You need some tools to get the machine working.

Use the rope next to the window to order some food. You’re not getting any.

Use the fridge door to open it and take the TOAST and the bottle of WATER out. Look at the toast. It’s wrapped in PAPER with something written on it. Use the paper to read the riddle. In the first row to the ninth, back to the seventh then to the fourth. Use the paper on the books in the shelf to take the right book. In it is another riddle.

Pour the source of life over the lifeless ground. On top of the safe is a flowerpot. Use the bottle with water on the flowerpot and out comes a paper with the CODE to the safe. Use the code on the safe to get the DIAMOND. Use the diamond on the time machine.

Pull the rope next to the window again and this time a basket is dropped. Look at the basket and then take the basket to take the APPLE and the SANDWICH out. Look at the basket again to find your WRENCH. Use the wrench on the engine next to the machine in order to start using it. Use the machine to go back in time.

You’re only 80 years back. But now you need oil and a lengthy wire. Look at the trunk. It’s locked. Use the door to open it and the go upstairs. Talk to the kid to learn about the combination of the trunk. Talk some more to hear about the yo-yo and the folding screen  in his room.

Go up the stairs on the left and open the door on the right. Go inside the room and look around. Look behind the screen and find the YO-YO. Take one of the PLAYING CARDS from the desk. Use the loose floorboard to open a hole to the kitchen. There you can see some cheese. Leave the room and open the door on the left by using the playing card. Enter the room.

Take a close look at the pictures on the wall. The top row has three hidden numbers: 2 dogs, 1 horse, 3 cats. Leave the room again and give the yo-yo to the kid. In return you get a SHORT STICK.Go back upstairs again and enter the room on the right. You put the playing card back to the pile. Use the gap in the floor to see the cheese. Use the short stick on the CHEESE to get it off the cupboard. Leave the room and go downstairs again. Walk to the right into the kitchen. Take the PITCHER from the cupboard.

Leave the kitchen and go back to the basement. Open the trunk with the code you found earlier: 312. You’ll take the WIRE and BLUE CHALK out of the trunk. Give the sandwich, the toast and the cheese to the rat and look at the rathole get the DRILL. Use the stick with the drill and use it on the oil drum. You now have a pitcher full of OIL.

Use the pithcer with oil and the wire on the engine of the machine. Then you can use the machine again to go to another time.

The alarm is making a terrible noise. Setting the coloured levers on the left in the right position does change the sound: the red one on the middle (use once) and the yellow one down (use twice). To completely silence the machine use the red one again and use the blue one twice. All handles are now in the lower position and the alarm is off.

Now you must get water and a way to keep the diamond in place. Take the BALL from the shelf. Use the lid from the watertank but it’s stuck. Use the blue switch near the door. Notice how the direction of air changed. Use the apple on the hole behind the switch and push the button again. The water tank is open now. Use the bottle on the tank to fill it with WATER.

Use the paper from the sandwich on the time machine to protect it from dust. Use the blue chalk on the machine to rub it over the paper and make a SKETCH of the outline of the hole. Look at the brown machine in the back. It’s a replicator. Use the ball on the replicator and then use the sketch on the replicator. Use the replicator to create a new BASE for the diamond.

Use the new base on the time machine and then use the diamond on the machine. Use the bottle of water on the engine of the machine and it’s ready to use again. Use the machine to finally see what happened to those dinosaurs.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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