Not everything is round nowadays…

Use the door on the left to leave your room. Talk to your father and mother and use the door on the right to go outside. After a walk you reach God at the river. Talk to him and ask him to cross. On the other side of the river go to the beach and use the X where X marks the spot. You’ll find a triangular shaped object. Pick the OBJECT up.

Leave the beach and go to the big house.  You the door to enter the house but it’s protected with a keypad. You need to enter the right code so read the hint left and right. To enter the house, push all buttons with a square shape from left to right. So it’s the middle button in the first column, the top button in the middle column and the middle one again in the right column.

You’ll see a screen with a thingy underneath. Again strange shapes. The triangular one is hollow so use it to fill it with the shape you found at the beach.  On the screen you’ll see something happening on the southern hemisphere. That’s where your parents are. Use the door to exit the room and exit the garden, back to the globe.

Travel to your own house on the other side of the river. You’ll find the room changed and your parents missing. Use the door to leave the house. There’s now a large UFO on the globe. Use the UFO to start the search for your parents.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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