hasn’t been too good. Walk to the south. Here’s a hut with four berrie bushes around it. OPEN DOOR to enter the hut and TALK LADY to find out that her insurance money has been stolen. If you can get it back for her, she’ll reward you. The baby left something outside and if you can find it, you can keep it. Leave the house again and TAKE BERRIES from every berry bush until you find the Super Trinket (2/2). Go one screen left and one screen north. On the beach are some pebbles. TAKE PEBBLES (1/3). Walk to the left again. You’re in front of your own house. LOOK GROUND to discover a map on the floor. GET MAP. Whenever you just type MAP, you’ll see an overview of the area.

Walk one screen north and one screen to the right. There’s an archer sitting behind a desk. TALK MAN (2/5) to learn his name and he’s missing his brother. Tell him haldo. Go to the north. LOOK WELL. It’s an old one. USE CRANK. You can’t because it’s rusted. But maybe with something heavy. USE PEBBLES IN BUCKET (2/7) to lower the bucket. USE CRANK to lift the bucket again. The bucket is raised and you take the mask out. Walk two screens to the left. Beware of the ogre in your screen. When you can see a horse, USE MASK to scare the horse away and let him break the fence (2/9). Walk through the broken gate and meet the brother of Mendelev. TALK MAN to find out he’s very busy, but when you say HALDO, he’ll stop his shooting and runs off (3/12). TAKE ARROW from the tree (2/14).


Walk three screens to the right, one to the south where you can see the archery. TALK MAN and you’ll be able to use the bow and arrows if you give something valuable. GIVE TRINKET (2/16) and you may shoot as much as you like. Now you only get a prize if you hit the bull three times.

Here’s the tricky part. It seems very difficult to hit the bull but there’s a trick. When the banner waves horizontal (strong wind), aim your bow to the outer side of the stand. When the banner waves a bit (medium wind) aim at the inner side of the stand. When the banner doesn’t wave at all (points down) there’s no wind and you must aim straight ahead. Now for the force to shoot. This is probably even more difficult than the aiming. Hit the space bar to start, then again space when the left arrow is on the red line and another space when the right arrow returns on the red line. If you have both arrows on the red line and your aim was good, it must be bulls eye. If you didn’t get three hits just type PLAY and you can try again. After three hits you’ll get the SuperTime Funbow (3/19).

Walk two screens south and meet Kerrek. SHOOT KERREK (5/24) and he’ll die. It starts raining because the curse has ended. LOOK KERREK to find his belt. TAKE BELT (10/34) and you now smell like a peasant.

Look like a peasant:

Walk north twice and left once. There’s a large puddle of mud. Walk straight in (2/36) until you’re all covered. Walk to the left and look at the haystack. Stand on the left and HIDE in the hay. You’re a walking haystack now (3/39). Go to the south and find the Jonka in front of his hut. Walk over to the riches and TAKE RICHE. The wind will blow your hay off and when the Jonka asks if you stole the riches, just say NO (7/46).

Go south once and right three times and OPEN DOOR to enter the hut of the lady. GIVE RICHES to the lady. She runs off, leaving the baby behind (5/51). It’s yours now. Look on the shelf. There’s a bag. TAKE BAG and you take the chicken feed with you (1/52). Leave the house and go north. The fisherman still need other bait. THROW FEED to let the man have the catch of his life (2/54). He’ll get out of the water and go back to his inn. Walk to the right and OPEN DOOR to enter the inn. SHOW BABY to get a bottle of pills (5/59). Leave the inn again and walk two screens to the left. Walk to the left side of the lake. USE BABY and the baby will get you a bottle of soda (5/64).

Walk two screens to the north to the well. PUT BABY IN BUCKET (3/67). The bucket lowers quickly. USE CRANK to raise the baby again, bringing you a meatball sub (2/69). Walk further north and two screens to the left. LOOK HUT to see that’s it’s not too solid. MOVE ROCK (2/71) to create a hole but it’s not big enough for you to get through. USE BABY to let the baby crawl in and open the door from the inside (5/76). The baby rushes off. Enter the hut.

OPEN DRAWER to see what’s inside. It’s a robe. TAKE ROBE (10/86) and WEAR ROBE (3/89). You’re now looking like a peasant. CLOSE DRAWER (1/90) and leave the hut.

Burn like a peasant:

Walk to the right four times, to the north once. OPEN DOOR of the inn and ASK ROOM. You can go to bed (3/93). When you wake up, walk to the cupboard. LOOK SHELVES. Only one thing of interest: the grease. TAKE POT. You can’t reach it but it will come from the shelf anyway… on your head (2/95). Try to walk out of the inn, but because you can’t see it’s a bit difficult (left = down, right = up, up = left, down = right). When you’re finally outside, you can take the pot off your head (3/98). Walk south to the tree and burn yourself on the candle. Congratulations! You’re now a real peasant (10/108).


Go north twice and TALK KNIGHT (7/115). He’ll step aside and you can go to the right. You’re standing in front of a mountain wall and all you can go is up. [save game here]. CLIMB to go up and avoid the boulders (3/118). Enter the cave on the right. Three keepers will appear, asking you questions. You can choose: TAKE THE QUIZ or GIVE SUB. With the correct answer or with the sub, you’ll get the shield (5/123). At the next you can choose again: TAKE THE QUIZ or GIVE SODA. The correct answer or the soda will give you the helmet (5/128). At the last keeper you can TAKE THE QUIZ or GIVE PILLS. The correct answer or the pills will give you the sword (5/133). Step through the coloured curtain. USE SWORD on the dragon (7/140). TALK TROGDOR (10/150) and see what happens.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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