You’re requested to research a case in Scotland.

After your arrival in the hotel, talk to Marcus, who will give you your KEY and ask him about the town and the murders (2/2). He refers you to Angus, the local constable. Talk to the man on the far right and ask him about the same subjects (2/4). So there’s someone else investigating the murders.Talk to him about the prisoners and he invites you to see for yourself and pay teh prisoner a visit (2/6).

Walk to the left and talk to Angus, a local. He can’t tell you much more except confirm the rumors about the witches (2/8). Walk to the left and up the stairs. Walk to the right and use the door tp enter your room.Use the bed to get some much needed rest (2/10).

Day One:


Walk to the right to leave the room and talk to the man shouting from downstairs. It’s Percival Quinten Jones, Ph.D. So he’s the other investigator. After the conversation, use the door on the roght to leave the inn and enter the jail next door. Inside talk to the prisoner, Mary Blaine. Ask for her side of the story (3/13) and learn more about the village and the people in it.

Use the door on the left to leave jail and walk to the right to enter the town. Use the door of the red house to enter the McBee’s residence. Lok around the room and notice the painting on the wall. Talk to Adam McBee about what happened. Ask about the daughters, the murders and the witches (2/15). Also talk about the painting and learn about the family (2/17).

Leave the house and walk to the left. Walk under the stone archway to the left. Follow the path to the north and at the crossing next to the tree turn to the right. There you’ll find the cottage of the old lady that walks away as you approach the house. Follow her to the right untill she reaches the river and there you decide to hide behind the tree. Watch as the lady chants over the river. Looks like she’s a witch after all (5/22).

Walk back to the left to her house and use the door to knock. Tell her you saw her at the river and she’ll open the door. You’ll talk to her and learn her name: Wilma Wiggins (4/26). Talk to Wilma some more and learn about the people, the town and the murders. She’ll inform you about the tower and a spell that could be helpfull. You need to bring two items: one of the murdered children and one of the accused Mary Blaine (3/29).

Leave the house on the south, walk to the left and at the tree go north back to town. Walk under the arched stone pathway on the right and enter jail. Talk to Mary again and ask for a personal item. She’ll give you her LOCKET (3/32). Leave jail, walk to the right and use the door of the red McBee residence again. They are about to leave so don’t have time but Mrs McBee just made a remark about the teddy and the grave.

Outside walk to the right next to the wall in the back to visit the graveyard. Pick up the TEDDYBEAR next to the tombstone (3/35) and look at the other stones. Walk to the left three times to leave town again, walk north and to the right to return to Wilma’s cottage. Use the door to be invited in and give the locket (3/38) and the bear (3/41) to Wilma. She asks you to come back the next day so you return to the inn.

Inside there’s some commotion and you’ll have words with Mr. Jones before going to your room and have a rest.

Day Two:

Leave your room on the right and use the door of the inn on the right to go outside. Walk to the left under the stone archway and follow the path to the north to leave town. At the crossing with the tree turn to the right and use the door of the stone cottage to enter Wilma’s place. There you’ll discover she’s been killed.

Leave the cottage on the south again and bump into Mr. Jones who will tell you to leave town before midnight.After he left, look at the flowerbed next to the door to see some flowers are red. Search the flowerbed to find a bloody CROWBAR (3/44). Walk back to the left and find the message on the tree. Look closely at the message. It’s written in Witch Code (3/47).

Walk further to the left and to the north to reach the tower. Use the crowbar on the door of the tower to break the lock (5/52). Use the door to go inside. Look around and notice the strange tapestry. The top shelf of the bookcase holds diaries you can look through, the bottom one has the history of Smailholm. In the middle of the floor, the light shines on one floorboard. Use the crowbar on that floorboard to pry it open (4/56). Use the hole in the floor to find another old DIARY 3/59). Look at the diary to find interesting facts about the killings and a page with partial translation of the Witch Code (5/64). Look at the page to translate sight into readable letters (3/67).

Walk to the right to leave the tower again and again right to return to the tree. Try to decode the message. There are still some letters missing. If you still can’t decrypt the text, look in the game folder for chapter 18 in the PI handbook for the missing characters. The decrypted message will be:

WW Dead
Mary will die
Innocently BJ
Where we want

Walk to the north and then right under the archway. Enter jail to visit Mary. Talk to her about the murder and all the signs you’ve found (3/70). Leave jail and walk to the left to leave town. Go north and at the crossing go to the right. Walk past the cottage to the right and go north into the forest. Here you’ll find the constable talking to someone else. You overhear the conversation about a meeting and the girl in jail (4/74).

Walk left twice to the crossing, then north and right back into town. Goto jail and talk to Mary again. Discuss the constable to conclude he’s a witch. So now it’s time to get Mary out of jail (3/77). Use the door on the left to leave jail and walk to the left to leave town again. On the other side of the archway you’ll meet the reverend.

[Note: if no action is taken here, another story enrolls which you can follow here.]

As soon as you can, before he has the chance to shoot you with his tranquilizer gun, take the crowbar from the inventory and use it on the reverend to knock him out (7/84). Search his pants to find the KEY on a keyring and his tranquilizer GUN (6/90).

Walk back to the right, enter jail and use the key to unlock the door. Mary can now leave jail and hides in your room at the inn (5/95).

Day Three:

Leave the room on the right and use the front door of the hotel on the right. Outside you’ll meet Mr. Jones again who will interrogate you in his room. On his question about what you know about Mary’s disappearance tell him the truth (4/99). On his question about who murdered Wilma, accuse the McBees and motivate this (4/103). When Mr. Jones asks you who you think killed the children, answer that nobody did (4/107).

Walk down the stairs and to the right and leave the inn. Walk to the left, under the stone arch and to the north. At the intersection walk to the right, past the cottage of Wilma. The tree next to the path to the forrest has a new message. Lo0k at the message (3/110). Now that you alread have the translation of the symbols you can decrypt the message:


Walk back to the left to the tree and go north. The to the right back into town and enter the inn. Walk up the stairs and use the first door from the left to visit Dr. Jones again. Tell him about the message you’ve read and warn him. Enter eliminate pqj when asked what the message said (5/115). Then Jones will leave to see for himself.

Take the SHOVEL from the corner (3/118) and leave the room on the south. Go down the stairs and use the door on the right to leave the inn. Walk to the right and go to the right behind the house to the graveyard. Use the shovel on the grave of the two McBee children (4/122). After digging quite some time, you jump into the grave. Open the coffin to find.. nothing (2/124). You jump out of the grave again and meet the McBee’s.

When you have the chance you can ask questions about the situation. Ask about the sacrifice and about Zortherus (2/126). Then ask him why it’s you that need to be sacrificed but you won’t get an answer. You manage to break free and run into the forest.

Take the STICK from the ground (3/129). As soon as Zortherus appears, use the tranquilizer gun on him (5/134) and when he’s stunned, use the stick on him to silence him forever (10/144). Mr. Jones will arrive to finalize the case.

Alternative story (no maximum score)

You’ll be stunned by the constable and put in a cell.

Day Three:

You’re in a small room. Use the rope on yourself several times to get yourself free from the rope (3/80).  Use the hole on the wall on the right to overhear the conversation between the constable and another man (3/83). When the conversation is over, you hear someone walking on the floor above you.

Use the rope from the inventory on the hook in the ceiling (2/85)  and as soon as you hear the floorboard squeak, pull the rope to let the man above you crash through the floor (3/88). Pick up the ROPE WITH HOOK (2/90) and talk to the legs coming through the ceiling and demand your release. The constable isn’t very cooperative.

Use the rope and hook on the trousers of the constable to rip his pants and take the KEY from them (4/94). Use the key on the door and walk outside where you’ll meet Mary. She’ll take you to the forest and isn’t who she appeared to be.

Zortherus will explain everything and take you to a site to sacrifice. Just in time Mr. Jones will show up and after Zortherus has fled the scene, you’ll follow him back to the forest. There’s a discussion between you and Zortherus and as soon as he walks towards you, use the rope and hook on him to decapitate him (11/105).

Mr. Jones will return and together you’ll travel to London to finish the paperwork of this case. A lot of questions remain unanswered though.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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