There’s something missing. Certainly your boyfriend.

Use the door north to enter the kitchen and use the cabinet under the sink to find a PLUNGER and a FORK. Using the fridge will give you an ORANGE. Leave the kitchen by using the door on the left and in the hall use the door on the far right to enter the lounge.

Use the TV to get a WIRE from it. Leave the lounge again on the left and use the stairs to get to the first floor. When you use the door on the left it’ll get you a BATTERY from the closet without even entering. Use the door north to enter your bedroom.

Apart from the ugly picture there’s a safe but you don’t have the combination. In your inventory add the wires to the battery and then attach the fork to it to create a makeshift taser. User the taser on the safe and it’ll pop and give you the KEY to the front door. Now you can leave the house.

Use the door to leave the bedroom and use the stairs to go down. Open the door on the left with the key and you’ll be outside. Use the mailbox next to the front door to read the letter and learn about your boyfriend and the ransom.

Use the gate to the right of the letterbox and take a piece of the HOSE from the ground. Use the gate again to return to the garden and walk south onto the street. Talk to the boy in front of the building and if you want to go inside, you’ll need to bring him a ham sandwich.

Walk to the right and search the bush left of the store. You’ll find a ONE DOLLAR bill. Enter the store and talk to the man behind the counter to get your HAM SANDWICH. Leave the store again, walk to the left and give the sandwich to the man. You can now enter the building.

The door on the right is locked. Using the box will give you a SLEDGEHAMMER. There’s probably something in the vent but you can’t reach. In your inventory, use the hose with the plunger and use the combination on the vent to get a KEY. Use the key on the door on the right to open it.

There’s a crack in the wall and since you have a sledgehammer the only logical thing would be to smash the wall. So hit the crack with the sledgehammer and it’ll produce a hole. Use the hole to get a third KEY. Again use it to unlock the door and in the next door you’ll be stopped by laser beams. In front of them is a hole in the floor.

Use the hole to get a KEY and a CARD. To get rid of the laser beams, use the taser from your inventory on the control panel on the other side of the beams (!?!). The beams will switch off and walk further to the right where you’ll be reunited with your boyfriend and his kidnapper.

Throw the orange at the kidnapper and he’ll be knocked unconscious. Untie your boyfriend and use the door to go outside again. There everything will come to a successful end.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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