For this game is map available which you can find here.

You’re behind a computer and need to write a 20 page paper.

START PC to power up and when asked to login  TYPE 872325412 as user id and TYPE UHLERSOTH as password (both written on documents that came with the game as kind of copy protection). To continue with your paper CLICK EDIT and CLICK PAPER. But then you see that your document doesn’t contain your text. READ PAPER and while doing so you’ll feel faint. You can just PRESS MORE to read the second page, then PRESS MORE to see the third. This one contains parts of a poem.

PRESS MORE to see the fourth page with a photograph, the PRESS MORE for the fifth page but then you pass out.

When you came to, you’re in a strange place. Go DOWN the path into the bowl and LOOK AT PLATFORM. Since one of the stone stands out, TAKE STONE (5/5) and EXAMINE STONE. This will take you back to the terminal which you were sat behind.

LOOK AT SCREEN to realize your document is gone, then TALK TO HACKER and he’ll have a look for you. TALK TO HACKER again and he’ll try to recover your document but without any luck. He suggests you visit the Department of Alchemy where they mixed up your document. LOOK AT HACKER to find the keys on his belt and LOOK AT KEYS. There’s a Medeco key on there. ASK ABOUT MEDECO KEY and he’ll tell you about the master key which you hadn’t seen before.

The master key can open 3 out of 5 doors. ASK FOR MASTER KEY. No chance there. TALK TO HACKER and he’ll complain about getting something to eat. Walk SOUTH into the corridor and WEST into a filthy kitchen. There’s a fridge and a microwave. OPEN FRIDGE to find a liter of coke and a carton. TAKE CARTON and TAKE COKE. If you’re well behaved you’ll CLOSE FRIDGE.

EXAMINE OVEN and EXAMINE READOUT to see that the oven is off. OPEN OVEN and PUT CARTON IN OVEN. Then CLOSE OVEN and SET TIMER TO 200. Now PUSH HI to set the power to high and PUSH START.

LOOK AT OVEN to see the timer count down and repeat LOOK AT OVEN until the food is ready. OPEN OVEN and TAKE CARTON. To return to the hacker go EAST and NORTH and GIVE CARTON TO HACKER. After he has consumed the food you can ASK FOR MASTER KEY and he’ll give it to you (5/10).

Before you set off, DROP ASSIGNMENT. No need to carry it around. Go SOUTH into the hallway and PUSH DOWN to call the elevator. LOOK AT ELEVATOR to see that the arrow-light goes off. OPEN ELEVATOR doors and walk SOUTH into the elevator. Inside you’ll find buttons and a panel. OPEN PANEL to find a flashlight. TAKE FLASHLIGHT and PUSH B. Then LOOK AT BUTTONS and LOOK AT PANEL until you reach the basement.

Once the elevator has come to a halt, PUSH OPEN to open the doors and walk NORTH into the basement. Go EAST to a temporary basement and TAKE GLOVES and TAKE CROWBAR. Go UP the stairs to notice it’s too dark to see. LIGHT FLASHLIGHT and you’ll see a temporary lab. You’ll also find a flask. TAKE FLASK and walk DOWN the stairs back to the temporary basement. To save battery, TURN FLASHLIGHT OFF.

Back in the temporary basement, go WEST back to the basement and WEST again into the Aero basement. There’s a forklift. GET IN FORKLIFT and START FORKLIFT. Drive EAST on the forklift and EAST again into the temporary basement. EAST once more to reach a very dark part of the basement.

LIGHT FLASHLIGHT to discover a huge pile of junk. MOVE JUNK with the forklift and keep repeating this (about three times) until you’ve created a narrow passage. Now you can go further EAST into Ancient Storage (5/15). LEAVE FORKLIFT and OPEN MANHOLE WITH CROWBAR.

Climb DOWN into a brick tunnel and walk NORTH. You’re now in a concrete cave that looks vaguely familiar. Walk DOWN the ramp to the concrete slab and TAKE KNIFE. When you LOOK AT PLATE you discover that it’s covering something. MOVE PLATE to reveal a dark pit. LOOK IN OPENING to find the truth behind the missing students (5/20).

Walk UP back into the renovated cave and SOUTH into the brick tunnel. From here you can go SOUTH again into a cinderblock tunnel where a ladder leads up. When you go UP you discover that the trapdoor is closed and when you try to OPEN TRAPDOOR, you notice that it’s blocked from the other side. Walk NORTH back to the brick tunnel.

Climb back UP into the ancient storage and walk WEST into dead storage. You can now TURN OFF FLASHLIGHT to save some battery power.  WEST again into the temporary basement and WEST once more into the concrete basement. WEST into the Aero basement and finally WEST to the staircase.

Climb the stairs UP into the Aero lobby and from here SOUTH into a corridor. It’s an infinite corridor where you can find a container. TAKE CONTAINER and READ CONTAINER to see what’s inside. Walk EAST. It’s possible that the maintenance man is on his floor waxer blocking your way but keep going EAST until you reach the stairs. It’s opposite the power sockets.

Go UP the stairs into the great dome. Where the ladder used to be is now a rope-like construction. WEAR GLOVES and CLIMB ROPE to a catwalk. You’ve now reached the top of the dome and encounter a strange blue mass (5/25). Once that’s gone OPEN METAL DOOR and go NORTH onto the roof of the dome.

Climb the indentations UP to the top of the roof and find the platform. In the middle is a bronze plug. REMOVE PLUG to see that there’s a piece of paper in the cavity under the plug. DROP PLUG and READ PAPER to see the suicide message. Climb DOWN again before you completely freeze to death and go SOUTH back to the top of the dome. Now LOWER LADDER and climb DOWN to the walkway and DOWN again to the infinite corridor.

Walk EAST down the corridor. If the waxing man is blocking your way again, be persistent, he’ll move eventually. There’s a glass emergency cabinet here. BREAK GLASS and TAKE AXE. Walk WEST back to the power socket and cord. CUT CORD WITH AXE and the waxer will come for you. OPEN CONTAINER and just when the man wants to grab you, you POUR LIQUID wax onto the floor. He’ll slip and won’t be a threat anymore (5/30). You can DROP CONTAINER.

Return EAST into the corridor and EAST again to the end. From here NORTH to Fruits & Nuts. Walk DOWN the stairs into the cluttered passage. Go SOUTHEAST further into the passage and DROP FLASK. Now TAKE BOOTS and WEAR BOOTS to save inventory space. The TAKE FLASK again.

Go UP into the brown building and since the elevator is out of order, go UP again to the top floor. There’s a door here with a sign over it. READ SIGN to see that access is forbidden but hey, who reads signs? UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY and OPEN DOOR to enter the cold outside again. Go WEST onto the skyscraper roof.

Climb UP inside the dome and whilst you’re look around, something smashes against the glass outside. LOOK AT TREE to see it’s potted in a tub. LOOK IN TUB to reveal a human hand (5/35). Now don’t investigate further yet, just go DOWN and deal with the creature first. Once it starts to approach you. hissing, THROW STONE AT CREATURE and both stone and creature will disappear (5/40).

Now that the creature has been dealt with, climb UP again and TAKE HAND. Now DOWN and EAST back to the top floor. CLOSE DOOR to protect you against the elements. Go DOWN into the brown building and SOUTH to the courtyard. TAKE STONE and return NORTH. Then DOWN again into the brown basement. Now NORTHWEST into the cluttered passage and UP to Fruits & Nuts.

Go SOUTH down the infinite corridor and SOUTH again to the chemistry building. The door is closed though. You master key won’t work here. KNOCK ON DOOR and WAIT for an answer. Then the professor opens and ushers you in.

On the wall is a sign-in sheet. READ SHEET to conclude that the two users of this lab were the professor and the person who left the suicide note. SHOW NOTE TO PROFESSOR and walk SOUTH further into the lab.

The professor pushes you into a pentagon and tells you not to move. So WAIT and WAIT more until the professor steps into another pentagram. Now CUT LINE WITH KNIFE and LEAVE PENTAGRAM.

MOVE BENCH to reveal the trapdoor (remember the one you could open just a bit because something heavy was on top?). OPEN TRAPDOOR and go DOWN. When you time it right, the mist will grab the professor as soon as he realizes his mistake and your can go DOWN the hatch into the cinderblock tunnel (5/45).  When your timing is right you should see a flash and then darkness. Now you can OPEN TRAPDOOR and go UP back into the lab. It’s now dark so LIGHT FLASHLIGHT and TAKE HYRAX.

PUT HAND IN VAT of black stuff and it’ll de-mummify. WAIT until the hand tries to crawl out of the vat and then PUT HYRAX ON HAND and TAKE HAND. It’ll come along quite nicely (5/50). It’s time to find the urchin.

This is the point where you have to find the urchin who is roaming the building. Most of the time he’s somewhere around the basement, sometimes elsewhere. Below the way to the basement, if you haven’t come across him yet, use the map to look further.

Go NORTH back to the door and OPEN DOOR. Then NORTH to the outside of the chemistry building. Go NORTH again into the infinite corridor and WEST to the emergency cabinet. WEST again to the sockets and WEST across the slippery wax. WEST once more and NORTH into the Aero lobby. DOWN in the stairway and EAST into the Aero basement. EAST again into the basement.

From here you need to find the urchin if you haven’t come across him yet. If you find him, SHOW HAND TO URCHIN and he’ll drop some bolt cutters. TAKE BOLT CUTTERS and return to the basement above (5/55).

Go WEST through the Aero basement and WEST to the stairway, then DOWN to the subbasement. You can’t get through carrying some stuff so DROP CUTTER, DROP AXE and DROP FLASK. Now you can go NORTHWEST through the narrow crack in he wall into a tomb.

There’s a hatch that’s locked with a padlock but you have a master key. UNLOCK HATCH WITH KEY. You can now OPEN HATCH and climb DOWN into a dank tunnel (5/60). You hear screeching and when you walk EAST it gets louder. There’s a coaxial cable and a valve here. WAIT (about 4 times?) until the rats are visible and then OPEN VALVE WITH CROWBAR. The rats are now really agitated so OPEN VALVE WITH CROWBAR some more. The rats will now flee the scene but one who remains dead (5/65).

 LOOK AT RAT to see a symbol in its neck and LOOK AT SYMBOL to see what it looks like. CLOSE VALVE to prevent yourself from getting hurt then walk EAST further into the tunnel. When you go further EAST, following the coaxial cable, you reach a crumbling brick wall.  EXAMINE WALL to see the state it’s in and REMOVE BRICK WITH CROWBAR.

Now that the first one is out you can REMOVE NEW BRICK WITH CROWBAR to make a bigger hole and now see a large steel reinforcement rod. LOOK THROUGH HOLE to see that there’s some machinery too. This must be the elevator shaft. But you can’t go any further.

Walk WEST back into the steam tunnel, WEST past the dead rat and WEST back to where you entered the tunnel. Now UP the ladder back into the tomb. TAKE LOCK and SOUTHEAST back into the subbasement.

TAKE ALL to pick up what you dropped before and go UP into the stairway. From here EAST through the Aero basement EAST into the basement.  Now for the elevator. To make sure it’s not in your way, go UP the stairs to the computer room and UP again to the second floor. Call the elevator with PUSH DOWN and WAIT for the elevator to arrive and the doors to open. Go SOUTH into the elevator and PUSH 1. You’ll have to WAIT again several times until you reach the first floor and the doors to slide open. Leave the elevator NORTH and walk DOWN to the basement.

Now that you know that the elevator is on the first floor, WEDGE DOORS WITH CROWBAR. You can see something like a hook. Climb DOWN into the shaft and reach the reinforced bar you saw earlier (5/70). There’s a length of chain here so TAKE CHAIN and TIE CHAIN TO ROD. It will not tie, just wrap. LOCK CHAIN WITH PADLOCK to hold it securely in place. Climb UP the shaft back into the basement and PUT CHAIN ON HOOK.

TAKE CROWBAR from the doors and climb UP and UP to the second floor. When you push the DOWN button the elevator will start to move and WAIT until it crashes into the concrete box (5/75). Walk DOWN the stairs and DOWN once more into the basement.

WEDGE DOORS WITH CROWBAR  and climb DOWN again into the concrete box. This time the small opening is much bigger and you can go NORTH into the steam tunnel. Go WEST further into the tunnel, WEST past the dead rat and WEST to the metal ladder. WEST again further and WEST one last time to the entrance of the tunnel. From here you can go DOWN into the muddy tunnel.

DOWN once more leads you to a large chamber. Wires come from a hole and disappear into slots in the wall. CUT WIRE WITH BOLT CUTTER (5/80) and the urchins will pay no interest in you anymore. You don’t need the cutter anymore so DROP BOLT CUTTER. You can now climb DOWN into the wet tunnel.

The hand will start guiding you and you need to follow its directions. (NORTH, DOWN, SOUTH, SOUTH, DOWN) . You’ll now encounter a curtain of muddy slime: OPEN FLASK and POUR FLASK ON CURTAIN. An ancient wooden door will be revealed (5/85). You don’t need the flask so DROP FLASK.

UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY and OPEN DOOR. Go SOUTH into the inner lair. There’s a white pulsating mass on the floor and a box on the wall that has a coaxial cable going in. The hand has now dived into the water so REACH INTO WATER to feel a line just below the surface. TAKE LINE and CUT LINE WITH AXE. You make a cut in the insulation so need to CUT LINE WITH AXE again and to sever the two CUT LINE WITH AXE once more. The hacker is now engulfed into the white mass.

OPEN BOX to see the electronics and UNPLUG COAXIAL CABLE. From the water TAKE LINE and INSERT LINE IN SOCKET. The mass will dissolve and reveal another creature (5/90). WAIT for the creature to open its mouth and your smooth stone to turn hot red, then THROW STONE AT CREATURE. (10/100) See what happens to it and then TAKE STONE.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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