You’re invited to a game show.

Follow the path to the right to enter the mansion. After the conversation at the door the butler will show up. Use the bed to get some rest and you’ll end up in a nightmare. The butler will come after you to kill you. There’s no escaping. When you wake up and the butler comes afer you again, use yourself to escape. You’ll then hear voices at the door which will scare the butler off.

After the bulter reassured you and walked to the left, follow him into the yellow room. There you’ll meet the other contestant. The butler wants you all to tell about yourselves but nobody is eager to. After the butler told about his personal life, tell him about your constume and your life. He’ll then take you to your room.

In your room use the bed to get some sleep and another nightmare. When you wake up, walk down the stairs to the room below and the butler will chase you again. Try to escape again by using your own body but the butler will throw you into a cell.

Look around in the cell. There’s not much to do except wait until the butler comes in again. He’ll take you to your room, but kills you first. In your room, walk down the stairs to find the other contestant dead on the floor with his head smashed in. Then the butler will enter the room and find you with the dead guy. He’ll then explain about the evil spirits. It’s up to you to destroy them. But not now.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

2 Replies to “Murder In The Mansion – Walkthrough (Aaron Reale-Key/2008)

  1. Just thought I’d say that I’m releasing a patch to this game within the next 6 months that may make some of this walkthough obselete. If you want, send me an email address and, when the patch is finished, I’ll add any parts to the walkthrough that may have been changed in the game.

    Aaron ‘Creator’ Reale-Key

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