You should stop the Ice Dragon!

After talking to your father several times about advice, take the CUP AND CANDLE from the table. Look at them in the inventory and they’ll separate. Take the TINDERBOX from the fireplace and use the door to leave the house.

Talk to the vulture in the tree and learn more about the situation in the land. Walk to the north and look at the frozen people. The lady near the well has a basket with COMBS in them. She won’t mind you taking one.  Under the well you can find the BUCKET. Take it. Against the tree is a warrior. Take his SHIELD.

Walk to the right and look at the pool. Something hot was thrown in. Walk to the south to find another dead fighter. In the stump is still an ARROW. Take it out and walk to the right. Then walk to the north. You can see an apple on a stick. When you want to climb the stick and take the apple you’ll die. Use the arrow with the bow and shoot the apple. Pickup the APPLE and take the KNIFE as well. Use the snowball on the suspicious tree to set the trap again, this time with a less deadly ammo. As soon as the gnome is on the ground, pick him up and talk to him. Eventually take his HORN.


Walk to the right and notice a hole in the wall. Use the tinderbox with the candle and use the lit candle with the hole. Meet the mole and talk to him several times to learn his problem. Give him the comb and his problem is solved. Talk to the mole to see if he’s happy. Leave the creature, walk to the right and follow the path to the south.

Look at the wreck. Use the hole in the ship to find a flask with LIQUOR. Walk to the left and find a sasquatch. Talk to the sasquatch and learn about his pain. Use the liquor on the creature and you can take the KNIFE out. Look at the ground under the fallen tree. It’s not really frozen. Use the ground to find a WORM. Walk to the left twice and you’re back at the knight.

Remember how your father mentioned that fire attracts the dragon? Use the tinderbox in front of the knight and the dragon will come. But it will sting on the speer of the knight and leave some blood. Use the blue cup to get the BLOOD from the speer.

Walk to the north and find the sasquatch in a bubble bath. Talk to him and learn about his fur being protective. Give the creature an apple and you’ll get a HAIRBALL in return.Use the bucket with the pool to fill it with WATER. Walk to the left and use the bucket with water on the vulture. It will take off.

Walk to the right twice and find the frozen vulture here. Use the bird to get a FEATHER. Walk to the right to return to the mole. Light the candle and use it on the cave and talk to the mole again. Give the hairball to him to make something of it. Leave the mole now, light the candle again and return to the mole. He made you some nice underpants. Take the LONGJOHNS.

Leave the mole and use one of the knives on the ice wall next to the cave. You’ll climb up. Follow the path to the hermit and talk to him. Keep talking and listen to all his advice. Then walk back to the lookout sign (don’t go too far) and in your inventory use the candle on the shield. Use the shield on yourself to slide down the hill to the island. Pick up the BOOK and look at it in your inventory. It holds the recipe to create black fire. Use the worm, the feather and the blue cup with blood on the cauldron. Talk to the enchanress until she gives you a MAGIC WAND. Use the boat to return to main land.

Walk to the north, follow the path to the left and go left again. At the dead vulture go north twice to face the mighty dragon. After the conversation, use the magic wand to take his wings. Now that he can’t fly anymore, use the horn to break the ice.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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