After the crash of your spaceship, you need to get back to your planet again.

In front of you is a pile of manure. Use the bottom of the pile to take some of the MANURE with you. Walk to the right to reach a farm. There are three haystacks. Use the one on the right and feel at the level of the horizon to find a NEEDLE. Use the dung on the farmer and he can’t see anything anymore. You’ll enter the barn.

On the floor is a bright green RUBBER BAND and some TOOLS. Pick them both up and leave the barn on the south. Walk further south and find a TWIG on the side of the road. Pick it up and walk north into town. The road north leads to the power plant but is being blocked by two angry men.  Use the purple building to enter the bakery and use the needle on the baker. He’ll be distracted and you can take the WEDDING CAKE and the KNIFE.

Walk to the right to leave the bakery and go right again to reach the church. Walk into the church and behind the doors, out of sight, walk to the right to the vicar. In your inventory use the knife on the wedding cake to cut the FIGURINES off and put the figurines on the projector on the right. The beam will put the vicar in a state of shock and you’ll take the KEY from him.

Walk to the right to leave the church and outside put the cake in the cannon. You’ll now shoot the two angry men who were blocking the road. Walk to the left and see everything covered in cake. Walk north to the power plant. Next to the tire of the car next to you is a ROCK. Pick it up. Use the twig from your inventory on the crack in the road and put the rubber band around it. Then use the rock to catapult it into the factory. Walk inside and pick up the MAN lying on the ground.

Walk to the right and use the man on the security panel next to the door to open it. Walk all the way to the right until you tumble down. On the table is a box with donuts. Pick up the BOX and use your key on the panel next to the door on the left to enter the control room. Follow the red carpet to the left. The semi circle is the control panel. Use the box with donuts on the center of the console to deactivate the laser beams. Take the bright green URANIUM BAR on the right and leave the room on the left.

Behind the window walk to the right to go upstairs again. Walk left and leave the building through the door on the left. Walk left over the car park and end in the field where your space ship was. You need to find your ship now. Walk to the right and pick up the angry MAN standing next to the cannon. Use the man in the cannon and you’ll shoot the men who took your space ship from it.

Walk to the left to your spaceship which is available now and use the uranium bar on the ship to power up. You can fly home again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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