After hearing the news you have to get away.

Use the cupboard under the TV to find a CAN. Use the window on the right to leave the room. Use the fridge to find your ID CARD and leave the house again through the window on the right. The entrance is blocked. Throw the can at the window to get rid of the man in front and use the window again to leave the house.

Use the car to drive to the airport and once there, talk to the guard. He wants to see some ID so show him the card you took from the fridge. You can now enter the airport. Your flight is on time so use the gate on the left to go to the plane. Enter the airplane and fly to Tacoland.

When you arrive, your ID card gets stolen so use the invisible train that’s still left and follow the thief. In your pursuit you have to shoot the other train and when you’ve hit it enough times, he’s dead and you live happily ever after.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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