In the house:

Walk over to the box. Take the BOTTLE OF DETERGENT (2/2). Take the CLEAN RAG next to it (2/4). Use the detergent on the rag (5/9) and clean the bird with the rag (5/14). After the bird is clean, your dad gives you a MIX (2/16). You can use it on the coral. Dad leaves and gives you instructions to play with the dolphin but you must check the blackboard first.

Look at the cage on the desk. The gerbil is in it but doesn’t have any water. Take the water BOTTLE next to the cage (2/18) and put it on the cage (5/23). Look how happy the gerbil is. On the other end of the desk is the coral. Use the mix your dad gave you on the coral to clear the water (5/28).

On the other side of the room is the reusable garbage bag. Pick the BAG up (10/38). On the chair you find an ENVELOPE. Pick it up too (5/43). It’s a membership card.  Pick up the ENVELOPE again to recycle it (4/48). On the corner of the desk is a SODA CAN. Pick it up (2/50) and put it in the recycle bin (5/55).

Look at the books on the shelf (1/56). Look again, another book (1/57). And again for another (1/58). Are there more books? (1/59). The last one then (1/60).

Look at the computer (5/65). Adam’s father is writing an article. Look at the blackboard and see the diagram (5/70). It’s time to leave the room. Say goodbye to the carpet (2/72) and go through the door (5/77).

The lab:

Look at the instructions on the blackboard (5/82). Look around. Look at the boats and their propellors (5/87). It’s a good thing they are protected. Look at the dolphin. It’s depressed. Talk to the dolphin (2/89). Talk again to the dolphin (2/91) and talk again to make friends (2/93). The dolphin suggest the bucket with fish. Take a FISH from the bucket (2/95) and give it to the dolphin (2/97). It still looks hungry so we take another FISH from the bucket (2/99) and feed the dolphin again (2/101).

Now it’s time to play! The dolphin wants to go for a swim. Get in to the water (5/106) and touch the dolphin to swim (5/111). The dolphin want to play some more. Get out of the water and take the frisbee from the desk (4/115) and throw it at the dolphin (1/116). Since the dolphin wants to play more so throw it again (1/117). Try it again (1/118). And one more final time (1/119).  What was that? A talking dolphin? Oh well…

Talk to Delphineus and learn about Cetus who’s missing. You agree to help the dolphin find Cetus. You get out of the water. Next to the net is the lever to open and close the hatch. Pull the lever (10/129). Delphineus is on his way.

Days later you see the dolphin again. He still hasn’t found Cetus. You offer to come along but then you must be able to hold your breath for some time. Scuba gear is what we need! Open the door to go back into the lab and open the cabinet under  the blackboard. Take the DIVING EQUIPMENT and the TRANSMITTER with you (10/139). Use the diving gear on yourself (5/144) and dive into the water.

Open water:

Swim straight ahead for a bit until you see a cruise ship. There’s a lot of rubbish in the water. Look at the waste. There’s a GLASS JAR that maybe can be used again. Pick it up (2/146). Collect all the garbage that’s in the water, piece by piece. But don’t get too close to the bilge. Now that your path is cleared (5/151) swim to the left bottom part of the screen. You’ll see an island and Dolphineus says it’s time to dive. Put on the oxygen tank (10/161) and you’re under water.

Under water:

Dive further down and now you’ll have to find your way through the seaweed. Dive down in the middle of the screen. The swim to the right in the middle again. On the left side of the screen you can go down. There you have it: Eluria! (15/176).

You should talk to the oracle. But look at all the garbage. Take the steel CAGE (2/178). It might be usefull some time.  Put the TV, the bear, the shopping cart, the radio, the pipe, the chair, the beach ball and the three wheeler into the recycle bag (10/188). Swim to the bronze statue. Look at the servant and the trident. Try to take the trident. Now swim towards the door on the right.

Look at the pedestal and the shell. Take the SHELL (2/190). On the left wall is a hole. You can’t get through because there’s a puzzle to make. It’s a slider puzzle.

The solution: There are 12 squares. Number them 1 to 12 from left to right, top to bottom. Then click: 6, 5, 9, 10, 6, 2, 1, 5, 9, 10, 6, 5, 9, 10, 11, 7, 3, 2, 6, 10, 11, 7, 6,10, 11, 12, 8, 4, 3, 7, 6, 5, 9, 10, 11, 7, 6, 5, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 4 3, 2, 1, 5 (top row complete). Then 9, 10, 11, 12, 8, 7, 6, 10, 11, 12, 8, 7, 6, 10, 11, 7, 8, 12, 11, 10, 9, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 11, 7, 6, 5, 9 (second row complete). Finally: 10, 11, 12, 8, 7, 6, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 8, 7, 6, 5, 9, 10, 6, 7, 8, 12, 11, 10, 9, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 12 (finished). (15/205).

Look on the other wall. There are three eyes on it. You can push each eye. But not all three at once. What can? Of course! A trident. Go back outside and put the shell on the servant of the bronze statue (10/215). The servant comes to life and Poseidon loses his grip on the TRIDENT. Take it (5/220). Enter the temple again and use the trident on the right wall (10/230). There’s the oracle.

Talk to the oracle (2/232). You’ll get three questions. You need to answer them. The first is about the human so select the man in the picture (5/237). You’ll gey one vision. The next question is about fish so select the dolphin on the picture (5/242). Another vision. The third question is about love so select the heart on the picture (5/247). Now the oracle ask you to get the ‘Sign of trust’. Leave the temple and ask Del for advice.

Del suggests to go to the mayor. He should be indoors. Look at the tholos, left of Poseidon. That’s where senators meet. So go to the building.

When talked to, answer (2/249). To convince the senator that you can help, you must solve the puzzle of the nine columns. Your goal is to match the columns opposite (on the right) but when you move one piece, another moves as well. There is a way though, to do it one by one: number the pieces from 1 to 9 from left to right, top to bottom. Then get the right picture for: 3, 6, 5, 2, 9, 1, 7, 4 and 8. That way each part moved without disturbing the others (10/259).  

Talk to the crab (2/261). So we need to get his trust. Leave the building on the south and swim to the left side of the screen in the center. You’ll see a statue and a lot of rubbish again. You have to remove the tyre, the shoe, soda, spray can, broccoli can, fishing line, wheel, purse, pot and sheet (10/271). Look at the statue. It’s coated with oil. Now we have something for that! Use the mix from dad on the statue to solve the oil (10/281). Talk to the lobster (2/283). You’ll receive a healing POTION (2/285). There is a shell left behind when the lobster is gone. Pick up the sticky SHELL (5/287). Swim back to the right side where you can see poseidon again. Then swim to the top of the screen to the apartments.

Talk to Del again. This place also needs a clean up. Take the white cotton from the stairs (2/289) and use it on the shell in your inventory (5/294). Recycle the shoe, baseball cap, shirt, plate, toothpaste, candy box, sock and toaster (on the top) (10/304).

Now that this part is clean, swim back to the south and enter the round building of the senator again. Give the cleaned shell to Superfluous. You’ll get the DEPUTY BADGE in return (5/309). You now must get the others. Leave the building and go back to the apartments in the north. But watch out for the manta. Try to enter one of the buildings. Gregarious will come out (2/311) and stop you. He doesn’t want to let you in until you show him a pass. Show the badge to him (5/316). There will be a plastic bag floating and a blowfish will get stuck. Push the blowfish into his apartment (5/321). Once inside, take the bag from the fish (10/331). As  thanks you get the SEA URCHINS (2/333). Ask the fish to go to the meeting with the mayor and it’s gone. Recycle the plastic bag (5/338) and leave the apartment. Enter the apartment to the left of the one you just left. Meet Epidermis. Ask him to go to the meeting as well. Learn about his food or more.. the lack of it (2/340).

Put the urchins on the red plant on the right. The urchins begin to eat the algae, the fish begins to eat the plant (10/350). The fish will attend the meeting and give you a sharp SHELL in return (2/352). Leave the apartment.

Swim to the right one in the middle. Look at the swordfish. It’s got plastic on his sword. Try to take the plastic but it’s too tight. Use the sharp shell to cut it off. Receive the tweezers in return (10/362). When the fish has left for the meeting, pick up the plastic (don’t recycle yet)  (5/367) and use the sharp shell to cut the plastic so no one can be hurt anymore (5/372). Leave the room.

Enter the apartment on the top right. Mr. Turtle has swallowed the balloons and the string is hanging from his mouth. Take the string. Is snaps off but the thing is still in his throat. Use the tweezers on the turtle to get the last pieces of balloon out (10/382). The turtle gives you FOUR METAL SCREWS (2/384). The turtle goes to the meeting and you can pick up the piece of balloon that’s left behind on the floor (5/389). Also take the one near the bed (5/394). Leave the room.

Go to the lower middle apartment and talk to Gregarious. He’s blue because he’s holding his breath. He doesn’t want to surface anymore because of the speedboats. Leave the room and follow Gregarious.

Talk to the fisherman about poluting the ocean (2/396). The needs something be done about the propellor. In your inventory is a crate. Use it on the boat to protect the propellor, just like the boats in the lab. Use the screws on the crate first (5/401) and then use the crate on the boat (5/406). Recycle the wine bottle and the sushi from the ocean floor (10/416). Then take the old WATERPUMP (2/418).

Enter the apartment at the top left. The lion fish here is unconscious. It must be the milky substance. Next to the table is a bottle of bleach. Recycle the bottle (5/423). Use the pump on the open window to pump the remaining bleach out of the apartment (5/428). The lionfish is getting better already. To thank you, you get a lionfish SPINE (2/430). Now that the fish is gone, you can go as well. You warned all citizens about the meeting. Go there as well.

The mayor thanks you and gives you a GOLDEN MASK (2/432). Now that this part of the quest is complete, we need to find Cetus. Return to the oracle and use the trident again on the eyes. Talk to the oracle. She wants to see the sign of trust… Could that be the golden mask? Give the mask to the oracle (10/442). Leave the temple and meet Dal outside. Dal suggests to go south so why not? Go south.

On the right is a big head of stone. Swim to the right to get a closer look and to clean some rubbish. Take the doll, the flamingo, the bear and the undies and put them in the recycle bin (10/452). Pick up the mirror (2/454). It was used to attract fish. Hmmm. Look at the ear of the head. There’s some kind of glow coming out.  You want to catch the fish in your jar but you can’t get the lid off. Let’s swim around to see if someone can help.

Swim to the right of the screen twice. Look at the left side of the cave there. There’s a long piece of wire attached. Try to take the wire. It’s not a wire! Since the octopus has eight arms and a strong grip, maybe it can open our jar. Put the bottle in front of the cave and leave it for a while. Swim to the sponges on the lower left of the screen and touch the ones on the right. This is a good place to hide (5/459). Wait for the octopus to get the jar and see how the jar is opened (5/464). Get out of your hiding spot and pick up the jar again (2/466).  The octopus is holding a piece of rope. Use the mirror on the octopus to scare him off (10/476) and take the piece of CABLE (2/478).  

When you hear someone calling for help swim up. You’ll see a net with a lobster stuck in it. Use your sharp shell to free the lobster (5/483). Swim down again, then go to the right.

Against the pillar is a FISHING LURE. Take it (2/485). Look at the toilet. The lid of the tank is jammed. Use the trident to pry it open (5/490). Then take the FLOAT out (2/492). Look at the submarine. Open the panel just behind the seats (5/497). The hammers can’t be used anymore but when these are gone a STEEL SAW is revealed. Take the saw (2/499). Swim to the left twice.  You’re left of the cave with the octopus now.  At the left you can see a light blue spot surrounded by red coral. Select the blue spot to swim into a cave.

Open the chest (5/504). Look at the pirate. He has a key. Look at it (5/509). You can’t take it, it’s stuck under a pike tip.  Pull the pike (2/511). It didn’t come out yet so try again (2/513). There it goes. But the key fell in the water so we have to dive back in again. As soon as you try to get the key, a fish will swim off with it. Follow the fish two screens to the right to a cave. Try to catch the fish, it’ll swim away again, follow it back to the screen you started your chase. The fish went a bit too fast so you didn’t see where it went. But clearly the anemone in the lower left corner did. Use your fishing lure on the anemone (10/523) and get out what’s bothering him: the KEY (12/525). Swim a screen to the left.

Use the open jar on the ear of the head to get the flashlight fish (10/535). Swim all the way to the right until you’re at the cave again. Enter the cave by clicking on it. Once inside, quickly get the jar with flashlight fish out to light the cave (10/545).  Look at the little rocks on the right. They glow a bit. Pull one out. They easilly fall.  Take them all out (14 stones!) (5/550). Look what was hidden there: a metal box (5/555). Try to open the box. It’s locked. Try the key. It will fit but it’s rusted. Use the oily cloth from your backpack on the lock (5/560). Now try the key again. The box opens (5/565). Take the protective clothes out of the box and put them on (10/575). You automatically enter the cave.

You can’t do much here yourself. It’s best to call someone. Use the transmitter in your inventory on the float from the toilet (5/580). Then use the cable to tie to the transmitter (5/585). Tie the device you’ve created to the drum with the skeleton on it (5/590) and let the device float (10/600). You’ll return under water in a waste-free environment (20/620). Select the bright blue spot to exit the cave.

There’s a boat with a loaded harpoon on it. On the harpoon is a cable leading to a door.Try to open it and find it stuck. Use the harpoon to open the door. There’s the flesh eater.

You have to swim very fast and end up in a net. Use the sharp shell to cut yourself loose (10/630). Del will stay in the net and you’re pushed away by the huge wing. You have to find Cetus yourself now.

Back in the water again, swim to the right and enter the cave again. Select the bright green spot to enter that part of the cave. Select the blue spot again and you’re back at the ship. Use the trident again on the door (5/635) and select the door to swim through to the other side of the boat. Then follow the line up to find Cetus! (5/640). Talk to Cetus (10/650).

Cetus needs help and fast! Swim down and when you can see Cetus in total, select his mouth to swim in. Use the hacksaw to cut the shaft of the harpoon (5/655). Leave the mouth and select the harpoon to get a closer look. Pull the harpoon out (5/660). Now she’s free of the line but the wound is nasty. Use the healing potion on the wound (5/665). Cetus will take care of the flesh eater and you must save Delphinius. Select the cave in the mountains to enter the flesheaters lair. Use the sharp shell on the net to cut Delphinius free (15/580). Now that he’s free and you’re outside again, help Cetus. Take the lionfish spine and use it on the black monster (20/700). Cetus will take you back to the city. You’ll receive a CONCH as reward (20/720).  

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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