The timeline of earth has drastically been altered.

After your conversation with Hunter and Eve,  the assistant of the chief, use the rudimentary nest the chief is sitting on to find a NEEDLE. Leave the cave and the cigarette vending machine will call you. Now it’s time to find a way to leave the vilage. Walk to the right and talk to Hunter again near the cave entrance. Ask for her spear but you can’t have it. Talk about her brother and he’ll do a trick. While he’s doing that and distracting Hunter, you can take her SPEAR (2/2).

Walk to the left and you can now walk past the security guard. Outside the village pick up the CIGARETTES and the PAPER that falls down. Look at the paper to learn the magic word if you want to talk to the Shaman and use the cigarettes in your inventory to find a YELLOWEY TICKET. Look at it to see it’s for  a tour through the cigarette factory.

Walk to the north to the mountains and Ray will be taken by a bird. Follow Ray into the mountains and follow the path to the north to the Pterodactyl. Take a VINE from the left of the prehistoric bird and in your inventory tie the vine to the spear. Use the combination on the ledge above the bird and the rocks will fall on the Pterodactyl. In the debris, Ray finds the CHIEF’S HAT (2/4).

Back outside the village again, walk to the right to enter the village and enter the cave to visit the chief. Give the hat to Eve (5/9). Leave the cave and walk further to the right. Use the crystal ball on the Shaman’s booth to call her and talk to her until you get a SMOKE DETECTOR from her.

Walk all the way to the left to leave the village again and once outside, follow the sign to the uncharted desert. Since you have the smoke detector, the factory is easilly located. Talk to the lady outside and give her the ticket to get access to the factory. Walk inside and use the door to the CEO’s office.

In the office talk to Mincey about everything and eventually he’ll leave. Look around the office and try to open the drawer. Use the needle on the drawer to unlock it and find a FOLDER with inside information on the factory. Use the door to leave the office and walk to the right to leave the factory. Outside the factory walk to the right and you’re outside the village again.Walk to the right to enter the village but Mincey will stop you.

Hanging above the machine, talk to the cigarette lighter to extinguish the flame and you’ll be back with the chief (2/11). Give the incriminating folder to Eve and your evidence that smoking is a health issue is complete (5/16).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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