A man has been shot. And you must find out who did it. Talk to Walt, the driver. Seems like we can eliminate him. Leaves us three suspects.

Talk to the lady in green. It’s Gretta. Ask her if she knows the victim. Ask her where she was during the murder and if she can prove it. Look at her baggage. Talk to the man in black on the other side, Gordon. He’s acting suspicious. And is not very friendly. But he also was in his seat… so he claims. Take look at his suitcase. That’s also a problem. Talk to the lady in blue behind Gretta. She’s claustrophobic. You shouldn’t stand too close. Ask her where she was and if she knew the dead man. Try to take her bags. You’re not getting any further here.

Walk to the toilet and look on the floor. There’s something there. Pick it up and see the COCKROACH. Gretta makes a remark about the creatures. Use the cockroach and put it on Gretta’s head. She’ll leave her seat at once. Now you can take her luggage and search it. You’ll take the one earring out. How about the other passengers?

Remember that Chelsea was claustrophobic? Let’s use that fact and take the seat right next to her. Wait and ignore the remarks of Chelsea. Eventually she’ll get up and take a seat elsewhere. Snoop through Chelsea’s bag. You find DENTAL FLOSS.


Take the floss from your inventory and use it on the earring in your inventory. You have some sort of fishing line. We can use this on the bag of Gordon. Stand right beside him and use the line to get the bag from Gordon. You’ll knock him out as well. His luggage holds valuable information…..                                               

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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