You’re in the middle of the desert.

Walk to the mailbox and open it. Inside is a WATERBILL. You need to find some money to pay it. Let’s find the safe. Open the front door of your house. Open the cabinet on the left of the bed to take the VIDEO out. Use the video on the TV to watch it. Note the date at the bottom right: 5/21/78.

Look at the picture left of the TV. A picture of a piggy bank. Pick up  the picture to see the safe behind it. You need to enter a code. Enter the date from the video: 52178. The safe opens and there’s your pig. Although there’s only $15 in it, you take the PIGGY BANK with you.

Walk to the south to leave your house and some info about a treasure will fall onto your porch. Follow the path to the left to go into town. Open the door of the General Store and talk to the manager. Buy a piece of PAPER from the counter and on the shelves near the door you buy GUNPOWDER and some TWINE.

Open the front door again to leave the store and open the door of the steakhouse. Take a PEANUT from the bucket and talk to the waitress. Ask her a STEAK and when you ask about the cook you can ask to see the kitchen. Talk to the cook and learn about his allergy. Open the door to leave the kitchen and walk to the south of the steakhouse to go back to the street.

Open the door of the museum. Talk to the receptionist to learn more about the Tanones. Pick up a FOLDER from the stand on the right and learn where to get more information. Open the door to leave the museum and in the street walk to the left to get to the map.

Select the ruins on the map and once there talk to the dog in front of the bridge. You’ll hear about the food. Use the steak on the cliff and the dog will follow. Cross the bridge and look at the tablet. So that’s what the leaflet was for.

The tablet reads:

There are three tasks you must complete
The first involve music found in care
The second very ancient myth known by us
The third you will find soon enough and will be most truly helpfull
Complete these tasks three and you shall get what you desire
Inferior green
really daring

Speak the password to the green symbol on the right and enter “inferior”. Click OK (not Enter) and you’re teleported to a cave. Pick up the ARROWHEAD and look at everything. Speak the password “daring” into the yellow symbol on the left to return to the ruins. Walk to the south twice to return to the map and then select your own house.

In front of the house use the arrowhead on the CACTUS to take a piece with you. Walk to the left to enter town again, open the door of the steak house and talk to the waitress to go to the kitchen. Use the cactus on the soup and the chef will sleep for a while.

Take the CAN from the counter and use the door to leave the kitchen. Walk to the south to exit the steak house and walk to the right  back to your own house. In front of it, use the peanut with the can and use the can with the rock in front of the house. This will attract animals and although he doesn’t like it you can pick up the RACCOON.

Walk to the left and through town to go to the map. From there select the abandoned mine. Outside of the mine, near the cactus are two ROCKS. Use the twine with the gunpowder and use the paper on the gunpowder. You now have your own DYNAMITE. Use the explosive stick on the boards of the entrance and then use the little rocks to light the dynamite.

The entrance of the mine is now open for public. Go inside and look at the glowing worms. They’re going to play a song: red, green, blue, three times orange, blue, red, green and yellow.

Leave the cave and walk to the left twice to return to the map. Select the ruins on it, walk north over the bridge and talk to the symbol and give the password “inferior” again. When you’re on the other side you can play the melody of the worms on the bongo’s that are there, by using the ones on the left. Play the song: 1, 4, 5, 2, 2, 2, 5, 1, 4 and 3.

An altar will rise from the floor and use the raccoon on the altar. The portal will open and the raccoon will jump away. Walk into the portal to enter the inside of the ruins. Use the arrowhead on the LIGHT to take the tube and enter the tunnel on the left. Next to the door is a STICK for you to take.

Leave the tunnel again the way you came and go through the door on the right. Inside is a big boulder. Use the stick on the big boulder and it will start to spin. Leave the cave again, enter the one on the left and see how the spider is crushed by the big boulder. On the left of the spider you can now reach for the RAINSTICK.

You’ll end up in town and there you’ll see the truth behind the waterbill. Use the tin can on the cactus and the cook will shoot it. Take the can back and you’ll have the BULLET. Use the bullet with the gunpowder and then place the gunpowder on the cactus. Use the two little rocks to light the gunpowder. There’s your treasure.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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