When back in the house, Manannan gives you a task that you need to complete:

  • Clean the kitchen:Walk to the right and enter the kitchen in back of the room. Take the broom from the left side of the fireplace to clean it
  • Empty the bedpan:Go up the stairs and into the room in the back on the left. Under the bed is a bedpan. Pick it up to empty it.
  • Dust the office:Walk to the room in the back to enter the office. On the cabinet on the the left is your duster. Pick it up to clean the office.
  • Feed the chickens:Walk south to go outside. Behind the fence, left of the shed is a large bag. Use it to get some chicken feed and you’ll feed the chicken with it.

After having done this task, walk from the main hall to the right into the dining room. Take the CUP from the shelf in the back (1/1). Walk north into the kitchen and take the piece of MUTTON from the table (1/2) together with the loaf of BREAD (1/3) and the FRUIT (1/4). On the wall left of the fireplace is a KNIFE (1/5) on a rack and a SPOON (1/6). Finally take the blue BOWL from the shelf on the left (1/7). Once you see the cat, grab it by the neck and take a tuft of CAT HAIR from it (1/8)

Manannan will check on you so make sure you don’t have items in your possession that you shouldn’t have. Other than that you can roam around the house and look at various things. Do the tasks mentioned above until  Manannan tells you he will go on a journey. At this point you have time to act freely.

But before he returns, he usually is gone for about 25 minutes (which you can check  in the settings screen of the menu), you should be back at the house, preferably in your own bedroom to hide the items you’re not supposed to carry.


Go to the top floor when Manannan leaves. Reaching the watchtower you can see a dead fly. Pick up the fly and you’ll take the WINGS (1/9) and go down the stairs again. Walk into Manannan’s bedroom and use the drawer under the mirror on the left. Take the HAND MIRROR out (1/10) and close the drawer again. Open the drawer under the pewter and take the ROSE ESSENCE out (1/11).

Close the drawer again and open the wardrobe. Feel behind the hats to discover and ancient scroll which appears to be a MAP (7/18). Look on top of the wardrobe in the boxes to find a BRASS KEY (3/21). Go all the way down and south to go outside and walk to the right to find the chicken pen. Use the food against the coop to feed the chicken and then use the gate to enter the pen. Pick up a chicken to take one FEATHER from it (1/22).

Use the gate again to leave the pen and walk to the left and use the door to go back inside. Walk north into the office. On the left there’s a cabinet (with the duster on top) and use the brass key from your inventory to unlock it.

Looking inside you can take the WAND (4/26) then close the cabinet again. Have a look through the books. At the bottom shelf, in the corner you’ll find a large book with something metal behind it. Use it to reveal a lever and open  a trapdoor (5/31). Go downstairs into the spell chamber (mind the cat!).

Look at the cabinet in the back.  The red bottle at the bottom shelf is TOADSTOOL POWDER. Take it (1/32). The blue jar one shelf above is TOAD SPITTLE (1/33). The large jar above that is MANDRAKE ROOT POWDER (1/34).  Next to it you can find the SAFFRON (1/35). Above that is a jar with purple fluid called NIGHTSHADE JUICE (1/36). And on the top shelf you find the green jar with POWDERED FISH BONE (1/37).

Look and use the book on the table to see what’s in it. This might be useful! Have a look at all the spells. Since you have everything for the Flying like an eagle spell, cast that one (10/47) and go up the stairs again (mind the cat!) and use the book in the corner to close the trapdoor again. Walk south twice to go outside and go south down the path and be careful not to fall off. Once you’ve reached the bottom, an eagle has flown by.

Take the FEATHER (2/49) the eagle dropped and walk to the right. Don’t cross the stream but walk south into the small village. Time for some magic. In your inventory take the wings of the fly and put them in the magic rose essence. You’ll turn into a fly and enter the tavern to overhear a conversation about a secret hideout in a tree (3/52). Then you’ll fly outside again.

Walk south and use the small sprig of MISTLETOE to take a small branch from it (1/53). Walk left to the small cottage where, when timed right, three bears are just about to take a stroll. If not, walk back to the right and return here until they do. Once they’re gone, enter the house and take the bowl of PORRIDGE in the middle (2/55).

Go up the stairs on the left and on the top floor use the cabinet in the back to find a THIMBLE (1/56). Go down again and leave the house. Once outside, use the thimble with the flower patch to collect a drop of DEW (1/57).

Walk left to the edge of the desert and hold here for a second. From your inventory take the hand mirror and walk further left. When you enter the next screen, return to the right but do not leave the screen.  Medusa will show but because you’re facing away from her, she needs to travel a bit. This gives you enough time to switch to the mirror and use the mirror on Medusa (5/62).

Now that the desert is a slightly safer place to travel, go north and find a huge cactus. Use the knife from your inventory on the branch of the plant to take a piece of CACTUS with you (1/63).  Walk north twice and pick up the dried SNAKE SKIN from the sand (1/64).

Walk south twice back to the cactus and to the right to an acorn tree. Use the acorns on the ground until you’ve found three DRIED ACORNS that you can use (1/65). Whilst here at the tree, in your inventory, dip the fly wings into the rose petal essence to turn into a fly again and fly into the trunk of the tree  (5/70).  So this might be the hideout.

Standing next to the tree use the hole at the bottom to reach in and pull the rope to drop a ladder (3/73). Use the ladder to climb into the tree hut and find one of the bandits asleep (2/75).  If you find the bandit awake, keep trying until he isn’t. Take the COIN PURSE from the table (4/79) and leave the hideout. Back on the ground, walk to the right twice. But be careful, the might be robbers in the woods.

Back at the village, enter the store. There’s a dog lying on the floor. Pet the dog and you’ll end up with a tuft of DOG HAIR (1/80). On she shelf on the right are blue jars of LARD. Buy some (1/81) and also buy some SALT from the middle of the shelf (1/82). Buy a POUCH on the left (1/83) and some FISH OIL from the upper far left (1/84).

Leave the shop and walk north behind the buildings to reach the river. Walk to the right to follow the river to the beach. Use the tin cup from your inventory on the ocean on the far right to fill the cup with OCEAN WATER (1/85). Walk back left to the river and find a cave in the back. Walk towards the cave so you can see the spiderweb covering the opening. Be careful now!

From your inventory take the eagle feather and put it in the petal rose essence. You’ll turn into an eagle now. Fly close to the web and you can pick up the spider and get rid of her (4/89). Once returned to the cave, walk into it and talk to the Oracle.

You’ll hear the full story of your quest and the Oracle will give you an amber STONE (3/92). Leave the cave and walk north behind the cave. From the creepy part walk left to the muddy stream. Use the spoon from your inventory on the left bank of the stream to scoop some of the MUD (1/93).

Walk south back to the cave, then left between the rocks back to the path leading up to the house. Walk the path (careful) up until you reach the front door of the house. Alternatively you can select the map in your inventory and use it to return to the front door of the house. Use the door to go inside and walk north into the study.

Use the books in the corner to open the trapdoor and walk down the stairs (mind the cat). Use the book and cast the ‘Becoming Invisible Spell’ (10/103).  Use the spell book again and cast the ‘Teleporting at Random Spell’ (10/113). Use the book again and cast the ‘Causing A Deep Sleep Spell’ (10/123). Use the book to cast the ‘Transform Another Into A Cat Spell’ (10/133). Open the book again and cast the ‘Understanding the Language of Animals Spell’ (10/143). Use the spell book a final time to cast the ‘Brewing a Storm Spell’ (10/153).

With all spells cast, walk up the stairs and use the book in the corner to close the trapdoor. Use the key to open the cabinet on the left and put the magic wand back inside. Leave the study and go up the stairs then to the right to your own bedroom. Before you store all your items, use the created cookie that Transforms Another One Into a Cat on your bowl of porridge. Then use the special icon to shove all the magic items under the bed, safe from Manannan (4/157). Now it’s just waiting for him to return.

Wait in the hall for Manannan. He’ll tell you he’s hungry. Walk to the right into the dining room where he’ll be waiting. Give the bowl of porridge to Manannan and he’ll turn into a cat, making you safe (12/169). Leave the dining room on the left and walk up the stairs, then to the right to enter your own bedroom.

Use the bed to recover all your belongings, no need to hide them anymore. Leave the room, walk down the stairs and south out of the house. Go south and down the path and to the right to the cave. Don’t visit the cave but walk south into the village. Enter the tavern and talk to the captain in blue on the left. He says that if you want to join on the ship, you need to pay. Give him the 4 coins you’ve got left and you’re invited on board (3/172).

Once the captain’s gone, leave the tavern and walk the pier to the right. Walk to the right again and the captain tells you to step on board (2/174). Once in the cargo hold, you can walk to the right to overhear the rats. Not really necessary though. Pick up the small box from the floor and take it to the left, then put it next to the large crate. Now you can climb up and climb the ladder to the first deck (2/176).

Walk into the captains cabin on the left and use the chest on the left to retrieve your possessions (3/179). Leave again on the right and walk further right to the lifeboat. Underneath it is a SHOVEL. Take it (1/180) and go back to the left, then down the ladder back to the hold.

No you have to wait until there’s land ahoy. Whilst waiting, walk to the right and listen to the conversation of the mice. They might tell you where to find a treasure. Once you’ve heard that there’s land in sight, use the sleeping powder on the floor of the ship and everyone will fall asleep.

Climb the ladder twice to the top deck and go down the steps on the right. Then walk north to jump overboard (5/185). Be sure to save your game here, there might be sharks. Swim to the right and walk onto the island, making sure to avoid the shark. Walk further to the right to find a palm tree. What did these rats say? Use the shovel on the right edge of the shadow of the palm tree to dig up a CHEST with valuables (7/192).

Walk north and up the path and follow it to the left. Just before the tree, climb up the rock and to the right to reach the path above. Then walk the path to the right. Walk north around the rock and enjoy the view. Carefully follow the path further to the right. When you reach the waterfall, climb up the waterfall until you reach the path above it, then follow it to the right.

You’ll reach a cave which you can visit but there’s not much to see. I have a suspicion what should be there. Walk further to the right and as soon as you enter the screen, in your inventory dip the eagle feather into the rose petal essence and turn to flight to confuse the abominable snowman. Walk further to the right to get rid of the animal (4/196).

You’re now in front of a maze of caves. Where you climb down, enter the cave on the left. You’ll exit again on the same level but on the far right. Climb the wall left of the cave and lower yourself onto the center platform. Walk towards the black rocks in front (you’ll almost fall but still hang on) and lower yourself to the platform, then to the right cave on the same level and enter that cave. You should now reach the cave at the ground level and be able to leave at the right.

Follow the road to the right and then carefully along the red path to the south on the right. Next screen walk to the left and you’ll drop down in front of the cave. Enter the cave and follow the path to the lower right corner where you’ll find the next path. Be careful! It’s dark and narrow so save often. Follow the path to the left in the back and you’ll emerge on the left even further back. Follow this path to the right and be careful at the last bit, if you walk to far back, you’ll fall as well.

In the next phase another path to follow, through two openings but nothing major. In the final screen it gets more difficult though, you need to follow the path to the left and through the opening, then walk around the cliff and up to the left until you emerge in the mist.

Further left you’ll find the dragon and your sister and you can’t enter without being spotted by the dragon. So use the yellow bottle with invisibility ointment on yourself to become invisible and walk further to the left. Then, not being noticed by the dragon, use the brown ‘Brew a Storm’ mixture on the dragon to take care of it  (7/203).

Untie the princess and she’ll start asking questions (7/210).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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