After taking the crystal, you’re locked in.

Examine everything in the room. Look at the runes on the floor. Talk to Vani and ask for help. Ask her to step onto one of the runes on the floor and  when she’s standing on the one, use the other rune to remove the magical barrier. Edme will take her chance and leave, but as soon as you step from the rune, the barrier returns. Now the two of you are still trapped.

Next to the sword is a little DAGGER (Steel Dagger). Pick it up and have a closer look at it. Look at the dagger in your inventory to learn the capabilities of the weapon. In the lower left corner is a sack on the floor. Look at it to see the knot in the rope that ties the sack. Use the dagger on the sack to find sand and another DAGGER (Tongue of Flame)  inside.

Examine the dagger and learn about the flames. Use the dagger on the Ice Crystal on the floor to melt it and find yet another DAGGER (Urguat Hunter’s Knife) inside. Read the details in your inventory and learn about the thick hides it can cut!. Use this dagger on the hide and find another DAGGER (Rogue’s Dagger) underneath.

Read all about the dagger and use the dagger to see everything more clearly. The instrument on the left seems interesting now. Use the instrument to find a … DAGGER (The Arbioth Cleaver). Again, read all about the dagger in your inventory. If it can cut through armor, it can also open a chest. Use the dagger on the chest and find a DAGGER (Chaotic Shard)  inside.

Learn more about the dagger in your inventory and then use the knife on yourself. But you can’t cut yourself so you ask Vani to do it for you. She’ll cut you and now you see things differently. Take the large DAGGER (Dagger of Dispelling)  from the stand that you were unable to lift before… or so you thought.

Read about the dagger and learn that it can break magic spells. So also the barrier! Use the dagger on the barrier and it’ll vanish. You’re free to go!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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