Look at the walls. You scrape them all day. Tray to use your hands on the middle of the screen. It’s too high and you need a ladder. Walk to the left.

Wooly guards the mining room. Talk to him and ask for the LADDER. When he gave the ladder to you, walk back to the right and put the ladder on the second ‘panel’ (the one to the right of the one with the six black stripes). In the middle of that panel, just above your head is a piece that’s pretty loose. Use your hands to het it out. Climb down the ladder and pick up the GOLD. Walk to the left and throw your piece of gold all the way to the left side of the screen. Now Wooly has to get it and leave his post and the axe. Take the AXE (don’t wait too long) and walk back to the right. Pick up the ladder and put it in front of the fourth ‘panel’. Climb the ladder and use the axe to make a big hole.

When the hole is there, get down from the ladder and walk to the left, back to where you found the axe. Put the axe back on it’s spot and go to the right again. Climb the ladder and use the hole to climb to your freedom.

Outside pick up the big ROCK and put it over the hole, to cover your escape. Walk to the right and look at the ship. The big hole is covered but there’s a smaller hole on the bow of the ship. Talk to the hole to see who’s inside. The big hole will be uncovered and you can step into the ship.

It’s George! Talk to him and learn about life in the mines and the books of Plato. You need to get them. To the left an ANCHOR. Take it. Although it’s heavy, you never know when you might need it. Leave the ship. Walk to the north side around the ship and look at the castle. To the right is a gateway to the courtyard. Try to get in but the guard will stop you.

Walk back to the seaside and look at the outer wall of the castle. The rocks on the left side of the wall are big. Since you’re used to using your hands, climb the wall. The house with the windows is your house. Use the anchor on the top window to climb in. Everything is gone. Climb back out again and climb down the wall. Walk back to the ship and talk to George again. Tell him about the guard and he’ll tell you about the spellbook. Tell him about your house and he’ll ask you to find the books. Take the COOKBOOK from the shelves on the left. Then take a few MINTS (the red ones) from the desk. 

Leave George and the ship and walk to the left. Walk past the closed cave and then to the north to the meadow.

Since you can’t get the hog with your hands and the hog loves books, try to lure the hog with your book. It won’t work, the hog is too far away. Leave the meadow and walk back to the ship. The cyclops will catch you and take you to his cave.

Now you’re closer to the animals. Give the book to the hog again. The hog runs off. You can now take the SPELLBOOK from the pile of books on the right. Read the book. Interesting but nothing happens… or … after a while you’ll turn into a sheep. Then you’ll have to wait ’till the next morning so try to get some sleep. Counting sheep maybe helps?

The next morning you’re going out for a walk. Because the sheep had the mint, the cyclops takes one of them for a human and leaves you alone. Go back to the ship and talk to George. He’ll turn you into you again. Talk to him again and tell him about the castle. George has a solution for that: he’ll turn you into a frog.

Go to the castle and back to the gateway. You can easilly walk past the guard. He has no clue. Enter the building on the left. It’s the library with all books. Look at the shelves. Your books are there as well. Leave the library again All of a sudden all animals follow you.

Lead them to the meadow: hop south where the guard is gone. Then all the way to the left, past the cave and to the north. Jump into the meadow until all animals are inside the gate…

Take the ANCHOR from the wall. It’s heavy but you can manage. On the right of the anchor on the shelf is a cookbook. Take it, you never know.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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