You want to get into the club but when you’re using the intercom next to the door, you’re not welcome.

Use your hand on the pavement left of the bus stop sign to find a COIN. Walk to the left into the alley and pick up the BROOM. Walk back to the right then to the north into the alley. Use the broom to hit the GLOVE from the line. Take the plant in the window to get a thorn stuck in your hand. Walk to the south to leave the alley and walk into the shop-e-mart.

Talk to the shopkeeper and ask about the gum. Tell him you have the money and you’ll get the GUM. Tell him it’s a stick up and he’ll give you a pair of TWEEZERS. Leave the shop and use the tweezers on yourself to get the THORN out of your hand.

Walk to the left into the alley and use the glove on the trashcan to knock one over. When the bouncer steps out, tell him that a pack of wild boars did it. The bouncer will clean it and you’ll have a SALT SHAKER. Use the thorn on the door that’s open now to jam the lock. Walk to the right and at the front door use the gum on yourself to make it soft and sticky and use the chewed gum on the intercom to let the bell ring continuesly.


Walk to the left into the alley and use the back door to enter Chez Apa. Use the traffic cones to find a MATCHBOOK under one of them. Talk to the bartender to learn you have to pay for your drinks. Look at his head and then use his head to get his NOSE RING and get rid of the bartender. Take some PEANUTS from the corner of the bar and use the door to enter the office.

Use the nose ring with the back (visible side) of the desk to unscrew the panel. Use the panel to find the POCKET KNIFE. Use the knife with the broom to leave the stick. Use the stick with the pencil sharpener on the desk to make the stick sharp. Use the painting next to the door to find the safe behind it. But you need a code for that.

Meanwhile the bird is still talking. Wait until he mentions the specials of the day. Then use the door to leave the office and find a new tender behind the bar. Talk to the man and ask for some prices of some drinks. Ask for the price of the Seaman’s Bloody Stump ($1), the Gut Buster ($2) and the Three Dead Koalas ($3). Now you need to get back into the office.

Walk to the left and talk to the man at the table. He’s very sad. In your inventory use the salt with the peanuts and give the peanuts to the man. He’ll go for another beer and keep the bartender occupied so you can enter the back room again. Use the safe and enter the prizes as combination: 123. Use the safe to open it and take the CODPIECE out. Leave the room.

Walk to the left and talk to the pool player. He wants to play for something of value. Give him the codpiece. He’ll play for it. You get to shoot first. Use the matchbook with the pool table to tilt it a bit and then use the sharpened broomstick as cue on the table. You win! You’ll get the man’s MONEY. Walk to the right and give the money to the bartender. You can now enjoy your drink.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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