This game has a simple copy protection scheme. Answer the questions correctly and you’re in. You can find the answers in the table below. If you’re playing with version 1.2, 555-0724 will always work.

Hair color & length Dress color Necklace Number
Blonde shoulder white None 555-2737
Blonde shoulder grey big blue triangle 555-5968
Blonde shoulder grey blue rect. & blue dot 555-8487
Blonde shoulder grey yellow cup 555-3425
Blonde shoulder black blue rectangle 555-5464
Brown shoulder white yellow cup 555-2867
Brown shoulder grey no earrings 555-5834
Brown shoulder grey big earrings 555-6262
Brown shoulder black None 555-3425
Black shoulder white simple gold 555-8627
Black shoulder white gold triangle 555-7448
Black shoulder grey yellow + blue dot 555-3825
Black shoulder black simple yellow 555-3787
Black long white yellow triangle 555-3642
Black long black none 555-5633
Black long black crucifix 555-2868

Standing outside Eve’s house, walk into the garage and ‘hide’ behind the wall on the right. LOOK to find a dollar bill in her old pants. TAKE DOLLAR (3/3) and leave the garage. Walk to the right, past Unreversal Studios and north to the right of the barber shop. Walk north again, left of the bar and to the left behind the closed Brown Derby.  Walk towards the wooden fence to the hole in it. LOOK HOLE to see a scene of Police Quest (1/4).

Walk to the right and enter the Quikie Mart. Walk to the lady behind the counter and BUY TICKET. You insert it into the machine and you’ll be asked for six random numbers. Just enter any, it doesn’t matter (3/7).

Leave the store and walk left past the alley, left past the Hollywood sign and go up the stairs at the studios. Enter the studios and TALK GIRL behind the desk. She’ll ask you what she can do for you so SHOW TICKET. She’ll tell you the six winning numbers so when she asks yours, all you have to do is to repeat the numbers she just told you (10/17).

You’ll be let into the green room and you’ll just have to SIT (1/18) and wait on the bench in the back. Once you’re called, GET UP and walk through the door on the left. Oops. Wrong show.

As soon as it’s your turn to answer the question, it doesn’t matter what you say. She thinks you’re a dork anyway.  Same goes for the second round. You’d be surprised if you’d win right? After you’ve won (20/38), you’ll return to the green room and get your cruise ticket (6/44).

SIT down again and once you’re called for the right show, GET UP and walk through the door on the right. You’ll win the big one (12/56) and after they’ve handed you the big cheque (7/63), you’re back in the reception.

Walk south to leave the studio and walk to the right to the Hollywood sign. From here go south and enter the Multo Lire shop. Walk to the back of the shop and TAKE SWIMSUIT (5/68). Walk back to the counter and PAY SWIMSUIT (3/71). Leave the shop south and walk south to the flats. Once you see someone move, LOOK JOGGER (1/72).

Walk to the right until you can’t go further (at the saloon) and walk north to the right of the saloon to find the drugstore. Go inside and walk to the shelves on the left. At the top blue bottle, TAKE SUNSCREEN, go over to the counter and PAY SUNSCREEN (9/81) .

Leave the store and walk north to the right of the store. Enter the Quikie Mart again. LOOK SODA to see there’s only one cup left. GET SODA (5/86) and put it in your suit, then go over to the counter and PAY SODA (3/89). Leave the shop.

Walk south to the drugstore, south to the saloon and south to the barber shop. Go inside and in the chair in the middle SIT for a quick remodeling (3/92). Leave the barber and walk to the left twice to return to Eve’s house. LOOK BIN, and LOOK BIN again to find your passport. GET PASSPORT (5/97) and walk north twice to the music shop. It’s open for business.

Enter the shop and TALK GIRL. During the conversation you’ll get an interesting musical instrument (7/104) that you need to deliver to Dr. Nonookee. Then an interesting plot unfolds. Once you regain control again, walk south to the barber, then to the right to the ship. SHOW PASSPORT to the purser and you can climb aboard (9/113).

Walk the gangplank onto the ship and once you see the ship, walk to the right into your cabin. There’s a door on your right. OPEN DOOR and walk through to find Mama. After her conversation, walk back into your own room and quickly CLOSE DOOR. At the back there’s a fruit bowl.  TAKE FRUIT from the bowl (3/116) and walk behind the wardrobe. WEAR SWIMSUIT.

Go back to the door on the right and OPEN DOOR again. Mama should be gone now.   Walk to the night stand and OPEN DRAWER. Then LOOK DRAWER to find the sewing kit. TAKE SEWING KIT (6/122) and CLOSE DRAWER again. Walk back into your own room and CLOSE DOOR.  Walk south to leave the room and go up the stairs.

Walk all the way to the left and go up the stairs again. Then walk all the way to the aft of the ship to the pool. Before doing anything, WEAR SUNSCREEN (3/125). Now go over to the sun lounger and LIE DOWN (3/128).  After catching some rays, GET UP and walk into the pool. Don’t forget to SWIM straight away. On the left side of the pool, DIVE and swim to the bottom of the pool. GET BIKINI (7/135) and quickly return to the surface. (Trick is not to use the cursor keys… press once and let Larry do the work.)

Back in the pool, swim over to the steps on the left and GET OUT. Since you’ve been in the pool, WEAR SUNSCREEN again (3/138) and walk around the pool (don’t fall in).  Go back to the sun lounger and LIE DOWN again. Wait for a beautiful blonde to show up and whatever she wants, don’t follow her. Wait some time and then GET UP.

Walk south back to the hallway and return to your own cabin at the lower deck at the aft of the ship.  Step behind the wardrobe and WEAR SUIT again. Now Walk south to leave the room, Go up two flights of stairs and walk a bit to the right, then straight up the stairs again, all the way to the bar at the top.

LOOK BAR to see what’s on and TAKE DIP (2/140) from the end of the bar.  Leave the bar south, go down the stairs to the mid section and then all the way to the left into the barber shop. Familiar, not? SIT in the chair and you’ll get yourself a wig (3/143).

Leave the barber south and go straight up the stairs. On the left there’s the bridge where the captain takes care of the navigation. Sneak behind him and PULL LEVER (8/151), making sure he doesn’t notice you. Then leave the bridge again and walk down the stairs. Walk halfway to the right and up the stairs, again to halfway where they are leading up to the bar. Do go that far up but halfway you can go to the left. You’re at the lifeboats now.

JUMP into the lifeboat (2/153) and they’ll be lowered (5/158). As soon as the lifeboat hits the water and floats away, WEAR WIG (5/163) as protection and THROW DIP (2/165) as not to get sick along the way. Then sit out the ride. Good thing you wear the sunscreen (5/170), you wear the wig (5/175), you have the huge soda (5/180) and have sewing kit (10/190).

After ten nights at sea, you end up on an island. Walk south into the jungle. You’ll automatically walk around and you’ll do this several times so if you don’t succeed the first time, try the next. You’ll start from the left, then walk back to the left. Then you’ll come in from the right, walk to the middle and look around. This is your moment to TAKE FLOWER (3/193). Once you’ve got the flower you may want to shorten the jungle animation with WALK AROUND. From then you’ve got several exits:

In the restaurant, TALK MAN and he’ll ask you to take a seat so walk over to the chair and SIT (1/194). Once everyone is seated and you’ve been taken to your table (1/195) walk over to the buffet on the left and TAKE KNIFE (3/198) then leave the restaurant south.

Back in the jungle your next location will be the hotel room. Walk over to the bed and LOOK NIGHTSTAND to find the book of matches. TAKE MATCHES (2/200) and walk into the bathroom on the right. TAKE SOAP (2/202) from the basin and leave the bathroom and hotel room back into the jungle.

At the barbershop, SIT in the chair to get a new hairdo (3/205). Walk south back into the jungle to end up back on the beach. Walk left on the beach to the nude beach and TAKE BIKINI from the rocks (4/209). Walk right back to the beach and south into the jungle and re-enter the jungle again to end up in the hotel room.

Walk in the back behind the wall and WEAR BIKINI (5/214). Since you’re flat-chested, PUT SOAP IN BIKINI (12/226) and leave the room south. Back in the jungle you should reach the barber shop again. Once more SIT in the chair to have a haircut once more (3/229).

Leave the barber shop and on the beach walk to the right. There’s a KGB agent watching but you can walk to the right without being recognized (12/241). Further to the right follow the cliff edge. At the end (straight after you pause for a moment, but before you reach the airport) WEAR SUIT  (6/247) again.

Walk towards the door (carefully) and GIVE FLOWER to the KGBishna (7/254). Then enter the airport through the doors. Walk left and north into the barber shop. LOOK GIRL (3/257) to see a familiar face and then SIT in the chair for another haircut (3/260). She also gives you a bottle of flammable liquid.

Walk south to leave the barber and walk to the right twice to the check in desk. SHOW PASSPORT to the agent (5/265) and as soon as you’re cleared, walk further to the right. Walk to the conveyor belt and TAKE SUITCASE from it. Keep repeating this until you find the suitcase with the bomb (5/270).

Once disposed of it safely (15/285), the ticket desk is cleared so walk over to it and BUY TICKET (5/290). Now walk to the right and at the check in desk SHOW PASSPORT again. Now you walk through the gate to the right. You don’t need any bags anymore (not that there are any) and walk further to the right.

At the food counter LOOK MENU and ORDER FOOD to receive a Blue Pate. SEARCH FOOD to see there’s a pin in the gravy so TAKE PIN (7/297). Walk over to the red machine on the right and LOOK MACHINE. It’s travel insurance. BUY INSURANCE and a parachute will drop out (3/300).

Use the conveyor belt on the right to go to your plane. Now hoping you’re in time to catch the flight. At the end of the belt, walk over to the desk and TAKE PAMPHLET (11/311) from the left corner of the counter. Then SHOW TICKET (3/314) to the man and you’re good to go.  Walk to the stewardess and she’ll get you to your seat.

Once in the air, to keep Ken quiet, GIVE PAMPHLET (8/322) and he’ll shut up. TAKE BAG from your seat to get the airsick bag (5/327). GET UP from your seat and walk to the rear of the plane, past the smoke. Opposite the door with the red light, just behind the wing, when you’re just out of sight, USE PIN (5/332) to unlock the door. Then PULL HANDLE. Before you do anything else, WEAR PARACHUTE (4/336) and OPEN DOOR (7/342).

You’re being sucked out and when you drop OPEN PARACHUTE and you’ll land in a tree. CUT ROPE and you’ll drop to the floor (8/350). Next to where you land, is a stick on the floor. TAKE STICK (4/354). To leave this place, walk south to the rocks and then to the left to the tree. There you can CRAWL (6/360) under the bush and walk further south.

Walk carefully south to the arced tree. In it is a snake and as soon as you are close enough and the snake starts moving, USE STICK (10/370) and walk further to the right. You’re now standing in front of a large pool of quicksand. You need to cross it carefully by following the light yellow path (click your mouse in short distances is the easiest). Once across (5/375) you’re in the jungle again.

Walk to the right to where the rock and the water meet. Don’t get into the water but JUMP to the first vine. As soon as you swing forward, JUMP again and repeat it to the last vine with another JUMP. Now you’re across the river (6/381). As soon as you land on terra firma, TAKE VINE (4/385) and walk further to the right.

Meet Kalalau and she’ll tell you all about the island and the curse and Dr. Nonookee (10/395). Once she’s take you to her father and he has told you your mission (25/420), you’re standing in front of a chasm. Don’t cross yet. Walk south back to the village and to the right to the extinguished campfire. TAKE ASH (6/426) and walk south to the beach. TAKE SAND (3/429) and return to the chasm by walking to the left twice, then north. Walk all the way to the edge (careful!) and USE VINE on the end of the overhanging branch to get across (11/440).

Walk north until you reach the tunnel of ice. THROW ASH (10/450) to reveal the nature of the ice tunnel and get across. At the top of the mountain, in the crater you’ll see a lift. Before you use it, walk to the black spot next to the stream and PUT BAG IN BOTTLE (5/455). Then LIGHT BAG (5/460) and DROP BOTTLE into the hole (10/470).

The elevator door opens so you can step into the elevator (30/500).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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