Cross the bridge. Be carefull not to fall into the water because the aligators are very hungry. Walk in front of the castle to the front door. OPEN DOOR (1/1). Enter the castle and follow the red carpet. Stop in front of the steps leading to the king and BOW (3/4). TALK TO KING. The king will tell you the three items you need to find in order to inherit the throne: the mirror, the shield and the chest. So here starts your quest.Leave the castle and cross the bridge on the left. Keep walking until you see a rock. Make sure to stand behind the rock and PUSH ROCK (2/6). This will reveal a hole. LOOK HOLE to discover there’s a dagger hidden. TAKE DAGGER (5/11). Walk to the north to the large oak.LOOK TREE. It’s a large oak. CLIMB TREE (2/13) to see what’s in it. You’ve found a huge golden egg. Now very carefully walk across the branch of the tree. Do not fall! TAKE EGG when you’re in front of it (6/19). Go back the way you came… just as carefull.

Leave the screen to the right. LOOK GARDEN to see what grows here. Carrots! TAKE CARROT (2/21). Walk to the north to the lake. Look at the lake. If there’s an elf, walk closer to her and TALK ELF. She’ll give you a magic ring that will make you invisible once (3/24). If there isn’t an elf yet, walk to the north and immediately south again until there is. When you have the ring, walk north again and LOOK BOWL. It’s a ceramic bowl. TAKE BOWL (3/27) and then LOOK BOWL. There’s the word ‘fill’ written inside.

Walk further to the north to the bedding of the river. LOOK RIVER. You can see a delta of pebbles. TAKE PEBBLES (1/28). Walk to the left. There’s not much to see here. Walk south. A large tree. LOOK TREE. It’s loaded with walnuts. GET NUT (3/31). OPEN NUT. It’s got gold inside (3/34). If not, pick another one and open it until you do. Leave the tree and go three screens to the south, past the house, the tree with the egg until the rock you moved. Turn left here. Walk to the lake and enter it. SWIM or you’ll drown. Go to the other side of the lake and walk further left. LOOK LOG. It’s rotten. LOOK STUMP. Also very old. LOOK IN STUMP (1/35). Now you can see a pouch. TAKE POUCH (3/38). Take a closer look. LOOK POUCH. It’s made of canvas. OPEN POUCH to reveal the diamonds (3/41).

Walk to the right and in front of the lake go south. Enter the house and TALK WOODCUTTER. He welcomes you. TALK TO WIFE. As they don’t have much to eat, GIVE BOWL (3/44). They are puzzled by the empty bowl but when you say FILL they are delighted (2/46). As thanks you may take the fiddle. Be carefull for the holes in the floor. TAKE FIDDLE (3/49) when you can reach it and leave the house.

Go two screens south to the gingerbread house. LOOK HOUSE. It’s made of cake and other delicious material. EAT HOUSE (2/51). Go inside after OPEN DOOR. If the witch is there, go out again immediately and try to enter again until she’s gone. Walk to the bedroom on the right of the house and TAKE NOTE from the table (2/53). READ NOTE (1/54). While reading the letter the witch will come home. Don’t panic. Since you’re in the other room, she can’t see you. She’s going to make dinner. Sneak up behind her and PUSH WITCH into the oven (7/61). OPEN CUPBOARD (2/63) to see what else the witch has to eat. TAKE CHEESE (2/65). Leave the house and walk one screen south and three left.

You find a clover patch. In the middle of it is a four leaf clover. TAKE CLOVER (2/67). Go one screen to the south and three screens to the right to see the well. The bucket is very old and worn. CUT ROPE to take the bucket from the rope (2/69). LOWER ROPE to let it descend into darkness. Then CLIMB ROPE (1/70) and lower yourself into the well . Because there’s no bucket anymore, you drop into the water. You have to SWIM to prevent from drowning. FILL BUCKET to take some water with you (2/72) and then DIVE (2/74) to go to the bottom of the well. There’s a hole to the left of the well. Go there (1/75). You’re facing a dragon.

Observe the dragon and find out how far it can reach with the flames. You might want to walk to the beginning of the grey areas. THROW WATER (5/80) to the dragon to extinguish the flames and let the dragon flee. You are now safe to TAKE MIRROR (8/88). To see how handsome you are LOOK MIRROR. You don’t see the real you but a vision of you wearing a crown. Leave the cave the way you came. Go through the black hole on the right (4/92). When you’ve reached the surface CLIMB ROPE and climb out of the well.

Go one screen north and one to the left. A friendly bird will visit.  Go to the left or right lower part of the screen where the bird will go as well. When the bird is coming down, JUMP to grab it’s paws and when done right, the bird will take you for a flight (3/95). You might have to repeat the jump a few times before the bird will take you.

As soon as you’re dropped, walk to the left. Near the stream is a huge mushroom. TAKE MUSHROOM (1/96). Go back to the right and jump into the hole. Go south and to the left and meet a giant rat. TALK RAT. It wants a treasure. Now you’ve got a lot of valuables with you but what’s a treasure to a rat? GIVE CHEESE. You must stand close, but be carefull (2/98). 

Now that the rat’s gone, OPEN DOOR and enter. It’s a good thing you took that clover from the patch. They’ll leave you alone. To get them out of the room, PLAY FIDDLE so they’ll dance through the door (3/101). Go south and watch the king leave the room. TAKE SCEPTRE (6/107) and TAKE SHIELD (8/115). Walk up the stairs on the left and to the opening on the left. Though you’re not big, you’re not going to fit through there. EAT MUSHROOM (3/118) and you’ll shrink. Walk through the opening and once on the other side, you’ll grow again.

Walk a screen to the left, three to the north, one to the left. There’s a goat. OPEN GATE to get in and CLOSE GATE again to prevent the goat from escaping. Walk to the left to where the goat is. When you’re near the goat, SHOW CARROT (5/123). The goat will follow you wherever you go. OPEN GATE to leave the goat’s habitat. Go two screens left and two screens north from here, until you’re at a bridge. Try to cross the bridge. The troll will try to prevent you from crossing but because you braught the goat, the goat will take care of the troll (4/127). You can now cross the bridge and the goat will find it’s own way.

Meet the gnome. TALK GNOME. He has something for you that can help you  in your quest but you can only have it if you guess his name. The answer is Rumplestiltskin but with the alphabet backwards: A=Z, B=Y etc. (remember the letter from the witch?). So the answer is IFNKOVHGROGHPRM (5/132). Your reward is a few beans.  TAKE BEANS (4/136). Walk to the right, cross the bridge and walk another screen to the right.

PLANT BEANS in the flowerfield (2/138). Now CLIMB STALK. A very difficult task but it can be done. When you’re in the clouds, walk to the right, until you’re on solid ground under trees. Go south one screen and right two screens. The tree on the far right has a hole in the trunk. LOOK HOLE to find a sling. TAKE SLING (2/140).

Go one screen to the left and one screen north. Meet the giant. Since you’ve got the magic shield, the giant won’t hurt you. With patience here, the giant will eventually fall asleep (7/147). Walk over to the giant and TAKE CHEST (8/155). Walk to the right and enter the cave. Walk carefully down the stairs. When you’re out in the open again, walk one screen right, two screens south. You’re at the castle again!

Cross the bridge and OPEN DOOR (1/156). Follow the red carpet to the king. BOW KING (3/159).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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