[Note: To play this game your PC needs to support the Japanese character set. If you just see four squares meaning the characters can’t be displayed, you might need to install the Japanes character set. More info about adding language packs to your Windows version can be found on this page.]

Look at the door. Look through the peephole of the door and note the pattern.  Turn to the left twice.   On the table is a little grey box. Look closer at it and find a slider puzzle. To solve the slider, number the squares from 1 to 9, left to right, top to bottom. To solve press:  6 5 8 7 4 1 2 5 4 1 2 3 6 9 8 5 2 3 6 5 8 9 6 5 4 7 8 9 6 5 4 7 8 9.

Take the RED GEM out. Look at the notebook left of the grey box and open it to see another code. Look under the table and on the leg in the back is a FLOPPY DISC. There’s also another cryptic message written on the wall. Leave the table so you can see the entire wall. There are shelfs in both corners but too high. Look at the top of the scroll and push the nail. Leave the scroll and see that the shelf on the left is lowered. You can now take a HANDLE from it.

Turn to the right and open the top drawer from the cabinet. Look inside the drawer to find a panel. Use each button on the panel until you’ve recreated the image you saw through the peephole. But notice that the triangles on the panel here are pointing upwards, instead of to the right as on the door. So you need to rotate the image of the door 90° counterclockwise and enter the pattern: from left to right, top to bottom: triangle, circle, cross, circle, blanc, cross, cross, triangle and circle. Push the centerpiece and there will be a blue circle.


Leave the drawer, turn to the right and hit the light switch left of the door. Turn left and see a message: powered green tea. In the notebook you saw a message and numbers. Each letter represented a number: great down = 78145 9032. So G = 7, R =8, E = 1 etc. Now translate powered green tea back to numbers the same way and you’ll get 60391819 78112 514.

Turn to the right and use the switch to turn on the light again. Turn left and use the floppy disc on the projector on top of the cabinet. Push the grey button in the middle of the projector and turn right again. Use the light switch to make it dark and turn to the right to look at the projected image. It’s a birdseye view of the room. Notice the panel in the upper right of the image and the keyhole under the image.

Leave the image, turn left, hit the light switch and turn right again. Look under the projected image on the floor. Use the handle you took earlier on the black spots on the floor and you can open a trap door. Take the RAKE from the opened space and look at the row of buttons. Enter the code you generated earlier to make the powered green tea in numbers. As soon as you hit the last 4, a row of japanese signs will appear. No worries.

Leave the trapdoor and turn to the left to face the door. Above the door are some signs. These are generated at random so no help with the layout here. Turn right twice to see the green panel on the wall and look closer at it. There are four buttons at the top. Use them until they show the same characters you saw above the door.

Push the round button and take the KEY from the dispenser. Leave the panel and turn to the right. Use the key on the middle drawer and look inside the drawer. There’s a paper with squares on it. Against the front panel of the drawer is a grey play. You can see the slim top of it. Use it to reveal four characters. Note the characters, leave the drawer and turn left. Look at the scroll on the wall and notice the pencil on the right.

On the right is a blue box on the shelf you can’t reach. Use the rake to knock the box from the shelf. Turn to the right and look at the box. There are buttons on the box. They represent the characters on the scroll and the yellow bar is the pencil. Now press only the buttons that you found on the scroll and resembled the ones you found in the drawer. It is possible that a character appeared more than once so you might have to push more than four buttons. Also keep in mind that the blue box is rotated 90° counter clockwise compared to the scroll, hence the yellow bar. Number the buttons from 1 to 6 from left to right on each row. Then push 2 and 6 on the top row and 1, 3 and 6 on the bottom row.

When you’ve marked the right buttons and pushed the yellow bar, the box pops open and you can take a HANDLE out. Leave the box and look at the piece of wood in the corner on the right. Use the handle on the piece of wood and lower the shelf. You can now take the SCREWDRIVER from it.

Leave the wood and look at the blue box again. To the right is a screw in the cabinet holding the bottom drawer. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw, leave the blue box and open the bottom drawer. Look inside the drawer to find a logical sequence puzzle. On the top row you need a singe line with two dots (division sign). On the middle line you need circonflex (/\)with a dot on top.  At the bottom row left you need a ∙o∙ and on the right you need the (open) half note with dot.

The box will open and you can take the KEY out. Leave the drawer and turn to the right. Hit the light switch and turn right again. Look at the projected image and use the key on the keyhole below it. Turn the key and lines will be shown over the existing room. Note the direction, the start and end point and the color of the lines. So the start is right of the projection, then cross the room, to the corner with the green panel and to the the corner left of the projection.

Leave the projection and look at the shelf in the right corner. It’s on the pink line. Turn left twice and look at the shelf on the right again. It’s on the blue line. Look at the shelf on the left and it’s on the white line. Turn right twice and look at the shelf in the left corner. It’s on the brown line. Turn left and hit the light switch. Turn left twice and look closer at the green panel. Make the characters from left to right: pink, blue, white and brown. Push the round button and you can take the WHITE KEY from the tray.

Leave the panel, turn to the right twice and use the white key on the front door. Open the door and take the OBJECT from the peephole on the outside. Turn left, open the top drawer and look inside. Use the object you took from the door on the blue circle in the center of the panel. Leave the drawer, turn right and switch the light off. Turn right again, look closer at the projected image and notice a blue thing on the cabinet. Leave the image, turn left, turn on the light, turn left again and look at the middle drawer.

Use the white cap around the keyhole to find a BLUE GEM inside. Leave the drawer and turn to the right to face the door. Look through the peephole again to read a message: get out wonder area. Translate this text to numbers the same way you did before. You can’t translate the u, leave it. Leave the peephole, turn right and open the trapdoor. Look at the buttons and enter the code you’ve converted: 715 0x5 302918 4814. As soon as you enter the last 4, the numbers will be transtlated to text.

Leave the trapdoor and turn to the left. Look at the peephole again and there’s your third, WHITE GEM. Use the peephole to take it. Leave the peephole and use the door to open it. Walk through the door and click on the red gem in the lower right corner to make the world more colorful.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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