Talk to Peekers, the crab on the lookout. He has aching hands and wants a cure for it. In return you can borrow his whistle. Look at your ship and the gapping hole in it. Climb in the ship. Get the LOOT out. Also take the ANIME DOLL. Use the rope to get out again. Walk to the right. Keep walking, past the welcome sign until you see another crab. That must be Floyd.Talk to Floyd. You’ll learn about the missing saxophone and the missing trumpet. Your task to get them back.

The saxophone:

Walk to the left and at the welcome sign go north. At the fruit tree take a few FRUITS. Then go left to see a cave. In front of the cave is a stick. Pick up the STICK and go back to Floyd: right, south, right. Enter the hut of Floyd and see the fire burning. Use the stick on the fire to carry a lit stick. Go back to the cave again: leave the hut, go left, north and left again and enter the cave.

Use the stick on both old torches and when they burn, a path to the saxophone is revealed. Walk the stones and take the SAXOPHONE. You’ll automatically return to Floyd. Give the saxophone to Floyd.

The trumpet:

Walk all the way to the right and meet Clamps. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the trumpet. You get to know about Jorge, milk and transportation. Walk back to the left and enter Joe’s Shack. Talk to Joe about the business. Ask him for the milk. You can get it in return for a cookie. Oh well…

Leave the store and go south. Then go to the left. Enter the cookie factory and use the button to go downstairs. Walk all the way to the left until you see a tentacle. Get as close as possible and then give your anime doll to the tentacle. You’ll get a COOKIE in return. Walk all the way to the right again and use the button in the elevator to go back up again.

Outside, walk to the north and then to the right. Enter Joe’s Shack again. Give the cookie to Joe and you’ll get the milk in return. Give the loot to Joe and you’ll get the creame. Leave the shop.

Walk all the way to the left until you’re with Peekers. Give him the creame and you’ll get the WHISTLE in return. Now we must find a way to let Jorge hear us. Walk to the right to the welcome sign. Then walk south. There’s a huge shell. Use the whistle on the shell. Make sure you have your fruit… eh earpieces.

Jorge will surface and now you need a way to get to him. Go north to the welcome sign and then all the way to the right to Clamps. He has a dolphin ready. Touch the dolphin to be transported and be eaten by Jorge. You’ll land on an old ship. Take the TRUMPET. Now to get out, use the milk on the stomach of Jorge. He’ll spit you out.

Walk to the left to Floyd. Give Floyd the trumpet. Time to party!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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