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You’re in a briefing room and in front of you is a large tape recorder.

PLAY RECORDER to hear your mission. There’s a saboteur on the loose and you need to prevent the bomb from going off. There’s no sign of an envelope or keys though. TAKE RECORDER and go WEST into the long sloping corridor and SOUTH into the room with the chair bolted to the floor. SIT in the chair and you’ll find four colored buttons.

PRESS RED and the detector starts buzzing. PRESS WHITE and something drops to the floor. GET UP to see there’s a picture stamped Visitor. TAKE PICTURE and go NORTH back into the hallway. Go WEST into maintenance room 1 and TAKE PAIL.

Now you need to wait for a dull thud to hear. This will be the saboteur dropping dead. Once you’ve heard the sound, you need to find him. He can be in any room (other than where you are) so use the map to search around. Once you’ve found him: TAKE SABOTEUR and use the map to go to the white room with camera mounted over it.

SHOW PICTURE to enter the white visitors room. There’s a window and a panel with buttons. FRISK SABOTEUR to hear something drop to the floor. LOOK and there’s your manila envelope. There’s also more stuff that might give you clues: the map and some yarn. But there’s also a picture of the saboteur for window maintenance.

TAKE PICTURE and then SMASH WINDOW. When asked with what, answer WITH RECORDER. The window will be wide open and the camera is now activated. SHOW PICTURE to ease your detector and deactivate the TV again.

ENTER WINDOW to step onto a ledge and find yourself a yellow key. TAKE KEY and ENTER WINDOW again back into the room. PRESS WHITE button to leave the room. Walk SOUTH, then DOWN the corridor and SOUTH again into the grey room with the camera.

SIT in the chair and UNLOCK YELLOW. Now you can PRESS YELLOW and PRESS WHITE. Another picture drops to the floor. GET UP and TAKE PICTURE. You don’t need the saboteur anymore so DROP SABOTEUR and you can do the same with the key: DROP KEY.

Go NORTH, then DOWN and NORTH again to the yellow room with the camera over it. SHOW PICTURE and you can get in. Walk WEST into the maintenance room where you find a mop and wire cutters. TAKE MOP and when you EXAMINE MOP you’ll hear a strange sound. SHAKE MOP and something will drop to the floor. DROP MOP and TAKE KEY.

Walk EAST and PRESS YELLOW to leave the room. Go SOUTH, then UP and SOUTH again into the grey room with the camera. SIT in the chair and UNLOCK BLUE.

PRESS RED, then PRESS BLUE and finally PRESS WHITE to make something drop to the floor again. GET UP and DROP KEY first. Then TAKE PICTURE. This time the picture is for security. Go NORTH, NORTH again and NORTH once more to the blue room with the camera. SHOW PICTURE and you can enter.

When you walk WEST you’ll find heavy water and a radiation suit. You don’t need the suit (yet) but you can TAKE WATER. Walk EAST back to the blue room and notice the door. OPEN DOOR to find that it won’t open with a gentle push. PUSH HARD to get a small opening and now you can GO DOOR to access the control room.

Go EAST into the break room and DROP PAIL with water. Then return WEST to the control room and TAKE FILM. To return to the blue ante room GO DOOR. Now PRESS BLUE button to leave the room and walk SOUTH into the twisting blue hallway. SOUTH again into the grey corridor and DOWN into the yellow hallway. Now NORTH to the yellow room. SHOW PICTURE and you can get into the yellow room.

Go WEST and UP the stairs  into the projectionists room. INSERT FILM and climb DOWN again. TAKE CUTTERS, go EAST and PRESS YELLOW to leave the room. SOUTH into the yellow hallway then UP into the grey corridor. UP once more to the white hallway and NORTH to the white room. SHOW PICTURE to get access.

PRESS GREEN and you’ll be presented with a big screen and a movie projected. You’ll learn about plastic and protection. PRESS WHITE to leave the room again. Go SOUTH into the white hallway and DOWN to the grey corridor. NORTH to the blue hallway and NORTH again to the blue room. You’re asked for authorization again so SHOW PICTURE.

WEST into the storage room and TAKE SUIT. For protection WEAR SUIT and walk EAST back into the ante room. GO DOOR to slip through the small gap and DOWN into the reactor core. Here you can see the time bomb with the red wire. CUT WIRE to disconnect the bomb and TAKE BOMB.

Walk UP into the control room and EAST into the break room where you’ve put the pail with heavy water. DROP BOMB (eehhh….ooops) and TAKE PAIL. To diffuse the bomb EMPTY PAIL. Well done!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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