Althos (F1-middle):

In front of tha castle walk to the right. Take the EXTINGUISHER from the wall (2/4) and talk to the guardsman. He won’t give you any weapons. Walk to the left and enter the gate. Walk to the left behind the phone booth until you reach the gardener lying in the water. Use the man to find the VODKA (2/6).

Walk to the south twice to leave the castle and walk to the left in front of it. Go to the right over the field and talk to the fisherman. He’ll tell about his sorrow and the need for wodka. Give him the bottle and you get his POLE (2/8).

Walk back to the left and go south over the field. There’s a well that’s also supposed to be a bank. Talk to the well and after stating your name and address, tell the bank to withdraw some MONEY (2/10). Talk to the bank again and this time deposit some money (2/12). Talk to the bank once more and apply for a CREDIT CARD (2/14). Walk to the north on the right side and walk the path to the right in front of the castle. Go through the gate.


Use the pipe on the phone box to send it to Roberto (right). Do the same with the credit card and the fishing pole. Send the extinguisher to Frank (left).

Roberto (F1-right):

Walk to the south and talk to the vizier, Billy. Talk again and you’ll get a TOKEN (3/17) to use to buy armor. Walk to the right and look at the two large columns. Read the stone in the middle to see the riddle (3/20).

Follow the path to the north and climb the stone ladder to the Guru’s peak. Talk to the guru and ask for the answer to the riddle. He will give it to you after you’ve destroyed the stall (3/23). Climb down the ladder and walk to the south. Go to the south left side and talk to Billy again. You’ll get a NOTE to give to Althos (3/26)  and Billy will take care of the stall.

Leave the animal and walk to the left. Go north and left again to reach the town square. At the center is a tuft of GRASS. Pick it up (2/28) and talk to the man on the right. He will give you half the portrait if you give him something to smoke. Use the grass with the pipe (2/30) and give the pipe to the man (3/33).

On the left side is an ATM machine in the wall. Use the credit card on the machine  to lose the card. But at least you have a load of MONEY (3/36). Use the door left of the ATM to enter K-Mart and talk to the shop keeper. Buy the BABY CHOW on the wall (2/38), you don’t have the exact change for the butter. Leave the shop, walk to the south and follow the path to the right. Use the baby chow as bait on the fishing pole (2/40) and use the pole on the lake to fish. You’ll catch a BABY (3/43).

Walk further to the left to find the phone box. Use the portrait on the box and send it to Athos (middle), along with the billy token. Use the message and the match on the box and give them to Frank (left). Walk further to the left and find a goblin. Talk to the goblin and find out what he’s missing. Give the baby and in return you get the KEY to the cave (3/46).

Frank (F1-left):

Walk to the right into the palace. On the throne is King Mort. Talk to him. You’ll get the pentagram if you finish three tasks. You must get rid of the zombies, destroy the mage and get something to eat. Leave the palace on the south and walk to the north. Ypeope is standing there. Talk to him. He’ll tell you about the boat and the magic map.

Walk to the left and go south. Take the CAN OF PETROL from the beach (5/51). A bit to the left, nearer to the rock someone lost a RING. Pick it up (2/53). Walk back to the north and use the shop on the left. On the wall you can see the magic map and the other part of the portrait. Take the magic and hear the price you have to pay. Give the ring to the shop keeper and you get the MAGIC MAP (2/55).

Leave the shop and walk to the north to Ypeope. Give the map to him and tell him to go to Crackton. Take the ROPE from the rocks (5/60) and walk north towards the skyline. Talk to the man in front of the building but he wants to be left alone. Give him the Billy message (4/64) and he’ll take care of the mage.

Walk into the bulding and look at the dead body. Use the body to find a brain medicine PERSCRIPTION (2/66). Walk into the toilet and find a SYRINGE (2/68). Walk to the south to leave the building.

Walk at the left around the building to meet George. Talk to him and he’ll challenge you in a game of chess. You’ll lose. Walk to the south twice and talk to Ypeope. Tell him to go to the Island of Spirituality.

Use the rope on the rock on the left to cross the water (2/70). Walk to the left twice to end up face to face with an army of zombies. Use the gas can with the extinguisher (2/72) and use the match to light the flamethrower (2/74). Use the flamethrower on the army to kill them (4/78).

Take the HEAD of the zombie (2/80) and walk to the south twice to talk to Ypeope. Tell him to go to the Island of Palace. Walk to the left and enter the shop on the left again. Take the portrait from the wall. You can have it for something from the dead. Give the head to the shop keeper and you can have the PORTRAIT (2/82).

Leave the shop, go north and tell Ypeope to go to Island of Spirituality. Walk to the left and use the portrait on the phone box. Give it to Althos (middle). Use the perscription and the money on the box and give it to Roberto (right).

Althos (F1-middle):

Walk to the right twice and give the Billy token to the guardsman. In return you’ll get a REVOLVER (3/85). Walk back to the left, go north through the gate and use the revolver on the phone box to send it to Roberto (right).

Walk to the right and in front of the castle to the left. Cross the field to the south and at the bank go south again. Walk into the cave. Walk to the right and walk onto the blue altar (3/88). Learn about the Bandit King.

Leave the room and go to the right. Meet the Bandit King and when he’s done talking use the parts of the portrait on eachother to unify them (2/90). Give the portrait to the Bandit and receive the FIRST PENTAGRAM (5/95).

Roberto (F1-right):

Walk to the right and follow the path behind the phone box to the north. Enter the K-Mart on the left and take the BUTTER (2/97). Give the perscription to the shop keeper and you’ll receive the MEDICINE in return (2/99). Leave the K-Mart, enter H&M on the right. Use the gun on the shop keeper to rob him from his last SHIRT (3/102). Leave the shop.

Walk to the south/left and use the butter on the phone box. Send it to Frank (left). Also give him the medicine. Walk to the right two times and you’re with Billy. Walk to the south, then north to reach the ladder. Use the ladder to speak to the Guru. You’ll hear the answer to the riddle: LOVE (3/105). Walk to the south twice and use the love symbol from your inventory on the gateway.

It looks like nothing happened but when you walk through the gateway you’re teleported (4/109). Meet Mark. Talk to him. Give him the shirt and you can pass (4/113). Walk further to the left. Use the key on the door (4/117) and wait for Frank and Althos.

Frank (F1-left):

Walk to the south and talk to Ypeope. Tell him to go to Crackton. Walk to the north and in front of the bar use the medicine with the syringe (2/119). Use the syringe on yourself (3/122) and walk to the north, left of the building. This time you win the game of chess (4/126). You defeated the wizard.

Walk to the right and south and talk to Ypeope. Tell him to return to Palace Island. Walk to the left and enter the palace on the right. Give the butter to the king (4/130). Talk to the king again and ask for the pentagram.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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