You need to silence the baby before the neighbours find out you have one.

Use the puke in front of the cot and find some CRACK in it. Give the crack rock to your inheritance and it’ll be quiet. Now that you’re out of rock, you need to find some new one. Use the door on the right and on the ‘map’ visit the neighbours.

Talk to Hecanteat and learn about his rock. But to get to it you need to distract him first. Try the ‘There’s something on fire’ trick but he won’t fall for it. Use the door and go back to your own place. Talk to Blowey and ask him if he can set something on fire. He’ll make a light for you.

Use the door and visit the neighbour again. Tell him again there’s something on fire and this time he’ll leave. Pick up the pet ROCK and put it in the grinder. You now have ground rock. But it’s not the one you’re looking for so you have to get back to work. Leave the apartment and select your workplace on the map.

Talk to the Madam next to the phone booth and ask her for crack. She has some cocaine. Ask more about it to learn that it’s poison. Ask for some of it and she’ll give you some of the POISON.  In your inventory use the rock to cut the cocaine and you’ll use it. Another trip coming up…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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